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  • August 23, 2022
  • Exterior Painting

Which Exterior Paint Lasts The Longest?

Whenever the right colours and paint are used for any home exterior, one can expect that the colours will stay on the walls for years and offer protection from any harsh conditions. Once you know the importance of choosing the right colour for your exteriors, it is recommended to use paints that offer more protection and give a fresh look for many years. As the outdoor surfaces face more harsh conditions, read on to know which exterior paint lasts the longest and offers the best wall protection.

Choosing The Best Exterior Paint

There are some factors to consider before choosing paint for your exteriors. Exterior paint is the category that most people get confused about or stressed about and often get ready to paint their house without even planning. You can’t just pick paint or colour and apply them to the exterior walls. It is vital to choose the paint that will last on the walls forever without any issues. Nobody wants to see the paint on walls fade or peel after spending so much money and time on painting.

What To Consider Before Choosing Exterior Paint?

The exterior of any house is the base for creating curb appeal, and the chosen paint must withstand harsh weather conditions, be moisture resistant, and protect wooden surfaces. Here are some of the factors to consider before choosing an exterior paint

1. Durability

When coming to the choice of paints, Sheen is often seen as an indicator of durability. Durability relates to the number of paint applied to the surfaces, and more coats render a more durable surface. The paint that is mixed well before painting will also offer more durability, and the use of a roller instead of a sprayer can also be crucial in making the paint more durable.

2. Low VOC

Chemicals and solvents added to paint emit toxic fumes called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, which cause headaches and nausea. Even if the paints are used for exteriors, it is recommended to use paints labelled as Low VOC or Zero VOC.

3. Dry Time Of Paint

Different paints have various drying times, and waiting for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat is the key to getting a quality finish for exteriors. While most paints look dry after a few hours, the paint is considered to be completely cured only after all the liquid ingredients have been evaporated. The time taken to dry is also referred to as curing time, and it varies for different paints.

4. Lasting Colours

Low-quality paints contain pigments like silica, talc, and clay, which tend to fade over time. Dark colours also fade when applied on surfaces exposed to harsh sunlight. For creating textures long later, it is recommended to use exterior paints with UV protection features.

5. Weather Resistant

Paint used for exteriors must be able to handle all the pressures given by nature. Oil paints are good at water-resistant, while acrylic-based latex paints are more resistant to all weather conditions and protect exteriors for many years.

6. Climate Suitability

The choice of paint should be made based on the climatic conditions of your area. Paints used in humid areas are “mildew resistant,” while paints used in hot areas are labelled as “UV resistant.”

What Temperature Is Good For Painting?

While painting your exteriors, the temperature plays an important role. When a painting project is being conducted, ensure that the temperature is at least 50° F and should not drop below 32° F at night for several days or until the paint gets dry.

How Can The Exterior Paint Last Longer?

The paint coating should be applied on mild days if you want the paint to last longer on exterior walls. The ideal temperature should be 60° F and 85° F with little wind, and when the above conditions are met, the paint and primer cure more slowly and form a very firm layer on the surface of the walls.

Which One Of The Exterior Paint Last Longest?

As per painting experts, acrylic paints last longer than any other paints. Numerous painting professionals agree that longest lasting finish is given by acrylic exterior paint. Acrylic paint is also known to be resistant to damage caused by exposure to sunlight and fading and is perfect for homes in hot regions. Here are some of the acrylic paints that are mostly used

  • Acrylic Latex Paints
  • Acrylic Enamel Paints
  • Acrylic Latex Enamel Paints

How To Increase Longevity and Durability of Paint?

Here are some of the points to be taken care of while painting to increase the durability and longevity of any paint.

  • Never Swap the Type of Paints used
  • Use paint for the specified surfaces only
  • Do not neglect the Prep work

Hire The Experts

Exterior Painting is always a daunting task which can affect the look of your building. Painting in poor weather conditions, using low-quality paint, or uneven application of paint on the surfaces can be the reasons for uneven finishes for your exterior walls. Exterior painting involves surface preparation and using the best quality paints, which can be identified only by a professional. If you are a homeowner looking to paint your exteriors, you need to talk to our exterior painting professionals at Executive Touch Painters. Contact us for a free estimate.