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  • January 31, 2018
  • Floors

Replacing vs Refinishing your Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Most of the homes today are using Hardwood floors. For flooring, wood is a suitable choice material and can come in various styles, colors, and cuts. There are many advantages of this hardwood flooring. The main advantage is a long time investment. Houses with hardwood floor have more resale value. It’s also easy to clean. Quality hardwood floors are robust, hard-wearing and have long time durability. For these reasons, most of the homeowners in Toronto prefer hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors take a lot of pressure on them. Over time they become stained, chipped and became dull.

Factors for Deciding on Refinishing or Replacing Your Wood Floors.

1. Price

Price is the first variable to consider. Refinishing is cheaper than replacing. When replacing the price of the new wood and the cost of installation are to be considered. Refinishing cost can be obtained from your local floor renovators.

2. Aesthetics

If your primary goal is just to bring shine to the hardwood floor, simply refinish. It’s just easy to refinish the floor than replacing it. If you want to change the aspect of the floor or need to change the design of the flooring, then go for replacing the floor. Want to change the perspective of the floor itself, like the style of the wood, the direction of the planks or the consistency of the material? then go for an entire floor replacement. Refinishing is to restore existing while Replacing is to get new look or feel.

3. Time

Refinishing takes a lot of time than replacing the floor itself. It can take approximately five days, and the floor must remain completely untouched. The process requires sanders, edgers, buffers, scrapers, brushes, base coat sealers, topcoat sealers, putty knives and sometimes paint. On the other hand, replacement can be completed in less time.

4. Quality

You cannot just restore the wooden floor by just refinishing it. Refinishing is just adding cosmetics to your old floor. The process does not repair the damages if any present inside the wood. Before going for refinishing just check if there are any severe damages to the floor. If there are no critical damages, go for refinishing, else go for replacing.

5. Age of the Floor

Age of the floor is to consider before going for refinishing or replacement. Resistance may come from a wooden floor that is in place for many years. A floor of ¾ inches thick cannot take more than six times of refinishing process in its lifetime of 20 years. If the floor has already received sixth refinishing, then go for replacing it.

Refinishing a floor just gives a new look but not a new life to your floor. On the other hand replacing gives you a new floor with a new look and new added life to the floor, making your home look good. (If you are looking to repair a warped wood floor read this article.)


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