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How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Once decided to renovate your kitchen, the first question that comes to your mind is what the average cost for renovating a kitchen is? The question might be simple, but there are many challenges involved in the task. Many factors contribute to your kitchen renovation cost.

Factors Affecting Kitchen Remodeling Cost.

1. Wood Species and Cost of Materials Used

Cabinets form an essential part of the kitchen, and the material used impacts the price of the renovation. Wood species like Maple or Black walnut are more expensive, and this does not include the finishing cost. The core material itself is very costly. The general rule of thumb is that Wood Alternatives and MDF are at lower to mid-range price points. For a basic L-shaped kitchen the painted MDF can be priced at $6000, $8,200 for stained maple, and $10,200 for the black walnut.

2. Configuration of Cabinets

Simple cabinets with full height doors will cost far less than the regular cabinets with drawers. Cabinets with lots of drawers have added costs because the drawer glide hardware and open-finished cabinets require extra work and finishing. Eliminating one drawer can save up to $500 depending upon the material and the system used.

3. Number of Cabinets

As the known fact that the number of cabinets chosen has an impact on the cost of the kitchen renovation. The number of cabinets in the proposed design is often overlooked when comparing quotes from competing firms. If in the same space the cabinets are increased from 8 to 12, then there is a need for extra doors and drawers fronts and glides. These can add approximately $400-$500 or more to your renovation price.

4. Height of the Cabinets

The taller the cabinets are designed, the more material is needed. If you are touching the ceiling with the cabinets, then you need to have extra crown moldings to finish. Additional moldings shoot up the price of your renovation. The popular height of the cabinets is 8′ ceiling, for which you need to have just two-piece crown molding to finish of the work.

5. Decorative Details and Accessories

Decorative accessories also have an impact on the kitchen renovation cost. The main factors that can add to the price are

  • Style Pattern of the Door: A flat five-piece shaker is more affordable than a raised panel.
  • Drawer Box and Type of Glide: A wood dovetail drawer box with soft close will cost more.
  • Glass: Adding glass to the cabinets is more expensive because the hired pro has to match the outside and build the cabinet door an open assemble frame (OAF) to have the glass fitted into it.
  • Decorative Panels: Take time to fabricate, so have an impact on the cost of the kitchen renovation.
  • Columns: The decorative columns have more detailing and require skilled workers for completing. They also need extra material, so these add up to the cost of the cabinets and increase your budget. Although the columns are costly, the columns are worth it when placed at the perfect focal point.
  • Accessories: Things like Lazy Susans, spice pullouts, organizers, recycling, or garbage pullouts also add significant cost to your kitchen cabinets.

6. Price to Hire a Pro

Most of the kitchen renovations are not DIY projects, and there is a need to hire a professional for the work. The expert labor will add to your costs, 25% of the budget goes to the labor itself — the value of the labor changes according to the model of your kitchen.

7. Longevity

If you are planning to sell your house, then do not spend too much on renovation. But if you plan to stay for a long time or forever, then do not hesitate to spend on the remodeling. After all, it is your kitchen, and it is the most trafficked room in any house.

According to experts, you should spend about 5-15% of the total budget on kitchen renovation if you are planning to sell the house in the near future.

8. Personal Tastes and Re-modelling Trends

The personal tastes always have an impact on a budget of kitchen remodeling. Traditional kitchens tend to be less expensive than modern designs. Some of us have expensive tastes like modern appliances, dishwashers, or cabinets that increase the cost of renovation.

Different Types of Kitchen Remodel and its Cost

The cost of renovating a kitchen also depends on the size and scope of the project — Small, Mid-Range, and High-End kitchen models have their own cost.

1. Small Kitchen Remodel

If you have a small kitchen, then expect to pay anything between $5000 to $ 12000 on the renovation. The best way to cut costs in a small kitchen is to reduce costs in some of the items like

  • Cabinet Repairs
  • Hardware Updates
  • Faucet Installation
  • Replacing Appliances

2. Mid-Range Kitchen Re-Model

Some homeowners are willing to spend between $12000 to $20000 should focus on the high-end finishes. Start by replacing the old or inexpensive counter materials made of laminate. Granite is the popular choice for the counters, but quartz is dominating the counter industry even if it is costly. Additionally, the budget is to be allocated to painting and go for bright colors if you want the kitchen to look bigger. In the end, install energy-efficient lighting to help the environment.

