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  • March 24, 2020
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Toronto’s Best Home Office Paint Colors in 2020

What Color Should I Paint My Home Office in Toronto?

The right paint on your home office has a positive impact on your productivity and also an easy way to refresh an outdated space. Some paint colours are believed to have positive psychological effects. Many studies suggest that certain shades of paint have the power to stimulate your brain, and some can bring down your stress levels. Your workspace is all about productivity, and you need to choose paints that help to keep your energy focused and also have a calming effect.

For this reason, it is essential to pick the right colour for your home office. A home office is a place that you spend most of the time, and you must choose colours that make you happy. Soothing colours like green and blue evoke a calm feeling, while light colours create an atmosphere free from distractions. Read on to know about the best paint colours for increasing home office productivity.

Some Home Office Paint Ideas

1. Black

Black may not come to mind while thinking of office home paint. But a vibrant black colour casts a moody tone for your office. The moody tone helps you to shut down from the outside environment and concentrate on your work. Neutral black colour can go with any colour palette and is also an excellent choice for the modern and artsy space of your office home.

2. Yellow Color

Yellow colour sets a happy and positive tone in any workspace. Stimulating yellow paint inspires you in the office and brightens up your workspace. Yellow colour infuses positive energy into your room and enhances your creativity.

3. Green Color

Green is calming and boosts your energy and makes the place playful. This energetic colour helps in achieving your deadlines in projects. The green colour keeps your accents neutral and makes your office home to stay uncluttered. The green colour is also earthly bold and choice for most persons having boss aspirations.

4. Peachy Pink and Corals

Experts suggest that shades of pink are more than just pretty and also the best paint colour for the home office. Warmer hues like peach and soft corals are known to help improve focus, boost consistency and creativity, which is perfect for a home office area. A soft pink hue like Pop can provide an inspiring atmosphere for a home office setting.

5. Brown Color

Most people think that brown is annoying, but it is considered one of the good paint colours for the home office. Experts say that brown painted office can help you stay calm and focused while you work. Mid-brown tones are calming and can focus the mind on the essential tasks at hand.

6. Navy Blue

Navy blue is versatile, refreshing, and creates a meditative atmosphere for maximum productiveness. Blue helps you to be a little more creative. This shade has a bold blue that is enough to feel regal and vital in your office.

7. Warm White

A little warm white paint helps you stay focused in your home office. When you want the limited visual distraction and clean space, try a warm white colour. The colour brings a hint of warmth to a room and works exceptionally well if your home office is north facing.

8. Teal Color

Teal is an actual colour that adds energy to your space. This exceptional colour is relaxing and is simultaneously motivating and inspiring.

9. Purple

One of the favourite choices for office home is a purple colour. Purple is reminiscent of a freshly picked berry and lends a soothing, yet-confident, tone to your space. Purple colour not only gives you energy but also helps you to be calm.

10. Blue Gray

Blue-gray is one of the most popular home office paint colours. A soft blueish gray colour is a daily reminder to breathe and focus on your work and pairs beautifully with stark white or darker navy shades.


Picking the best colours to paint the home office could be tricky and confusing. With little inspiration, you can create a great workspace that motivates you to be energetic throughout the workday. Not sure of what colour to paint the home office? Contact our professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto for FREE Color Consultation on home office paint schemes. Call us at (416) 410-0164