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  • March 9, 2022
  • Interior Painting

Wainscoting Ideas Toronto

Wainscoting is the special technique used for decorating the lower parts of your interior walls. It has gained popularity from the 16th century as it helped keep put cold and stave off moisture-related damages. This technique is primarily used to add beauty to interior spacing in modern times. Wainscoting can be either pre-made or custom-built and made from various materials. If you consider decorating your house interior with wainscoting, read on to know the most interesting wall panel ideas for your interiors.

Some Of The Beautiful Wainscoting Ideas For Homes

1. Beautiful Bead Board

Adding bead boards is one of the ways to give a stylish edge to your wainscoting. A series of narrow wooden planks are used in beadboards to add visual interest to wainscoting, for your wainscoting detailed with coatings to give extra beauty to rooms and interiors.

2. Raised Panels To Add Elegance

The panels used in wainscoting are divided by thin vertical strips and then finished with an upper horizontal rail of molding to give a formal look to living rooms, guest rooms, and dining rooms. The raised panels give depth to the rooms and simultaneously maintain a crisp and clean aura.

3. Creating Clean Lines With Board and Batten

Alternative wide or MDF panels are used as narrow wooden strips between upper and lower horizontal rails of molding. The panels blend beautifully between traditional and modern elements in the transitional spaces, kitchens, and other rooms. The idea is inspired by world-inspired flax board-and-batten wainscoting to warm your rooms and have a modern appearance.

4. Selecting Soft Neutrals

Always ensure to choose a quality wall painting or wainscoting style paint so that the room’s space is not overlooked. While soft neutrals are selected, white panels and low-key cream-colored walls serve as an elegant backdrop for your modernized room with a beautiful glitzy chandelier. Fresh wainscoting hues like white and cream give an option for adding more design elements for your traditional or modern rooms.

5. Using Beautiful Wallpaper

One of the best wainscoting ideas for your house is lively wallpaper for interiors. Embrace your bold eye for design by pairing lively wallpaper with a colorful, wainscoted base. The combination of different wallpapers gives your dining room a rich look and a good atmosphere.

6. Creating A Contrast

Using black and white cannot always be beautiful for your interiors. Black wainscoting painted on Benjamin Moore’s contrasting colors help in picking up the black ascent and gives whimsical illustrations for interiors.

7. Bold Ideas

If you feel that your reading room, hallways, or other rooms are not getting the attention they deserve, then it is time to use eye-popping colors for functional spaces of your house. Wainscoting colors like electric blue or magenta red can inject energy into your rooms and give a special look for interiors.

8. Brighten And White Colors

If you are a lover of black color but fear that interiors might become dull, there is a beautiful idea brightening your rooms. The whiteboard-and-batten wainscoting in this multipurpose room shifts guests’ gaze to the painted accent and highlights the ceilings. Painting the wainscoting below with white color will help to brighten a room and make rooms cozier.

9. Matching The Wall Color

Choosing the color for wainscoting with your wall is often overlooked in achieving visual cohesion. Distinctive abstract wall art, colors for living rooms matching walls, and contemporary colors help maintain a unified look for walls and raised panels.

10. Colors For Cabinets

If your house has many cabinets, then consider installing wainscoting on the other walls to avoid the lopsided look and achieve a more cohesive and modern look for rooms. One of the ideas can be installing white recessed panels against blue-gray dining rooms with custom white color for cabinets to have a balanced effect.

11. Colors For Staircases

Wainscoting not only protects your walls but also adds beauty to entryways, hallways, and other high-traffic areas of your house. Whiteboard and batten wainscoting can always be a great idea to keep scuff marks away from staircases.

12. Top To Bottom

Wainscoting is used to cover one-third of the interior walls sometimes, and it is advised to extend the panels to the roof. The raised mojo panels in the traditional wainscoting give a feeling of an increase in the height of space. To add beauty and increase the space of your rooms, it is advised to paint an entire wall with the same color.


Wainscoting is one of the best ways to give your interior and house a beautiful look. There is no limit to the budget for wainscoting for a normal house, but you need to use good choices for the bottom parts of your walls. If you are a homeowner looking to try out a wainscoting feel for your interior walls, you need to take the help of a professional house renovator. Executive Touch Painters have over 30 years of experience in interior and exterior painting. Contact us for more details.