Painting Ideas & Tips
  • February 21, 2023
  • Commercial Painting

Tools Used in Commercial Painting

A commercial painting job can have many tools depending on what will be painted, whether a building, machine, or machinery. There are certain tools that every commercial painter carries with them. Having the right tools in the right place can differentiate between a good and an inexperienced commercial painter. Let’s look at what tools are used in commercial painting.

Tools Required for Commercial Painting


Rollers are used for application on flat surfaces. Rollers evenly distribute paint with the right amount of pressure applied to it. They work best on wide and flat surfaces like floors and walls.

Drop Cloths

Commercial painters use drop cloths to cover the ground or floor from spillage. It is important while use a sprayer to paint the walls.

Scaffolding or Ladders

A commercial painting professional uses scaffolding to paint the exterior of any building or apartment. At the same time, ladders are used to paint the ceiling or top of any wall that can’t be reached by a normal person whose average height is 6 feet.

Sandpaper and Scrapers

Sandpaper and scrapers are used to even out the uneven surfaces on which the paint job should occur. Professionals also use sandpaper and scraper to adhere to the paint on the walls.


Paintbrushes might be time-consuming, but professional commercial painters always carry them. Paintbrush is the only way to add minor details to the surface, preferred by most professionals for detailing.


Sprayers are the quickest mode of painting the surface. Air sprayer colours through a fine mist of paint which gives a smoother texture. In comparison, airless sprayers use higher blowing pressure to cover a large surface. Various types of sprayers perform different portions of spray on the walls.

The Right Paint

Every professional commercial painter has the knowledge about the right paint to use indoors or outdoors based on the surface. The right amount and quality matter the most, as the paint used should last longer than usual.


A set of commercial painting tools will enhance the painting experience on the surface. Professional painters will know and own the right tools to do the job faster. Executive Touch Painters Ltd has expertise in commercial painting services. Our set of skilled workers provides the best output. Book an online appointment for free estimation, or contact us at (416) 410 – 0164.