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  • July 4, 2018
  • Exterior Painting

Can Galvanised Steel Be Painted?

Yes, Galvanized steel can be painted. Steel is used for many purposes and is also the most corrosive element. Galvanizing is a metallurgical process which applies zinc metal layer over the steel surface to avoid corrosion. During the process, the zinc layer is used for protecting the underlying substrate.

Determine the Condition of the Coating Before Painting :

The galvanized steel is subjected to harsh climatic conditions, so the zinc components form different organic compounds on the surface. So depending on the state of galvanization, the painting should be done. The galvanized conditions can be New, Partially and Fully Weathered.

1. Newly Galvanized :

This is the steel surface which has been exposed to the atmosphere for just 48 hours, and there are few zinc compounds present on the surface. The surface is shinning, and so the painting process is simple.

2. Partially Weathered :

Here the surface is exposed to the environment for two days to up to 1 year. There are little more zinc compounds present on the surface and are firmly adhered to the surface. These compounds are complicated to clean and so the painting is a bit difficult.

3. Fully Weathered :

Here the surface is exposed to the climate for more than one year. There are relatively more zinc compounds present on the surface. Most common is zinc carbonate that tightly adheres to the surface and does not get washed away when cleaned with water. The zinc compounds are not water soluble. But the zinc compounds should not be removed from the surface as the paint that is painted on the surface forms a strong bond with the zinc compounds.

Materials Required for Painting the Surface of Galvanized Steel :

  • Metal Primer
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Painting Tools
  • Scrub Brush
  • Sandpaper for cleaning
  • Cleaning Agent

Process For Painting Galvanized Steel :

1. Cleaning And Repairing The Surface

The surface of the sheet should be clean before painting, sanded with sandpaper, and the dirt is to be removed. After the sanding is completed, wash the surface with the cleaning agent. If there are rusting spots present on the surface, then remove them with the help of sandpaper.

2. Applying The Primer:

Before applying the paint to the surface, add primer to the surface of the steel panel. The primer will allow the paint to adhere quickly to the surface. Roller can be used to apply the primer, and the remaining places can be painted using a brush. Allow the prime to dry as per the instructions on the primer can.

3. Painting The Surface Of The Sheet:

After the primer is dried up, it’s time to apply the paint. Using the roller, apply the paint evenly on the surface, in the same way, the primer was applied. See that there are no gaps and you have to cover the entire surface with the paint. If there are some places that the roller is not able to paint, use the paint brush to complete the process. After the whole surface is painted, allow the paint to dry overnight.

Precautions Before Painting :

  • Always wear gloves to protect your hands from the harsh chemicals of paint and primer
  • Use a tarp or cloth to protect the surface from the paint.
  • Take the help of another person while painting the garage door.


Galvanized sheets need to be taken care of as there are most chances of getting zinc compounds deposited on the surfaces. The rust and damages have to be eliminated to have a unique looking steel roof. Contact the Professionals of Executive Touch Painters in Toronto, to get the rust removed, and the surface of the sheet painted to match your exteriors. Call us today (416)-410-0164 at to get a Free Estimate Now!