Know Who You’re Hiring as a Contractor

At Executive Touch Painters, we know you have several painting contractors in Toronto to choose from when you need a job done. That’s why we’ve taken every step possible to ensure that we give you the best, safest and most professional service possible.

What Makes us Different from Other Contractors?

To begin with, we can handle almost any job. From big to small, we love to serve both our residential and commercial customers.

Quality & Safety

We pride ourselves on the quality of the contractors who will be working on your project.

They are professional, friendly and know what they’re doing, whether it’s a painting or a remodeling project.

Your home will always be safe in the hands of our professionals. Everything inside and out on the job site is treated with respect, furniture and floors will be covered and protected, our paint is environmentally friendly and every detail on your project is important to us.

One of the best things about working with Executive Touch Painting is that we do more than paint! If you have any type of renovation need, we can do it for you.   We handle kitchen, bathroom and basement projects from start to finish.

You might not be sure about exactly what you want done with your painting or remodeling project. We stay on top of modern trends, allowing us to offer guidance and suggestions on colors and designs.

Customer Satisfaction

The way we run our business is different from most other painting contractors in Toronto. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Everything about our service is of the highest-quality. Our workmanship is exceptional. We use the most up-to-date technology and tools to give you the best results in keeping with today’s trends. The materials we use are of the best quality at affordable prices. Every aspect of our work aims to maintain professional industry standards.

Our commitment to the environment sets us apart from our competitors. We use only paints that are free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s are compounds that become airborne as paint dries. Studies have shown that VOC’s can cause symptoms like headaches and dizziness. We certainly don’t want that for our customers or their environment!


When considering painting contractors in Toronto, know that we have over 30+years of experience which only adds to our level of expertise. Our goal for your project is to provide you with the best quality at an affordable price by using only the best materials. With Executive Touch Painting, you get the most value at the best price.

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