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  • July 5, 2018
  • Home Renovations

How To Finish a Basement?

Finishing basement is the work that is on the minds of many homeowners, but they do not have the interest or time to do all the work. So the cellars are left as they are and so the area becomes damp and dirty. It is time to finish the basement and give a completely different look for the walls, flooring, and ceiling of the basement.

Steps for Finishing a Basement Wall, Floor, and Ceiling:

As you draw a plan and layout for your basement, stick on to the basic idea of creating a welcoming place for your guests and your family members. Decorated walls, pleasing colors, beautiful flooring, and beautiful ceiling can be made a part of the basement. You have to know the constraints before starting the work. Special care and steps are to be followed to fix the walls, flooring and also decorating the ceiling with appropriate equipment. Space is often limited in the cellars; you have the choice of dividing the rooms according to your will.

How to Finish a Basement Wall?

When the basement walls have a finished look, then the room will also look pleasing and warmth. Steps to be taken to complete a basement wall are below:

STEP 1: Remove the Moisture from the Walls and Basement:

If your area is hit by storms frequently, then is the most chance that the basement is filled with dirt and water most of the time. It is better if you clean the moisture on the walls or all your work will be ruined.

Some quick ways to dry moisture from the walls:

  • Redirect the downspouts away from the basement foundation.
  • Decrease the slope of the lawn to drain all the water away.
  • Apply the waterproofing coating on the interior walls.
  • Add a drain pipe to remove all the stormwater.

STEP 2: Install Insulation and Drywall:

Special materials like Batts, Rigid foam and spray in place foam can be used for insulation of drywall. After the insulation of the wall is completed, it is time to install the drywall. The drywall can be hung vertically or horizontally, and in most of the cases, horizontal is the best way.

STEP 3: Keep in View of the Windows and Outlets:

For windows, the approximate shape is cut from the drywall after the installation is completed. The same process is to be followed for outlets and other electrical points on the walls.

How to Finish a Basement Floor?

After the walls are completed, now it is time to finish the basement flooring. For the basement floor, waterproof materials are to be used to avoid leakages and cracks.

The steps to be followed in finishing basement flooring:

STEP 1: Choose Floor Material:

You must think before choosing a flooring material because moisture and dampness will let you lose more dollars. So, it is good to contact a basement renovation expert to pick you the best flooring material based on the walls and the floor requirement.

The most used floor materials are

  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Rubber Tiles

STEP 2: Determine the Way to Install the Material on the Floor:

If you are using a laminate for the flooring, then you can directly install on the concrete floor. Some other materials require installing a barrier to stop moisture accumulating in between.

How to Finish a Basement Ceiling?

There are mainly two ways to finish a basement ceiling.

STEP 1: Drop Ceiling:

This is the cheap and most used for basement ceiling finishing. In the drop ceiling, the installation can be done with minimal tools, and the process can be done just by following the instructions given on the materials purchased for the ceiling. Mostly regular ceiling tiles are used for the finishing, but nowadays new designs are also introduced to make the ceilings more attractive.

STEP 2: Drywall Ceiling:

Hanging drywall on the basement ceiling is the same procedure as hanging the drywall on the walls of any room in the house. You need to have a drywall jack, and other friends help to secure the drywall and screw them in their place.

How Much Does it Cost to Finish a Basement?

The cost to finish your basement depends on the renovations that you are planning. The cost is taken per square foot and varies on the labor and material you are using for the finishing.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Finishing

  • The charge of the labor in your area
  • Professional Cost for Electrical, Plumbing, and Painting works.


Finishing a basement on your own is a good idea. Having the cellar renovated can add extra space to your home, and you can spend a good time with your family. There are many ideas that you can implement in your basement. You need a professional basement renovation contractor to apply your style. Executive Touch Painters offers expert Home Renovation services in Toronto since 1989. Contact us for more details, ideas or a Free Estimate. You can also ring us at (416)-410-0164.