3. High-End Kitchen Remodel

Once the budget is above $20000, then the remodeling is considered to be high-end, and the wish is endless. After replacing all the cabinets, focus on the flooring, backsplash, and island. If there is no kitchen island present in your house, then take the help of a renovation professional to add one right away in the kitchen.

Other High-end kitchen remodeling updates include

  • Installing custom cabinets
  • High-end appliances
  • Rewiring and lighting as needed
  • option for additional overhead lighting
  • Other Tech related options like blue-tooth speakers etc.

The above prices are based on average costs around the country. For exact pricing contact your kitchen renovation expert.

Average Kitchen Renovation Cost

The average cost to renovate the kitchen depends on the size of space, the material used, and whether the layout of the kitchen is changed. The average cost ranges from $75 to $200 per square foot. The cost includes painting of the walls, refacing the cabinets, installing a tile backsplash, and upgrading the sink of the kitchen. For high-end renovation, the installation cost of modern appliances is also included.

A small project can cost you up to $15000, and cost above $30000 is considered to be a high-end renovation project. The kitchen serves as the heart of your house and the place where parties are held. Ever wondered why the renovation cost is high for the kitchen? This is because the kitchen renovation project is the most complicated work.

How to Prepare for the Kitchen Remodeling

You need to have a precise plan while going for kitchen renovation. Have a clear idea of what to change and the materials to be used for the remodeling.

Consider the following steps before starting the project.

  • Hiring a Professional
  • Set money aside for surprises
  • DIY the small details
  • Discuss the floor plan with the professional
  • After the completion of talks, sign the contract.


As you can see, there are many variables included in the renovation of your kitchen. Without proper planning or the help of a professional kitchen remodeling contractor, it is almost impossible for you to carry on the project of kitchen remodeling. We always recommend you to work with the local kitchen remodeling contractor to make it successful. Kitchen Renovation on your mind? Contact ET Painters to complete your project within the budget.

Painting Projects to Make Your Home Look Luxurious - Executive Touch Painters

6 Painting Projects To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Most of the people believe that small things make a significant change, and painting is also not an exception. Painting projects can transform the look of your home, with less investment. Just a small change in the paint of the front door can bring a considerable change and create a good impression for the guests.

Small Projects that Change Look of Living Space.

1. Paint Your Archways

The archways of the house are the most neglected ones and often scuffed by wear and tear. Most of the homeowners do not paint the arches because they do not have the idea of how to paint them.

How should the archways be painted, and what is the color to be used? Is it the color of the room you are entering or the room the arch connects to? There are some options to paint the archways of your home.

  • Paint either side of the arch with the same color to create a seamless look.
  • Choose different shades for the rooms connected by the arch and paint the archway with the color of the room that you would like to be more dominant.
  • Paint the archway with a color of the rooms to create a dramatic look.

2. Bold Paint to the Doors

An entry door that is perfectly painted, vibrant, and unapologetically bold creates envy for the guests who enter the house. A painted door not only adds to the beauty but also increases the curb appeal of the home. An updated door makes the house to come alive.

Painting interiors can be a lot of fun. Choose bright colors for the children room, but the doors should have light colors to have the impact and make the difference. Using black color is not only trendy but makes a statement to the persons entering the rooms. The solid black color can be used to hide some of the unflattering characteristics that some of the doors carry.

3. Painting the Shutters

To create a real curb appeal for your interiors, painting shutters are the best option. Shutter painting is not a major project, and with few tricks, you can give a smooth and professional finish to the shutters.

  • First, remove all the dirt and deposits on the shutters. After cleaning, give an excellent scrub and let it dry to have a smooth paint application.
  • Ensure that the edges are rough for the use of a primer. It helps the paint to last longer on the surfaces.
  • High-quality paint is recommended for the exterior shutters to have a long life. The paint should also be selected based on the material.

4. Refresh the Walls of the House

Using light colors to the interior walls gives an illusion of a large room and space is opened up. Warm and dark colors are to be avoided, as the rooms tend to be smaller in dark colors.

Here are some of the professional tips to make your living spaces brightened up

  • Create an accent wall to give the room an anchor point
  • To get a polished and trim look, paint the interior trim
  • To get depth and texture, provide faux paint finish
  • Repainting the ceilings with bright white color gives your room a unique look.

