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  • June 24, 2020
  • Exterior Painting

Should I Paint My Metal Garage Door?

The most prominent feature of most homes is the garage door, which occupies an ample space. Because of the large space occupied, the garage door plays an important role in creating an overall look for the exterior of your home. If the doors are made of wood, there is no hesitation in painting them, but what if the doors are made of metal? When the doors are beginning to lose paint, it should be decided that garage doors can be painted.

So, Should You Paint Your Metal Garage Door?

In short, yes. Painting garage doors is an ideal option to create a beautiful and custom look for your house. Before you start to paint garage doors, you need to take care of somethings.

1. If the door is made of wood, then painting is the best option to make the surface stable and good condition for years to come.

2. If the door is made of metal, you should follow a particular process and should be aware of all the maintenance precautions that are to be taken.

Most of the metal doors come with a factory finish. The doors are usually painted in white with a durable finish. You can also get doors with various other colours. Some homeowners do not like their garage doors to stick out on the front of their homes. So the doors can be painted with colour matching with the house walls so that it seems that the garage door has disappeared. Apart from painting, the doors can also be stained to keep them in good condition.

Reasons for Painting Garage Doors

  • The existing paint is worn out like chalking, peeling, or rusting.
  • The house is being re-painted
  • Your house is not being totally painted, and you are just re-painting it
  • Change in colour for garage door could provide a contrast colour for your home


Painting a garage door needs substantial knowledge of surfaces, procedures, and paint products. You need to hire a professional painter to achieve a flawless and durable finish for your garage door. For more advice and discussing your ideas, call Executive touch painters at 416-410-0164 or contact online for a free estimate.