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  • March 24, 2022
  • Exterior Painting

What Is The Best Temperature To Paint Outside?

For any painting project, temperature and humidity are both important factors to consider before starting an outdoor painting project. It is important to know what temperature the painting is to be done for conducting any interior or exterior painting project for your house. If the painting is done when it’s too cold, there is a risk of wasting time and money. If you are a homeowner in Toronto looking for an exterior painting project, read the article to know the best temperature to paint outside.

What Is The Temperature For Exterior Painting?

Most homeowners know that outdoor painting should not be done in the winter season, and on the other hand, painting in the hot climatic conditions of July and August can dry the paint. The truth is that painting should be done when the moderate temperature and there is very little wind. The ideal temperature in Toronto might be 60-85 Fahrenheit, and also, little wind might cause the paint to dry quickly.

Painting In Heat

If the painting project is conducted when the temperature is too low or high, the paint might not bind properly to the wall and can also lead to peeling or cracking. When it’s too hot, Painting can cause bubbles and blisters to form in the paint. Consequently, we recommend not painting in temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Painting In Cold Weather

If the exterior painting is conducted in cold conditions, ensure that the temperature does not fall below 35 degrees for at least 36 hours after the painting is completed. If the temperature is not as required, then there is a possibility that bumps or bubbles form in the paint.

What Temperature Is Best For Painting?

For any exterior painting project, Latex or Oil-based paints are used prominently. If you are using latex paint, then the temperature should be between 50-60 °F, and for Oil-base paints, the temperature should be between 45-90 °F. If the painting should be done in cold temperatures, specially formulated latex paints are used, which can perform at temperatures as low as 36°F.

Timing Is The Key

Our Painting experts at Executive Touch Painters suggest the following in the exterior painting project.

  • The area’s temperature should be between 60° and 85°F with little to no wind.
  • To ensure that the paint dries out quickly, the humidity range should be 40% to 70%.
  • If the temperature is too hot, it is recommended to start the painting on the shady side of the house to avoid the sun’s glare.
  • If you are using Oil-based paints, the temperature should be 40°F to 90°F, and for latex paints, the range is 50°F to 85°F.
  • For best results on your exteriors, always use Latex paint.

How Humidity Affects Painting?

For exterior painting, moisture can always be frustrating as too much moisture can lead to the formation of water vapor on freshly painted walls. The ideal humidity level for painting outside is between 40-70%. Here is a list of some potential consequences to paint when humidity is too high

  • Excess humidity causes bubbles, making it difficult for the paint to adhere to any surface. When the air is too dry, wood shrinks, eventually cracking or splitting.
  • If your area has too much humidity, your paint shows leaching signs.
  • Moisture always hinders the protective layer of the painting, and thereby, the protective layer of paint is compromised.

The Best Time For Exterior Painting

With the cold temperatures and too hot conditions in the summer, the best time for exterior painting is in the spring and fall seasons. As a professional painter, you would not like to work in the summer heat season, and also, there is a chance that painting dries too quickly.

Talk To A Professional Painting Company

If you are a homeowner looking to paint your exterior, you need to talk to a professional painter who has a full idea of all painting works. The too high or low temperature might cause the paint not to bind together properly and lead to cracking or peeling. Executive Touch Painters have experienced Toronto Painters who can offer a full range of painting services. Contact us for more details.