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  • July 4, 2018
  • Home Renovations

7 Great Basement Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Thinking of a basement, most of them use it as a storage place and also the most neglected part of the home. Your basement can also be renovated to make a beautiful place to hang out with friends and family members. The basement renovation ideas are endless, and you can try different looks for this special area.

Consider Some Of These Basement Renovation Ideas.

1. Home Theatre or Cinema:


Home theatres and cinema are very famous and provide entertainment for the whole family. You can enjoy movies and live games on screens. You can also create a cinematic atmosphere by having lights and theatre like chairs. You can escape from the routines of daily life by relaxing in the cellar.

2. Bar in the Cellar:


You and your friends can enjoy the atmosphere in your cellar, by designing a bar in the basement of the house. Dinner parties and other parties can be conducted in your basement. Space can be unique for girl’s having parties and also perfect for having a romantic evening dinner.

3. Play Room for the Kids:


Children always scatter the toys and books in their rooms. So make a place in the cellar for them to play. Shine or rain, children can always play in the basement. Make shelves for the toys to be kept.

4. Games Room for Adults :


Basement with a pool table or dartboard can provide entertainment for the adults too. Adults can also have fun with their friends and neighbors by playing games in the cellar. You can have a great time with your friends, neighbors and family members too.

5. Home Gym:


To have more space in the interiors, you can have your gym installed in the cellar. An active and dedicating workout corner can be created in the basement. You can invest simple work out equipment like an exercise ball, treadmill and a simple yoga mat. Complement the gym room by keeping a big mirror, TV screen for seeing fitness videos and other things like towel, etc.

6. Laundry Room:


The other idea is to create a laundry room along with a washing machine in the cellar. You can also have a place for washing your pets. By having a place for cleaning your pets in the basement, you can prevent the splashing and damaging of floors in your bathrooms or main washroom. You can also keep all the grooming accessories of your pet in the cellar only. It is a bit time taking to change the washing machine into the basement, new tiles and flooring have to be made. But after establishing the washing area, you can reduce the noises coming from the old washrooms.

7. Bonus Bedroom:


The space in the cellar can be used to create a bonus bedroom for the guests. Guests coming to your house can be provided with a first bedroom and bed in the basement with down-filled comforters and luxurious pillows. ( Read this article to know about how to frame a basement wall ).


The basement is a bonus area in your home and little innovation can transform it into a great place to rest, play, entertain, exercise and do more. Also By renovating your basement the value of your property also increases. Pick the best one from the above that matches your requirement and simply give us a call now at (416) 410-0164 to get our professional build your dream room. If you are looking for more basement renovation ideas, or for a Free Estimate, Contact Executive Touch Painters in Toronto.