Painting Ideas & Tips
  • March 16, 2023
  • Commercial Painting

Innovations in Commercial Painting

The Painting technology has gone beyond expectations. Most often, people don’t pay attention to paintings, but in reality, these paintings provide a lot of aesthetics to a house. New technologies and innovations in the commercial painting space have revolutionized the look and feel of a simple paint job. Let us look at some of the latest technologies we have encountered recently—cooling, protection, grip, and other properties.

Smart Paint Technology

Smart paint technology can convert your wall into a television display. Yes, you heard it right the conductive paint technology could transform your simple wall into a television screen. The conductive paint contains a conductive nickel grid that creates electrodes and acts as a touchscreen. When applied on the wall, an electromagnetic sensor helps detect objects and respond to gesture commands. Once this painting technology becomes commercially available, everyone can control their devices through a wall. These smart paints can be important for commercial buildings, schools, offices, restaurants, and more.

Self-Cleaning Painting Technology

Self-Cleaning painting technology uses nanotechnology in which the particles are less than 100 nanometers. These paints contain titanium dioxide, which gives a clean finish and never needs cleaning. The Paints containing titanium dioxide give it new properties to react to light, hold or repel water. As it is a nanoparticle paint, it reduces friction on the surface, which lets the dust and dirt slide away easily and repel anything on it. This will lead to retaining the paint in its original colour for years.

Antimicrobial Coating Technology

The nanotech keeps the paint resistant to dirt, but adding silver nanoparticles can kill microbes in contact with a painted surface. This makes the surface free of disinfection and keeps it sterile for longer. Many restaurants use this protective coating layer on their equipment to keep it hygienic. This helps in stopping disease spread among the staff and customers. After the pandemic, people are taking it seriously.

Solar Paint Tehnology

Solar Paint Technology is a revolutionary painting technology that has gotten the world’s attention. It helps to be eco-friendly by eliminating carbon footprint. Solar paint contains tiny light-sensitive particles that can absorb sunlight and turn it into energy. This requires a bit of wiring, but its installation is as easy as painting a wall. With Solar Paint Technology, you can turn your whole exterior wall into a solar panel, but it is less efficient than a solar panel. It can support generating as much clean energy as possible and lead to a much greener world for future generations.

Spray-On Antenna Technology

As the name suggests, scientists are developing this new technology in the development stage. The Spray-On Antenna will require a paint coating on the antenna, leading to transmitting radio waves effectively as a router or any mobile phone. This will lead to expanding the Internet of Things to new heights. This technology can make it easy to set up any wireless network at a minimal cost virtually. Even if this technology is at its early stage, it has the potential to become enormous.


Painting technology has been evolving drastically and is good for the environment too. The adaptation of the environment and technology has come beautifully together. In the upcoming days, the painting will be one of the reasons for sustainability. The world will be a better place with new technologies and revolutionary paints. At Executive Touch Painters, we have vast experience in commercial painting services. Contact us at (416) 410 – 0164. Or book an online appointment for a free estimation.