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  • May 16, 2018
  • Home Renovations

5 Simple Steps for Exterior Wood Siding Restoration

Wood performs an essential role in the construction of exterior and interior of house elements. The wooden items are to be taken care of regularly otherwise there is a chance that the wood begins to deteriorate. Even the best wood types can become prey to the exterior dust, humidity, and heat from the sun. Can you restore the wood structure if it is in the right shape? Yes! Follow the below 5 Simple Steps for Wood Siding Restoration like a pro.

5 Important Steps to Follow

1. Remove the Old Paint on the Wood :

Before the actual restoration process has begun, the paint on the wood has to be removed. The paint removal is done to see what are the damages in the wood. To have the paint removed, use tools like heat gun and putty knife. Do not use gunfire that emits fire as it can damage the wood. Use an electric gun that emits heat only. The heat emitted from the gun cracks the paint on the wood, then using the putty knife have the paint removed. It’s not easy to remove all the paint at once. Remove part by part by using the heat gun and putty knife. Continue the process unless all the damages can be seen clearly and you are sure that the paint from the wood is completely removed.

2. Sand and Fill the Exterior Wood :

Once the scraping of paint is completed, check for the areas where the wood got damaged and repair them. In the process use a wood filler to fill all the gaps you meet, cover the loose gaps using caulk. After the gaps are filled up, wait for sometime for the fillings to be dried out completely. The sandpaper can be used to remove any unwanted materials formed during the filling and caulking process. After the completion of the sanding wash the wood materials by using the garden hose.

3. Repair and Restore the Wooden Structures :

The decorative wooden items have many joints and connections. Exposed joints can be broken and lead to the whole damage of the structure. So use procedures like re-gluing, clamping, tightening, replacing on loose screws, nails, and wood strips. Using galvanized fasteners inhibits rusting. Refinishing is another option available for repairing the old wooden flooring or items of your house.

4. Apply Primer :

After the complete washing of the wood items, it’s time to get it painted. Even before painting, the primer is to be applied to the surface. Before the application of Primer, the surface should be dry and free from impurities. Select a high-quality primer and also the color of the primer should be matching with the paint color that you wish to paint on the wooden surface. Apply the primer evenly on the wooden surface. Go for another coating if the first coat of the primer does not help in saturation of the wood.

5. Protect and Beautify with Paint :

The paint helps in protecting the surface of the wood. So be careful in selecting the paint. Gloss paint protects from moisture and humidity. The paint should be applied to the primer for getting a smooth and desired finish. If you are painting for wood items outside the house, then its better to go for UV protection paints, so that the paint protects the wooden items from the harsh UV rays. But make a note that even the most expensive paint cannot protect the structure for a lifetime, so repainting is to be done every 3-5 years.


Maybe it is a wood siding, a deck, a fence or any other type of wooden structure the restoration can be done easily by following the above wood siding restoration process if it is in a decent shape. But the restoration of some moderately damaged wooden structures definitely requires expert hands. If you came to know that you require a professional contact Executive Touch Painters in Toronto for customized carpentry and trim works or call us at (416)-410-0164 now to book a free estimate.