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  • October 22, 2019
  • Interior Painting

The 6 Most Popular Kitchen Paint Colors

Choosing the right color shade for your kitchen is not a simple task. But the effort is worth it, as a simple color could change the look of your entire rooms. A simple grey color can vary the look of your furniture. But before shopping for paint, keep in mind which brightness and hue that suits perfectly for your home and kitchen. Do not forget to include different shades like semi-gloss, eggshell, and so on.

Best Kitchen Paint Colors

1. Tiffany Blue

Create a serene in your kitchen with a light sky blue colored inspired by the sky. The airy blue color brightens the look of the floor and complements the white cupboards, cabinets, marble countertops, and classic subway tiles. Be sure to use painters tape, especially if the walls curve, as in this archway, to achieve the crisp lines.

2. Bright White

For a warmer look for your kitchen, paint with white color and opt for a yellow undertone. Paint your kitchen with the neutral paint color, then layer on color through cabinetry, lighting, and decor. If you are choosing to paint the cabinets, make sure that two coats. The extra coating provides durability in high traffic areas.

3. Green and Pink

Not too long ago, pink walls were usually relegated to kiddie bedrooms or retro bathrooms. But thanks to the rise of millennial pink, pink-colored walls are popping up everywhere. The decoration gives a touch of lovely contrast with the paint of apple green.

4. Yellow Modern Kitchen Color

Most of the lower cabinets are painted in yellow color to light up your kitchen. The sunshiny hue coordinates beautifully with the pale wood walls and the white platinum quartz countertop.

5. Gray and White Kitchen

The combination of the white and black color combo because it is both neutral and chick. The cabinets jump out against a fresh, white backdrop in your modern farmhouse kitchen colors.

6. Crisp White and Turquoise



A blend of Crisp White and Turquoise are perfect cool kitchen paint colors and go well with each other. You can add more white to get the shade of perfect white for your kitchen walls and furniture.


There are many color options to choose from for your modern kitchen. You need to take the help of a professional painter to find a perfect color that suits your needs. Kitchen renovation to painting on your mind? Talk to our experts of Executive Touch Painters at (416) 410-0164 or contact us for a Free Estimate.