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  • October 31, 2022
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Best Garage Door Colours For Red Brick House

Having a garage for your house can be useful in many ways. Apart from being a parking place for your vehicles, the garage can also be seen as an extra space for your house, which can be used for living area extension and also a place for entertainment events. Your property’s appeal depends on your garage’s looks and functionality. The garage and garage door should be free from problems, and care should be taken while selecting a colour for the garage door. If trying to create a positive impression, read on to learn the best garage door colours for your red brick house.

Colours For Red Brick House Garage

Before discussing the colours chosen for your garage, it is important to know about colour therapy. Applying good colour is crucial for your garage door when a bunch of colour shades are available that look good together. Here are types of colours that can be chosen for your garage doors

How To Select The Best Colour?

Before selecting the colours, you need to know which colour goes well with the red brick of your house. First is, do you want your garage doors to blend in with the red brick or do you want them to stand out the second is to get an idea of the overall colour scheme of your house.

Best Garage Door Colours For Red Brick House

Regardless of the size of your home, your garage should look good to add value to your house. If your house is made of red brick, it has a classic look automatically, but choosing the right colour to compliment it can make it more modern. Here are some of the colour choices for garage doors

1. Grey Colour

To give a modern look to your garage, grey colour can be a great option. For any red brick house, grey colour for the garage can always be welcoming and, at the same time, looks manageable for your bright house. Grey is always the best choice because it can easily accessorize and decorate around the colour.

2. Basic White Colour

For any garage door, basic white colour can always be a good option as it is harder to find a complimenting colour to the red bricks of your house. White-coloured doors can blend perfectly with a red brick house and can be beneficial when you do not want the garage to be in focus instead of your house.

3. Blue Colour

Blue can always be one of the best garage doors, especially when it is a red brick house. The blue colour goes well with all types of colours, and if you have a red brick house, do not hesitate to use shades of blue.

4. Cream Colour

The cream is a versatile colour that blends with any brick house. The cream is a warm colour that will always compliment your house’s red bricks and, simultaneously, does not clash with other exterior colours.

5. Green Colour

For most house owners, there is a wrong intention that green colour does not go well with red brick houses. However, the green colour blends perfectly with the red brick exterior and can be more attractive if a green lawn is in front. Green colour always has a natural look and, at the same time, boosts the aesthetics of the house.

6. Taupe Garage Door

Taupe is a neutral colour that falls between grey and brown. As Taupe is a neutral colour, it goes well with red brick and other earthy or natural colour schemes. Taupe colour comes in a wide range of shades so that it can be used for garage doors so that they blend with the red brick house.

7. Black Colour

If you are someone who likes to add drama to your house exterior, then black colour is an excellent choice. In most cases, it is very easy to work with black colour and, at the same time, gives a modern look to the garage door.

8. Light Brown Colour

Light brown colour can be seen as one of the best garage door colours as it blends well with a red brick house. The specialty of brown is that it is neutral and does not clash with other exterior colours. If you want your garage door to stand out from your exterior, then a light brown colour is the best option.

9. Red Colour

Red colour can also be one of the best options for your garage doors as it blends well with red brick houses. As red colour is associated with power and strength, your garage door will always stand out from your house.

10. Wood Colour

Wood colour gives a classic touch to the garage doors and, at the same time, blends well with the earthy tones of the red brick house. The wood colour gives a classic touch to your garage that never goes out of style.

How To Match Colour With The Brick Of Your House?

For any brick house, the standard colour is red, with some small specs of colours included. The overall shade of brick can vary where some bricks can be darker, while some can have less red shade. Because of the variations that bricks can have, finding the right matching colour for your garage door takes a lot of work. Here are some tips for choosing the best garage door colours for your red brick house

  • While choosing a colour for your garage, make sure your pick should coordinate with the overall tone of the brick rather than with the small specs.
  • For any garage door, white or beige or grey colours can always be the best choice.
  • Greyish or green colours can always be great with red brick houses.
  • Before choosing the colour for the garage door, consider the overall exterior paint colours and try to complement them.
  • The colour of specs in bricks can be matched with the trims of doors.


With the number of colour options available, it is challenging for anyone to select the best garage door colours for a red brick house. For instance, if you have selected the wrong colour, which does not blend well with the exterior, it wastes time and money. If you do not want costly mistakes, you need to talk to an expert. An exterior painting expert has good knowledge of colours that can be chosen for your garage door. With the help of an experienced painter, you can choose the colour that can guarantee a great look for your garage door and exterior. If you are a proud owner of a red brick house, you need to talk to an exterior painting expert in Toronto for advice. Executive Touch Painters have experts skilled in all types of painting projects. Contact us today for more details.