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  • April 17, 2020
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How to Diagnose Common Plumbing Problems in Your Home?

When something in your house is wrong, then you get signs or indications of the problems. For any home, it is challenging to detect plumbing issues. The easy way to find out problems is to pay attention to the water that comes out of the pipes. The flow of the water determines the common plumbing issues of your house.

Some of the Common Plumbing Problems

1. Low Water Pressure

When you need to take a refreshing shower, low water pressure creates problems and can be annoying. Low pressure indicates that something is clogging in the pipes and needs to be removed immediately. You should call a plumber to check for the blocks in pipes and clear clogs quickly.

2. Spots on the Ceiling

Brown spots are very ugly on the ceiling, and it indicates that water is leaking from the pipes. In this case, the pipes and roof both are to be repaired. Before fixing your ceiling, find out the source of leakage and fix them.

3. Bad or Foul Smell from Drainage

Water in drainage should move out smoothly and fast. There are a lot of bacteria present in the kitchen and bathrooms, and the smell could be coming from them also. If the smell is more, then you should check for any clogs or breakage in the sewage pipes. Call a plumber and review for the clogs.

4. Discolored Pipes

When you in the process of checking all the pipes of the kitchen and bathroom, see if the pipes are discolored. Discoloring is a sign of leakage from the sink or drain line. The discoloring may also cause pressure to build up and create a potential big mess for the entire plumbing. It is time to act fast and replace or repair the discolored pipes.

5. Slow Draining of Water

The most common plumbing problem for most of the houses is the slow drain of water. The slow drain could be due to clogs or other significant issues like tree roots in the pipes. With a little bit of detection, it is easy to find the clogs and remove them. You need to take the help of a plumber to remove blocks like tree roots and other major issues in the sewage line.

6. Increase in Water Bills

When you are using the same amount of water each month, but receive a higher bill for the present month, then you must understand that there are plumbing issues in your house. An increase in bills is a sign of water leakage. It is time to call a plumber to rectify the problem.

7. Problems in Water Heater

In the present scenario, hot water is a must for every family. If the water heaters in your bathrooms are not providing the required hot water, then it is an indication that there are some kinds of problems in the plumbing and pipes of your home. It is time to act quickly and consult a plumber to rectify the problem.

8. Water Problems in Winter

If the water pressure suddenly drops in winter, then it is an indication that pipes are frozen. Frozen pipes are a major issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. Especially in homes where the pipes run through an attic or other unheated space, frozen pipes hold the biggest danger once they thaw. If you are lucky enough that the pipes thaw without creating any issue, it is better to consult a plumber to fix the problem immediately.

9. Peeling Paint in Bathrooms or Home

It is evidence of leakage when you observe peeling or cracked or bubbles or blistering paint in your bathroom or other rooms. Before removing the paint and patching it up, have a plumber to look at the problem and make necessary repairs.

10. A Gurgling Toilet

Unless you have flushed your toilet, it should be pretty quiet. But if you hear gurgling noises before even flushing, then it is evident that there are problems below the bathroom. Blocked vent stack or also block in sewage line could be cause for the sounds. Now it is time to call your plumber to fix the issue.

Preventing Common Plumbing Problems

  • Hair, food, and other items cause clogs in the sewage pipes. So always keep an eye on what is going into the pipes.
  • Use drain screens to prevent unnecessary materials from entering pipes. Dispose of hair and other materials into dustbins.
  • To avoid over-pressure on old pipes, keep the water pressure at 50 psi.
  • Use water softeners to reduce mineral content and stop hard water from affecting the pipes.
  • Water pipes need to be insulated to prevent them from freezing in the winter season.


Plumbing issues might be small and insignificant, but when neglected, structural problems might be caused to your building and also affect the strength of your house. At Executive Touch Painters, we offer all plumbing services that include installation and emergency repairs. Our team serves in Toronto and the GTA, 24/7 and 365 days for all residential and commercial buildings. Call us at 416-410-0164 for an initial consultation.