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  • November 15, 2019
  • Exterior Painting

Toronto Urban Brick House Exterior Paint Update Ideas

Brick comes in different colors but looks beautiful when left in its natural color. However, it does not mean that you should stick on with the color of brick. There are a number of colors and brick painting ideas available that can be used to improve the look of the exterior of your Toronto home.

Beautify Your Exterior Look with Brick Painting Ideas

Sometimes the natural color of the bricks does not match the exterior of your home, and you need to work on the style of bricks to match your house. If you want to change the look, then brick painting is the only option. While natural color is the most opted, some people go for bold colors. But you need to pick the colors carefully to match your house exterior.

How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Brick?

1. Chose a color that is close enough

If you are not interested in giving a bold statement, then go for this option and select colors that are normal and simple. By selecting the color that matches the brick, you are also avoiding the risk of offending anyone’s taste. Some colors may not be pleasing all people, and having to say a light gray right next to red bricks might be a pleasing combination to you, but it may appear unusual to others.

2. Should your Exterior match your brick color?

The bricks of the exterior are different, and it is a valid perception. Bricks are always different as they pop out of your exterior walls. The exterior colors should match with the bricks as they form the focal point of the walls.

Color Combinations

Most of the experts follow the general thumb rule and use a combination of three types of colors. This combination creates an overall new look to your exterior.

1. The Main Color

The primary color is generally the stucco color used for the exteriors, also called as the field color. The color has a rich tone and stands for a long time, giving a new and bright look for your exteriors.

2. Secondary Color

The secondary color is generally used for the stonework or the brick used for the exteriors. If there is a lot of stone or bricks used, then go for the secondary or near-neutral colors. This secondary color should not be used more than the main color, because the trim competes with the main color.

3. The Accent color

The bright and bold eye-catching color is suitable for the main door. The color makes a statement for yourself, and it would be crazy brick painting ideas when you paint the whole house with these bright colors. You can use accent colors for places where there is scope for creative works to be done like the garage or some other places.

Color Ratio

The perfect ratio to be followed for the above three colors is 60:30:10. Use main, secondary, and accent colors in the mentioned ratio to make the paint your friend.

Exterior Brick Paint Ideas for Your Toronto Home

1. White Painted Brick

Even if pure white color is boring, it creates a sophisticated look for old buildings. White color is perfect for walls or fireplaces with bricks. The exteriors can also look great with white color. Choose warmer colors to make your space free from cold.

2. Warm White Paint

For a subtle look, you could use a softer shade or cream white color. If you want to create an aged look, try to use white or lime wash treatment, which looks pretty with low maintenance. As time goes on, the paint looks more beautiful, and you don’t have to paint too often.

3. Grey Paint


To get a classic look, use light shades of grey as an alternative for white color. Darker grey gives a traditional look and pairs well with all types of houses. When using grey, you can use white or black as an accent color for your exteriors.

4. Accent Colors for Bricks

Add accent colors for your bricks to play with the natural tones of bricks. For elements like window trim doors, soffits, and front porches, you need to choose the colors very carefully. It is good to stick on with the neutral tones as bright tones might overpower the brick.

Whatever surfaces you are dealing with, consider the color of the brick before choosing colors. Some are more red, while others might be browner, or have a more washed out tone to them.

Some of the colors that work perfectly with bricks
  • Soft Yellow with cream
  • Charcoal with light gray
  • Sauge green with taupe
  • Ruch green with gray
  • Forest green with black

Hire a Pro for Painting Bricks of your House

In terms of cost, hiring a professional is less, as modern and sophisticated equipment is always ready. When a pro does the work, the paint application is consistent and has last-longing results. The Professionals of Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always willing to take up all types of painting projects. Contact us for more details.