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  • April 20, 2022
  • Exterior Painting

How Many Coats Of Paint On Exterior Of House?

The top priority of any homeowner is to take proper care of their house and ensure that the house’s value increases. It is well-known that the house’s paint decides its value, and it is also important to keep things as nice as possible. The painting job is always a daunting task, and there is a need to take the help of a professional to complete the task. As a homeowner, you might not have experience in painting and, at the same time, wonder what the difference is between one coat and double coating painting. Please read the article to know how many coats of paint are needed for the exterior of your house to make it more beautiful.

How Many Coats Of Paint For Exterior House?

The general question that arises in the minds of every customer is how many coats of paint are required for a painting project? The number of coats depends on the type of paint used, whether using a primer or not, the quality of paint used, and the surface on which painting is conducted. Let’s see the number of coats required as per the surface.

1. Painting A Wall

While painting a new wall, there is a need for two coats of paint after the primer is applied. The same standards are to be applied in the case of drywall. In the case of repainting a wall, there is a need for only one coat if you are using the same color and quality paint.

2. Painting A Ceiling

Only high-quality paints are used for painting a ceiling, so there is a need for only a single coating while painting your ceilings.

3. Transition From Dark To Light

If you are transiting dark color to light color, then there is a need to apply four coats of paint, and if you need to save money and time, apply tinted primer before applying three coats of paint.

4. Transition From Light To Dark

Darker color paint needs more coats to give a rich and deep-looking color. While the transition from light to dark color, there is a need for two to three coats. Before applying paint, a layer of primer makes the transition much easier.

Is The Second Coating Necessary?

The number of coats required for any exterior depends on the exterior paint quality. If higher grade paint is used and the coating is like an elastomeric, then the need for a second coating is eliminated. The simple answer for the need for a second coating is that unless your home has missed a painting job, there is a need for a second coating. If you are not clear about how many coats are required for your exterior painting, you need to talk to an expert painting contractor.

How Many Coats For Exterior Walls?

The exterior of your house is exposed to multiple elements like sun, snow, rain, and other harsh climatic conditions. The biggest mistake in a painting project is not using the necessary coats for your exterior walls. The other mistake is not preparing the surface as per the painting project, and these simple mistakes might cost you more money and time before painting primer is added and let it dry for 4-5 hours.

Contact An Experienced Exterior Painting Contractor

A painting project is always a difficult task and cannot be completed by homeowners all by themselves. Hiring an experienced exterior painting contractor will ensure that your house gets the perfect painting more efficiently. Executive Touch Painters have over 30 years of experience in exterior, interior, and painting projects. Contact us for more details.