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  • June 23, 2022
  • Commercial Painting

Tips To Minimize Disruption When Repainting Your Workplace

For any commercial space, a painting project can always help increase the curb appeal of both the interiors and exteriors. For commercial buildings, painting or renovation projects can disrupt the work and daily operations. At the same time, business owners also try to postpone the repainting project as the work might get disturbed, or some operations need to be shut down for some days. As time is changing, the way of painting commercial spaces has also changed, and it is possible to paint your commercial space without disturbing the daily tasks conducted in the office. If you are a business owner looking to repaint your commercial spaces without disturbance, read on to learn more about the tips to minimize disruption when repainting your workplace.

Why Should My Commercial Space Be Repainted?

For any commercial space, there might be several reasons for the need to have the interiors and exteriors repainted. If you notice the following signs, an immediate painting project will be conducted for your commercial space.

  • Fading of paint
  • Growth of Mold or white or greenish spots
  • Chipped and cracked paint on walls
  • Bubbling of paint
  • Chalking of paint
  • Ineffective pressure washing

Tips To Minimize Disruption While Repainting WorkPlace

Painting commercial and office spaces can be a daunting task as the day-to-day tasks of the office might get disturbed. As the owner of a commercial space, you must protect the employees as painting could at times affect the health of people. For conducting a painting project, you need to take the help of a professional commercial painter or painting company, so here are some of the tips to consider while painting during office hours.

1. Should The Office Remain Open or Close

Before planning the painting project, it is necessary to decide whether to open or close the office and ensure that you are legally allowed to open it while conducting the project. There are plenty of safety questions and precautions that have to be taken care of before starting the actual painting project. For example, if you were running a restaurant, it is impossible to keep it open as you have to follow the health and safety codes.

2. Make Announcements

Before the start of repainting work, formal announcements are to be made to all the employees and customers about the work rescheduling and notify the areas that might be affected due to paintwork. During the painting project, good signs are to be set up in the office to guide the customers visiting the office, which also lets you customers know how concerned you are about the safety of clients and customers.

3. Create A Place For Complaints

While the painting project is going on, you might receive complaints about your office work from clients or customers. It is important to look at these complaints, so you need to allow a person who can take complaints and solve them in time. The complaints section should be made available for all customers so that you will not lose the customer and maintain a good relationship with customers and clients.

4. Keep Clients And Customers Updated About Painting Work

Once the office renovation project has started, your employees and clients need to be updated about the progress through email, social media, and even signs. Some clients might be interested in visiting your office once all the renovation work is completed, so it is important to give the final work updated once all the renovation is completed.

5. Take Advantage Of Slow Periods And Seasons

Winter is the slow season for any professional painter, so they are flexible with work, time, and resources. When the season is slow, the rate would also be low, and as a businessman, you can take advantage of this point. Some of the painting companies work on weekends and night shifts also. If your office does not work on weekends, you can hire a professional painting company that takes up work on weekends.

6. Announce Rewards And Discounts On Products And Services

While the renovation is ongoing, customers and clients may not be interested in visiting your place. You could announce offers for clients doing business at this time and offer special discounts for customers visiting your commercial space to make purchases.

Hire A Professional Commercial Painting Company

Your commercial space needs to look good and attract new customers to increase business and revenue for your company. Painting a commercial space is not an easy task, and it should be done by a professional. Professional painters know all the techniques and tips to minimize disruptions when repainting your commercial workspace. At Executive Touch Painters, we have more than 30 years of experience handling all types of painting projects. Our professionals take care of safety procedures, paint selection, protective materials, and finishing the project on time. If you are a business owner looking to repaint your commercial space, contact us for more details and free estimation.