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  • August 19, 2022
  • Exterior Painting

How Often Does Stucco Need To Be Painted?

Stucco is one of the building materials used for hundreds of years. In this modern era, stucco is generally a mixture of portland cement and sand with lemon. In most cases, stucco is a long-lasting surface that can be painted with different colours based on the house owner’s choice. Stucco can be painted or stained on any house, but regular maintenance tips are required to have a good look every time. If you are a homeowner looking to have stucco for your exterior, read on to know how often does stucco of your house need to be painted.

What Is Stucco?

Stucco is one of the prominent materials used in the construction of any house and an excellent choice for homeowners due to its long-durability nature. The modern version of stucco is the combination of salt with sand and lime sometimes. Homeowners apply paint on the stucco to improve the lifespan and add beauty to the house. Of course, stucco must be repainted like any other material to ensure the colour remains fresh and vibrant. To paint a stucco, you need to consult an experienced stucco painter in Toronto to complete the work perfectly.

How Often Does Stucco Need To Be Painted?

Most homeowners neglect the maintenance of the stucco exterior, which can be more damaging to the look of the house. Here are some signs indicating that your stucco needs to be painted.

1. Hairline Cracks

Like any other materials, stucco is also prone to crack due to the expansion and settling of the sand and foundation of the home. Whenever hairline cracks are observed, it is recommended to fill the cracks with caulk and proceed with painting. If these hairline cracks are ignored, then there is a chance that moisture enters the gaps causing heavy damage.

2. Signs Of White Powder Or Streaks On Stucco

Signs of powder or streaks on stucco are referred to as efflorescence due to the moisture and water flowing behind the stucco. As the water flows and evaporates through the stucco, the salts are left behind, which are seen as a white powder. When you see white powder, immediately inform an expert to fix the issue and repaint the stucco.

3. Cracking Or Peeling Or Blistering, Or Mould?

When cracking or peeling is observed, cover all the areas and go for painting the areas to prevent further damage to stucco.

4. Fading Of Stucco

When the stucco is applied to the exteriors, then fading can happen, which is one of the indications that stucco needs to be painted. The harsh rays from the sun can be the reason for fading of stucco and if you happen to notice fading on the shading places of the house, then assume that there has been an unwanted intrusion of water.

5. Hardened Or Cracked Caulk

Caulk is used to sealing the gaps or cracks between doors and windows. Over some time after application, caulk becomes hard and loses the elastic property. Once you notice caulk is missing or hardened, it is time to repaint the stucco.

6. Patches In Stucco

The sight of patches on stucco can give an ugly look to the exterior or interior of any house. When there are patches in the stucco, do not risk replacing the whole stucco. Instead of re-stuccoing the entire house, it is better to patch the cracks on the stucco and paint them.

7. Climate With High Moisture And Humidity

Climatic conditions also play an important role in deciding the condition of stucco on the exterior or interior of houses. Stucco is also not applied to all houses and is not popular in areas having high moisture and humidity conditions. If you live in areas with high humidity, it is hard to tell how often stucco needs to be painted. The maintenance of Stucco is easier in areas having dry climatic conditions.

8. Looking For A Fresh Look?

If you are looking to have a fresh look altogether for your home, then it is time for stucco need to be painted for the house. Before even proceeding with the painting work, check for unseen problems and try to solve them.

9. Selling The House

If you plan to sell your house, it is obvious to make the home beautiful. When the stucco is painted, it adds beauty to the house, and there is a chance that the deal closes reasonably. In the market, there is always demand for well-maintained houses with beautiful exteriors and interiors.

Talk To A Stucco Painting Expert

For any house, it is recommended that the stucco and exteriors be repainted every 5-6 years. While painting stucco, it is important to use paints that are specially made for stucco and also consider the surrounding climatic conditions. At Executive Touch Painters, our professionals have over 30 years of experience handling all types of painting projects. Contact us for a free estimate.