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  • February 28, 2018
  • Residential Painting

How to Get Rid of Paint Smells and Fumes Quickly

Deciding to get your house painting is a good idea, and you can hire professionals to do the job for you. But like every homeowner, you also need to face many issues when you choose to paint your home, and one of them is the paint odor. Your place looks great after a marvelous work, but you will also need to get rid of the lousy paint smell.

Tips to Get rid of Paint Smells Quickly, Safely and Easily

  • Choose the right interior paint for your home with the help of a professional.
  • Proper ventilation of the rooms is always useful in reducing the smells.
  • Place fans facing an open window, to direct smells outside the rooms.
  • Go for Zero or Low VOC paints.
  • Try to avoid oil paints or alkyd based paints. If necessary use low odor paints.
  • Do not go for painting all the rooms at a time, which can make you more uncomfortable.
  • Keep the doors of other rooms closed when painting one room. Thus not allowing the odor or fumes to spread.
  • Cover the paint containers to reduce the fumes to spread.
  • Be sure to throw away the kitchen ingredients used to reduce the fumes and odor, as they have toxic gases in them.
  • Use natural products to get rid of paint smell safely.
Below are some Household Products to Remove Paint Odors Naturally

Charcoal: Charcoal is the best absorbent of foul smell. Place crushed charcoal in buckets where the paintwork is going on.

Baking Soda: Another good absorbent of bad odors. Place bowls of baking soda in the painted rooms. Keep them overnight for removing the smell entirely.

Onions: Onions may have a pungent smell, but they quickly absorb the toxic paint smell. Cut an onion into two halves and place them on either side of a painted room.

A mixture of Lemon and Water: Just keep a bucket of water and drop slices of lemon in it. Keep the bucket in the room where the painting is going on.

Vinegar: Keep bowls of vinegar in the room which is getting painted. Vinegar keeps the place fresh.

Coffee Beans: Use coffee beans to control the paint smell. Place bowls with coffee beans in painted room. You can reduce the feeling of paint smell in no time.

Vanilla: Place vanilla extract on cotton balls. Place the cotton balls all around the rooms getting painted. The strong smell of vanilla strong enough to eliminate and cover up the suffocating toxic odor of the paints.

Herbs: Herbs like rosemary have strong odors and help in removing the smell of the paints. Place the plants for some days in the rooms.

Camphor and Naphthalene: Camphor and Naphthalene also can be used to avoid sharp smells of the paints.

Paint Fumes

Paint Fumes are Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) that evolve from a painted surface. These fumes cause an immediate effect to eyes and lungs which results in dizziness, headache and can even also affect your brain.

How to Remove Paint Fumes

Light a Candle: Just light a candle in the center of the room and let it burn for few hours in the painted room. The flame will burn the flammable components in the paint solvent and reduce the fumes.

Placing buckets of Water: Water absorbs the solvent vapors in the paint and leaves your room fumes free.

Ensure Proper ventilation: Always be sure that there is proper ventilation in the painted room.


Hope the above simple steps will help you to get rid of paint smells and fumes that are emitted from your painted room. If you are looking to initiate your interior painting with proper care taken for your home and family. Contact our professional painters at Executive Touch to get started. or Call us Now at (416)-410-0164 For a Free Estimate.