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  • February 10, 2023
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Top 5 New Paint Colours for 2023

Each year the trend of paint colours is consistently changing, and 2023 is no other exception. This year the top paint manufacturers have shortlisted five paint colours that stood out and will make a difference in the ever-growing paint industry. The paint and colour trends will be more diverse than in 2022 and provide more excitement to everyone regarding painting walls in their homes, offices etc.

Top New Paint Colours for 2023

1. Raspberry Blush


The Raspberry Blush is selected as one of the top paint colours of the year 2023 by an industry-leading manufacturer Benjamin Moore. The Raspberry Blush is a mixture of upbeat coral with a hint of pink undertone. This colour is ideal for making the home look fresh and modern. The bright and bold colour can be used indoors and outdoors, creating its own statement. The colour is perfect for walls and ceilings but can also be used on furniture to add personality to your space.

2. Redend Point


The Redend Point is chosen as the colour of the year by Sherwin-Williams. The Redend Point is a neutral earthy shade which is a perfect choice if you are looking for a modern elegant, sophisticated look. The subtle and understated look gives a refreshing look. You can couple it with a black or white shade to give a sophisticated look that will make your home stand out from others in the street. The beauty of this colour is that it can be used anywhere in the house, including bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. Blank Canvas


The Blank Canvas is chosen as the colour of the year by Behr. As the name suggests, this paint can complement any shades of neutral colours like black and grey. This shade can be used for new homes with a tint of black as a complimentary to enhance it and give a sophisticated look which can be easy to maintain. If you have bright furniture, it can make your home a standout masterpiece in interior decor.

4. Valspar Colours


The Valspar Colours have 12 different shades chosen for the year 2023. These shades have been chosen to suit your style at your convenience. These shades can be easily complimented with one another per the styling preferences. It gives you a modern look if you are willing to go a mile further in playing with colours. It has a range of shades to choose from as per your preferences.

5. Viva Magenta


The Viva Magenta is chosen as the colour of the year 2023 by Pantone, a renowned manufacturer with expertise and knows the trend of what colour will bloom throughout the year. The Viva Magenta is a happy, upbeat, vibrant colour that catches every eye. This colour can coordinate with almost everything and help you create a space that speaks for your style. This colour can be a feature wall to create a style statement.


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