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  • July 8, 2022
  • Commercial Painting

How To Make A Small Restaurant Look Bigger?

Developing the layout and design can be tricky when opening a new restaurant. With new regulations and measures required for safety, everything from spacing tables to zoning areas for food delivery requires a conscious decision. The challenge is even greater if you’re tight on space. Read the article to learn how to make a small restaurant look bigger and what changes should be made.

Ideas To Make A Small Restaurant Look Bigger

In the present world, real estate is a big puzzle, and the success of a restaurant depends on the number of dining options available. Most restaurants have several rooms, and some have a single big room here are some design ideas that make your restaurant more appealing and safe.

1. Establish A Floor Plan

Before deciding on your restaurant’s establishments and other styles, you must devise a plan for the floor. For your restaurant, there should be a proper kitchen and dining space ratio to be maintained, and experts decide it should be a 60:40 ratio. Here are some of the spaces that need to be allocated during the kitchen and dining space allotments

  • Dining Area: There should be enough space for chairs and tables in the dining area. While arranging the tables, make sure that there are at least 72 inches apart.
  • Kitchen and preparation stations: While organizing your kitchen, ensure that the destinated stations like hot stations, cold stations, cleaning stations, baking sections, and delivery stations are included. In addition to these stations other stations for salads and icecreams
  • Delivery and Takeout Station: For your restaurant delivery counter is most important, the delivery station needs to be placed in a special place to avoid crowding in front of the restaurant.

2. Everything Is In Decor

As per painting experts, it is possible to expand the space of your restaurants just by adding paint to the walls. Paint the walls with a soothing shade of white to make your space feel big and bright. Add floor-to-ceiling windows and hang some light fixtures to ensure your place is well-lit. To make your restaurant look big, you need to make minor design adjustments like hanging shelves and frames on the ceiling to shift the focus of your customers.

3. Maximize Your Floor Plan

A good rule of thumb is to set aside 60% of your total interior space for dining and 40% for your kitchen and prep area. Count your entrance and your bathroom areas separately. When you have a blank canvas, you have the option to paint as per your wish, so sketch out your flooring plan along with the kitchen and dining area plan.

4. Highlight The Restaurant Entrance

For any restaurant, the first impression is the entrance which should look beautiful for all the customers entering your place. At the entrance, there is an option to add sofas or long armchairs, and you can also add a lovely chandelier for a great ambiance.

5. Make A Theme For Your Restaurant

For your restaurant to make a brand in the market, it must have a theme. While designing your restaurant, stick to your theme, colours, and fixtures. For example, if you serve only vegetarian dishes, you could have a theme with plants for interiors.

6. Decorate The Restaurant According To the Atmosphere

The small or big decor is important for any restaurant, and all the decorations depend on your restaurant’s theme. For your restaurant, colour is the best way to capture the mood of your clients. Red, beige, or other dark colours create a cozy atmosphere, while light hues like green, blue or white give the feeling of a large, open space. Mirrors also help create the illusion of more space, making your space appear longer or wider.


Decorating a small restaurant can be challenging, and you should be careful while planning your interior design. The design and decor of your restaurant can create the mood and let your food take the lead as you pick out furniture, table coverings, silverware, glassware, wall decor and floor treatments. Texture, colour, and design choices for your restaurant can make your food popular. If you are a restaurant owner looking to redesign your space, you need to talk to an expert painting and decorating company. Executive Touch Painters Ltd has over 30 years of experience handling all types of painting and renovating works all over Ontario. Contact us today for a free estimate.