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  • August 12, 2022
  • Exterior Painting

How Long Does It Take To Paint A House?

Painting any home can give a brand new look to your house, and when you own a house, the maintenance and other costs are to be accepted by you. Even if the cost of repairing the fixtures is mounting up, you must bear the costs to keep the house good-looking. A well-maintained house always has a high price in the market, and painting your home is no exception. When it comes to painting, the main question that comes into every homeowner’s mind is what it costs and how much time it takes to complete the project. If you are a homeowner looking to paint your home interior or exterior, then read on to know how long it takes to paint a house.

Why Is Painting Of House Important?

For any person or thing or building, the first impression should always be the best. Even if your home has a nice structure, but the painting is chipping or peeling out, it does not look good and never makes a good impression on the viewers. Most prospective buyers look at the painting of the interior and exterior and conclude. If you want to sell your house, then painting the house refreshes the home, and the value increases.

Factors Affecting The Time Taken For Painting

If the exteriors of your house look perfect, then there is no need for re-painting the hose, but if there are some minor repairs, then there is a need for conducting the repair work followed by painting the home. Here are some of the important factors that are to be considered to know how long it takes to paint your house

1. Size Of Home

The size of your home is one of the major factors contributing to the number of days the painting project will be completed. The painting of an average-sized home will take about 3-4 days with 3 crew members working on the project. A larger house might take one week to be fully painted.

2. Preparation Work Before Painting

In a painting project, prep work is important, which involves power washing and siding. Preparation work provides a fresh base for the paint applied to your home. The life of the paint job is also extended by clean sliding. Even though most homeowners like to prepare the surfaces independently, it is always recommended to talk to an expert and make necessary arrangements.

3. Weather Conditions

For a painting project, it is crucial to consider the weather conditions. It isn’t easy to paint exterior surfaces while it rains, and paint adheres best to dry surfaces. To get optimal results, painting professionals always prefer to choose a time in the year with minimal rainfall and humidity.

4. Number Of Crew Working On Project

The work for the crew should be spread evenly so that the project will be completed in lesser time. Painting companies also work on deadlines, so many crew people can be appointed to complete the work in the stipulated period.

How Long To Paint Your Home?

The main benefit of hiring a professional painter is that the work is completed on schedule, and the crew work for a specific amount of hours to complete the assigned work. Here is the schedule of time taken by the professional painting crew for completing tasks.

1. Prep Work For Room (1 – 2 Hours)

Before painting work is to be started, the room is to be prepared. Things to be done in prep work

  • Move out all the furniture in the room.
  • Cover the floor with a damp cloth and make sure that the cloth is curled up on the edges of the wall.
  • Caulk is to be applied for filling up holes or dings or dents in the walls
  • Cover the baseboards, window frames, and the sport where the ceiling meets the wall with painter’s tape.

2. Cutting-In (2-3 hours)

Once the prep work is completed, it is time for cutting, a process where you outline the walls, windows, and door frame anywhere there’s an uneven surface with paint. The cutting process gives a clear idea of where to start and stop and does not allow accidental paint on surfaces that are not being painted.

3. Priming And Painting (2-3 hours)

The most important part of the painting project is priming and applying paint on all surfaces. First of all, primer is to be applied on surfaces after that, and painting is completed. As there are a lot of areas to be covered, painting can be easily completed by using a 14-18 inch roller and making sure to have an extension rod to reach upper surfaces easily.

4. Cleaning The Surfaces (1 Hour)

Once the painting of all the surfaces is completed, wait for the paint to dry. After a couple of hours, it is time to pull out the painter’s tape, remove the damp cloth, and put back all the furniture. The time to paint your house depends on the number of rooms present and the amount of repair work that must be completed. For completion of painting a single room of 10″*10″ size, it takes about 6-10 hours.

Contact A Professional Toronto Painter

The time to paint your house depends on how much painting work is done and the house size. Preparing, priming, and painting a 500-square-foot area takes about 2 to 3 hours. A professional team of painters can complete the painting of a 2,500-square-foot area house in two to three days. If you are a homeowner looking to paint your home, you need to talk to painting experts in Toronto. Executive Touch Painting company has over 30 years of experience in all painting projects in Toronto. Contact us for more details and a free quote.