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  • September 20, 2019
  • Interior Painting

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

Executive Touch Painters is a professional Home renovation and painting contractor operating in Toronto┬áspecialized in installing various types of wallpapers for both residential and commercial buildings. Our work is 100% guaranteed and performed with great attention to detail. Now it’s time for you to get associated with our professionals having over two decades of expert knowledge in wallpapers and installation techniques.

Wallpaper Removal

Most of the homeowners ask about why the wallpaper should be removed? Yes, wallpaper removal is a slow, messy, and tedious process. But once the process is completed, you can see changes in your house.

  • The rooms begin to open up and brighten
  • The resale value of the house increases, and this is the main reason why most real estate agents insist on changing the wallpaper, to be more appealing to most of the customers.
  • The rooms get a modern look after the old wallpaper is removed.
  • By seeing the patterns of wallpaper, a person can estimate when the house was last renovated.
  • Suitable wallpaper adds vibrant energy to your room and makes your room simpler, sleek, and calming
  • Simple wallpapers can be easily coordinated with your decor and furniture.

Wall Preparation

Wall preparation is a very crucial step before the installation of the paper on the walls. This step ensures to get long-lasting and perfect results. The wall should be free from imperfections to eliminate air pockets that might get underneath the wallpaper after installation.

Wallpaper Installation

So why should you install wallpapers for your residential to commercial spaces?

Wallpapers are gaining importance and are the new way of decorating your accent walls in a trendy way. Accent walls can anchor a room and give the area a focus and theme. Many offices, business, and commercial properties in the GTA also need our wallpaper installation services. Our company is known to install wallpapers to various commercial, retail stores, restaurants, and other properties in Toronto.

At Executive Touch Painters, our experts are well versed with various equipment for the removal and installation of wallpapers. We offer to do this time-consuming job for reasonable pricing.

We Install all types of wallpapers that include

  • Vinyl Wallpapers
  • Acoustic Wallpapers
  • Film and Decals
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Wall Coverings
Why Hire Us?

The wallpaper installation process is time taking and requires a lot of patience, and one should understand the process to ensure that the paper sits correctly on the wall without any errors. Only a trained professional can do this work perfectly.

Reasons to Hire Us
  • We have the latest equipment and techniques for removal and installation of wallpapers.
  • Professional Installer has less wastage of paper and saves your money
  • Completion of work on time with high quality
  • Help in the selection of high-quality wallpapers at low price
  • The Installation is perfect with no visible seams, pleats and looks smooth with sharp trims and corners at any time.

If Wallpaper installation is on your mind, do not hesitate to call Executive Touch Painters for a free wallpaper removal quote. We are fast, clean, efficient, and always take pride in doing our work. Contact us at (416) 410-0164 for more details.