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  • February 19, 2022
  • Interior Painting

How To Estimate Interior Painting?

Home painting is one of the easy and effective ways of decorating your home. Whether interior or exterior painting, there are many variables involved in painting. As a homeowner, you need to think about the rooms’ conditions, any work is to be done for them, the type of paint to be used, and the cost involved in painting the whole house. Another thought to be made is whether you are ready to hire a professional and know the estimation of the whole painting job. Once you have decided to paint your house, read the article to estimate interior painting for your home and proceed with the work.

Steps To Estimate Interior Painting Job

Here are some of the basic steps to be followed to estimate your interior painting job for your house.

1. Estimate The Cost Of Paint

After measuring your house, it is time to calculate the amount of paint needed. The paint cost can be from $15 to $80 per gallon, depending on the brand you choose. It is advisable to determine if any discount can be applied on the contractor side and the discount they are willing to give if you become a regular customer.

2. Estimating The Cost Of Materials

For doing the painting job, there is a need to have materials like primer, tape, caulking tubes, masking paper, paintbrushes, and masking plastic rolls. The number of materials required depends on the number of doors, windows, and brick roof lining are present in your house.

3. Estimate Cost Of Labor

Estimating the labor cost can be tricky because there are many elements involved. The labor cost is typically calculated per hour, and the cost can go up if the painting job involves tough tasks like embedded windows, hard-to-access places, lots of prep work, and steep roofs.

4. Estimate Cost Of Marketing

Cost of marketing is a hidden cost that involves paying for lead providers, distribution of flyers, and other marketing ideas. Your painting contractor includes all these costs, and as a homeowner, you must know about the hidden costs involved while painting.

5. Do The Final Calculation

The total cost of the painting job is the total of all the costs given above. The cost of paint, labor charge, materials cost, and marketing cost total up to the cost of the interior painting budget for your house.

The Cost Of Painting An Average Room

The easy way of calculating the average paint cost of any room is knowing the room’s area and deducting the areas that need not be painted. Every painting company has a specific charge to paint per square foot, and the average cost would be around $380 per square foot, including the paint cost. The extra charge would be collected for wall repairs, priming, painting the ceiling, and painting the closets.

Factors That Make Pricing Higher

Here are some of the factors that make your painting job higher

  • Using Top Quality Paint
  • Lot of Prep Work to be done
  • Removal of Wallpapers and other residuals
  • Water stains on Ceilings
  • High ceilings
  • A lot of Furniture to Move
  • Special trimming jobs
  • Textured and Popcorn ceilings
  • Very Large Homes with large rooms

Contact A Professional Interior Painting Company

If you are a homeowner looking to paint the interior of your house, then you need to hire a professional painting company. The cost of interior painting for your home depends on the estimate prepared by a professional painting company. Different painting companies render their services to customers in and around Toronto. Executive Touch Painters has over 30 years of experience in painting homes in Toronto. Contact us for more details.