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  • June 27, 2018
  • Exterior Painting

How to Paint a Garage Door in Toronto?

The garage is not only the place that protects your vehicles and other things from the harsh environmental elements, but it is also a prominent exterior for your house. Just as you take care of your interiors and exteriors, you should take care of the garage door and protect it from rusting and fading out. Garage door needs to be painted from time to time.

Materials Required for Painting :

  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Tray
  • Rags
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Sandpaper for Cleaning
  • Cleaning Cloth

Steps For Painting Garage Door

1. Pick Up the Right Color :

The paint on the garage door should match exterior of your house. If you have an attached garage, blending the color of the garage door with the majority of your house color, would work correctly. Choose the color that blends well with the other exterior objects present outside the house like mail-box, porch floor or the shutters around the window. The paint should be selected based on the type of material the door is made of. The doors of the garage are generally made of wood, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl.

2. Cleaning and Preparation :

Before painting, be sure that there is no dirt or debris present on the surface of the garage door. If the door is metal, then it’s advisable to use abrasive scouring sponge for the cleaning. After the cleaning process is completed, seal the borders of the door by using painter’s tape, you can also seal the area of the door that you would not like to paint. To protect the driveways from the paint spill, put down tarp or damp cloth on the surface.

3. Apply the Primer :

Before applying the paint, coat the surface of the door with a primer. You can use the paint roller or brush for applying. It acts as an adhesive between the surface of the door and the paint color. If you avoid primer, then there is a chance that the paint gets peeled off in a matter of a few days. So select the primer based on the paint.

4. Applying the Paint :

Let the primer dry before the paint is applied. Get the paint ready in a paint tray and using a roller, apply the paint onto the surface of the garage door. You might not be able to paint the whole surface with the roller. The small patches that are left out can be filled by using a paintbrush. If you are in an idea of having a second coating, then apply the first coat vertically and the second coat should be applied horizontally. This creates a professional look to the surface.

5. Finishing :

Once the painting of garage is completed, leave it to dry. Remove the painter’s tape attached to the surface of the door. You should remove it well before the paint is dried up, else the paint will peel off with the tape.

Some Tips Before Painting the Garage Door :
  • Be sure that the weather is clear before the process is started.
  • You can use a paint gun to paint the metal doors of a garage.
  • Start the paint job early in the morning, so that you have time in the evening.
  • Be sure that the surfaces are clean before and after applying the paint.

Painting Fiberglass Garage Door

Before painting the Fiberglass door, clean the door with a deck cleaner. Using sandpaper for cleaning may release fiber particles into the air. After the cleanup is completed, apply the primer and paint using roller and paint brush. Use at least two coatings of paint to get a smooth finish.

Painting Wooden Garage Door

The painting of a wooden garage door can be done quickly using a paint sprayer. Before painting, remove flaking, paint peelings, and bad wooden parts using a scraper. Apply caulk to the cracks present on the door. Fill the holes with wood filler where the rotten wood was removed. Sand the patched areas and apply the primer first and then paint using the sprayer. Multiple little coats can be coated on the wooden garage door to get a smooth finish.

Painting the Steel or Aluminium Garage Door

Ensure that the aluminum or steel garage door is clean before painting. The most efficient way to clean a metal door is through pressure washing on both sides. You need to see that all the dust, dirt and cobwebs are cleaned off the surface. Painting of metal door is the same as painting other garage doors. You need to follow a separate process to paint a galvanised steel garage door. Use long strokes to apply a single coat on the surface. Let the surface dry before applying the second coating. If you want an even coating for the door, you can apply the paint using a roller. You can try different patterns on the aluminum or steel garage doors using the paint brush.

Know more about the steps to paint an aluminum siding or garage door.

What Type Of Paint For Vinyl Garage Door?

The three factors to consider while painting a garage door are :
  • Type of Door
  • The Color you would like to paint
  • Size of the Garage Door

Type Of Paint:

Either oil-based or latex paint can paint most of the metal and wooden doors. But for vinyl doors, extra precautions are to be taken. Take the help of a professional to know the exact paint that will adhere to the surfaces of the vinyl doors. The type of primer you use should also comply with the kind of paint used. The color chosen for the garage door should blend with the exterior of the house.

The Cost to Paint Garage Door:

Cost for painting a garage exterior door vary with the size of the door, job quality, and the time of painting. The price is calculated based on the area to be painted. Additional fees are charged for typical designs done on the doors.


A well painted and good-looking garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal in a matter of a few hours. Painting this also protects from external elements like wind, rain, and sunlight thereby making your parking door rust proof. Hire our professional exterior painting services in Toronto to turn your garage door as your neighbor’s envy. Contact or Call (416)-410-0164 to get in touch with Executive Touch Painters¬†in Toronto today.