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  • September 15, 2022
  • Interior Painting

Should You Paint The Tops And Bottoms Of Interior Doors?

For any house, interior doors add privacy to rooms, reduce the noise from outside, and hide the utility spaces or clutter. There is a general myth that the colours of doors should be the same as the interior walls, but it is not always true. When you are being restyled, the colour of doors should coordinate with each room and the overall style of the house interiors. The painting of doors takes quite a time as many processes are involved, so before even painting, there is necessary to decide on the colour. Read on to know more about how to paint doors and whether you should paint the tops and bottoms of interior doors to have the same look on both sides.

Tips For Painting Interior Doors

A fresh coat on interior doors gives an amazing look to your house, and there is a need to follow specific steps while painting doors. Here are some of the steps to be followed while painting doors.

1. Choose The Best Interior Colour

Nowadays the taste of homeowners is changing, so they choose different colours. The general picking of door colour is based on the trim colour, and when the colour of the trim is white, it is recommended to paint the door white and give the same finish as the trim. For interior doors, dark colours like black or grey would be the best choice, and here are some of the other colour options available.

  • White
  • Light-mid Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Mid Tone Colours

2. Gather Your Painting Tools

Once the painting’s colour choice is made, it is time to paint the door. Before even starting the job, it is time to gather all the required equipment needed for painting. Here is the list of tools to be used for painting

  • Wood Filler
  • Sand Paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Drop Cloth to protect the floor
  • Paint brushes
  • Woven Rollers
  • Roller handles
  • Tray for Rollers

3. Preparing Door Before Painting

The success of any paint job lies in the prep work. If you are repainting an old door, you first need to look for any damages on the door and fill the imperfections with wood filler. After completing the filling, use sandpaper to sand the entire door. After the sanding, use a cloth to clean the door surface. After the cleaning process is completed, it is time to prime the doors. There is no need to prime the doors if they are already primed, but prime should be done if you are using Latex paint or previously the door had latex paint. The ideal priming is to edge first and then the other areas.

4. Painting The Door

While painting the door, a specific order is to be followed.

  • Start by painting the edges of the door.
  • Next, paint the panels using a 1 1/2″ brush for moulding areas and a 4″ roller for middle surfaces.
  • Now paint the vertical strips using a 4″ roller.
  • Using the same 4″ roller, now completed the horizontal rails
  • The final step is to paint the vertical strips using a 4″ roller

5. Sand And Recoat

After the painting is completed, allow the paint to dry. After the paint has dried up, use the 320-grip sandpaper to sand the surfaces, remove the residue with a damp cloth, and go for a second coating. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before flipping the doors on the sawhorses, once the second side is also dry, it is time to install the door in the required place.

Best Colour For Door

If you have hired a painting contractor, they would know that the Here are the best colours for the Door.

  • Brown
  • White
  • Grey
  • Black

Should Both The Door Sides Have the Same Colour?

As the doors are neutral, both sides of any door have the same colour. There are some possibilities that both sides have different colours which may be useful for children’s rooms. As most of the doors are left open, the other colour is hidden from guests. To maintain consistency in painting, the edges are also painted with the same colour.

Should You Paint the Tops and Bottoms Of Interior Doors?

While choosing the type of paint and colour, it is important to consider the environment of your house and rooms. Even though the interior doors have unfinished edges, painting these edges is considered to be a good practice. As doors are made of wood, there is a chance that moisture enters through small cracks and, in turn, leads to damage. So it is necessary to paint the tops and bottoms of your interior doors to avoid moisture accumulating and causing minor to severe issues over time. To restrict moisture from entering the wooden doors, it is best to seal the tops and bottoms with paint.

Talk To An Interior Painting Expert

The painting of interior doors is often overlooked, but the point is that they can be used to make a style statement for your home. While painting the interiors, one should observe that the paint is applied to the tops and bottoms of interior doors to avoid future damage. If you are a homeowner looking to make a style statement using interior painting, you need to talk to a painting expert in Toronto. At Executive Touch Painters, we have experienced painters who can change the whole look of your home. Contact us for more information.