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  • March 15, 2018
  • Interior Painting

What Color should I Paint my Stairs

The stairs are a prominent part of your house. The central stairway in your home may be located in the foyer, off the entryway, or in another prominent area of your house and you want the stairs to be good looking and reflect your style. Some decorate the staircase with carpets or altogether make the staircases with wood. Both the alternatives are good, but if you wish to add more decoration and fancy look to the staircases, just go for painting them. It is rather easy to remove paint on wooden stairs and repaint them when needed.

Why Paint the Staircases?

There are two parts in any staircase; the place usually refers to as tread, where our foot lands and the riser that is just beneath. The tread is the part where all the action is done, and the riser is the visible portion for all who look at the staircase. For this reason, most of the people try to decorate with carpets or tiles to get a beautiful look. The carpets are best but are torn after some time and tiles go out of date very quickly. Paint is easy to use and can be modified easily.

Paint can also be in different colors for the stairs, and we can change the color of the staircase when needed with less effort. But in the case of tiles, the removal and installation are very time taking and too risky.

Patterns and Ideas for Stair Risers :

As said above, stair risers are the most viewed by any person. So keep the paint of the riser simple but effective and attractive. It’s fairly customary to paint stair risers a bright, glossy white while the stair tread gets a coat of protective stain, but this is not same for all the stair risers.

  • Change the color patterns for the stair risers according to the location of the stairs.
  • Playroom stairs: If stairs are leading to the kid’s room, give the risers a fun, bright pattern to lead the way.  or
  • Paint with bold colors like yellow or blue. or
  • Paint each riser a different color to create a rainbow going up the stairs
  • Rustic Stairs: If your home is more rustic or rural, then a glossy white paint is probably not in keeping with the rest of your decor. Consider looks such as dry brushing or sanding away some of the paint in places to give it a more rustic appeal.
  • Decorative Stairs: If your home is highly decorative with lots of color, pattern, and movement, let your stairs reflect this with a patterned or faux-painted riser.
Painting Stair Risers in Dark Colour :

When you have decided to get your stairways to get painted, the common question arises, what color should I paint my stairs? A lot of stairways and risers get painted in white or off-white, cloud white being the default choice. Lately, darker colors even black are being used with some excellent results. The look is so dramatic that the staircase itself becomes the center of attraction of the house.

Other cool ideas for Staircase painting :

If you don’t like dark colors and white glossy paint is also not your choice, then go for other painting ideas.

  • Paint them a soft color like gray, cream, or taupe to soften their appearance.
  • Use matte or eggshell paint rather than the high gloss paint.
  • Try to match the wall color next to the stairs to blend the risers in with the wall.


Stairways are always a significant part of your home. Decorating them should be done carefully and with the help of an expert. Contact or Call our professionals at Executive Touch Painters to guide you on painting and renovation of your stairways. or Get Started with our Free Estimate.