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  • September 13, 2019
  • Interior Painting

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

Painting is a simple and easy way to make a significant impact on the look of your house. A right picked a color for interior painting will refresh the inside look of your home. You can also revitalize and freshen up the look of any room in the house, with a fresh coat of interior paint.

Get Inspired from the Paint Color

You can find inspiration from different shades of colors used for various rooms in the home. Some finishes have the quality of easy cleaning and better durability so that the paint looks colorful for the years to come.

Selecting the Perfect Sheen

There are various sheens available based on the room. Each room can have different sheens available to make your rooms beautiful and colorful.

  • Flat or Matte: Provides low lust appearance and is best for living rooms, bedrooms, and ceilings.
  • Egg Shell: Gives soft and velvety appearance and is suitable for children bedrooms, family rooms, and halls.
  • Satin: Choose satin if you want pearl-like finish. This Sheen is perfect for kitchen, bath, and laundry rooms.
  • Semi-gloss: is a radian sheen with superior scrubbability and moisture resistant. This shade is perfect for kitchen, bath, windows, and high traffic areas in the house.
  • High Gloss: gives a glass-like finish to the surfaces. It is used for old furniture modifications. This Sheen is perfect for high used surfaces, cabinets, and old furniture.
  • Use Primer: Primer is to be used for all the areas to ensure that the better adhesion of paint to the walls of your interior.

How to Choose Color?

Picking up the right color is not an easy task. Various factors that influence the color selection for a room are lighting, furniture, flooring, and personal taste for colors.

Do ask yourself these questions before actually selecting the color for the interior of your home.

  • What color does your family need?
  • What is the best shade for the house?
  • Should the color be bright or soft or any other shade?
  • What should be the color for the accent wall?

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Interior Space

Getting your painting project done starts with choosing the right paint for your interior space. Here are some of the paint types that you can choose from

1.  Zero or Low VOC Paints

Low and zero VOC paints are the best paints for the interiors. These paints provide the lowest indoor air impact and are also odorless.

2.  Painting for Your Ceiling

The paint for the ceiling is different from the wall paint. The ceiling paints are formulated to reduce the glaze and give an ultra flat finish to the ceilings. Use different sheens to provide a beautiful look.

Conclusion :

Painting the interiors of a house is very important for the house to look beautiful. You need to select the perfect colors for the rooms, depending on the choices of your family members. Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters help you in choosing the colors and also give excellent finishing to your painting projects. For more details, Contact Us at (416) 410-0164.