5. Hallway Painting

The tough task in painting the hallways is choosing the right color for the hallways and stairs. If you are confused in selecting the colors, use the good thumb rule and opt for the color that compliments the connecting rooms. Try to keep the same color or lighter shades.


Bringing a space in your house back to life is not a big project. Updating a small area in the home can bring significant changes and make a huge difference. Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always there to help you to make the closed places to look bigger and make the dark spots look brighter with the help of painting. If you want to transform your home and make it look more luxurious than usual? Contact us to discuss your painting project now.

10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget - etpainters

10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget

Our latest kitchen designs and decorations will give you inspiration for a quick kitchen makeover. Take a look at these kitchen renovation ideas to remodel the decor and features in style. Let’s check out the best kitchen makeovers on a budget that makes your kitchen more beautiful in the home.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Reinvent the New Cabinets

Reinvent the New Cabinets - Kitchen Renovation Ideas - ET Painting

Changing the cabinets of your kitchen guarantee a significant impact on the look of your kitchen space. The transformation of cabinets not only improves the look but also increases the value of a home. Consult a professional to get the most simple, cost-effective cabinets that are easy to assemble. You can find the latest designs and loads of varieties in the stores or online.

2. Create Style and Substance in the Countertops

Create Style and Substance in the Counter tops - Best Kitchen Ideas of 2019 - ET Painting

Depending on the budget, you have to decide between the laminates or the solid countertops. While the laminates are more budget-friendly, you could also choose the hard surfaces as long term investment.

Hard surface counter-tops are made from natural stone and add a stunning look to your kitchen. These slabs boost the value of your house and serve as a cooking surface. These hard surfaces are resistant to heat, bacteria, and stains. You have the option to make the sinks with granite or quartz.

3. Use Powerful Appliances to Save Energy and Time

Use Powerful Appliances to Save Energy and Time - Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - ET Painting

Do not wait until the old appliances wear out and become useless. There are shops which have exchange offers, and you can replace these old ones with the new energy-efficient and environmental-friendly appliances. New appliances offer annual savings on your electricity bill.

4. Make a Splash

Make a Splash - 10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget - ET Painting

Update your cooking and food-prep area with a tile back-splash which is a visually appealing, functional, and long-lasting design. This choice allows plenty of room for your creativity to shine through. Choose neutral tones or bright shades of white to have a clean and sophisticated look.

5. Polished and Smooth Flooring

Polished and Smooth Flooring - Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - ET Painting

Considering the pros and cons of various flooring types, choose the water-resistant one. Choose between flooring types hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or stone tile based on your budget. Most of the people prefer stone flooring due to the low maintenance and durability. On the other hand hardwood flooring also withstands the spills and stands the test of time.

Laminate is easy to install and simulate the look of hardwood or stone. Vinyl also offers a softer feel for long periods of standing.

6. Well Organized Kitchen Storage

Well Organized Kitchen Storage - Kitchen Renovation Ideas - ET Painting

Never mess up with the storage of the kitchen. It should be easy for you to grab the things you need. You can assemble pull out organizers in the lower cabinets to help you quickly reach for the items. You can install or insert recycling and wastebaskets in the corners concealed from view.

7. Add an Island in the Kitchen

Add an Island in the Kitchen - Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas - ET Painting

Installing an island in the kitchen can be more useful than for just making the food. The island can be used for dining, storage, and comfy seating. Design a beautiful island for your kitchen based on the space available.

8. Let You Kitchen Shine with Layer Lighting

Let You Kitchen Shine with Layer Lighting - Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2019 - ET Painting

The experts recommend layering different lighting types in the same space. Four types of lighting serve your purpose in the kitchen.

  • Track light: To get a warm, pleasant glow
  • Task Light: Used under the cabinets where more light is required
  • Decorative Lights: Add Visual interest to space
  • Accent Lighting: Bring attention to little detailing

9. Appliance Garage

Appliance Garage - Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget - ET Painting

Many small appliances are used in the kitchen. If you are going to entertain your guests in the kitchen, then make the countertops look cleaner by arranging all the small appliances in one place. Store all the frequently used devices at one place and convert it into a coffee station or baking area.

10. Use Pulls or Nobs to Refresh the Cabinets

Use Pulls or Nobs to Refresh the Cabinets - Best Kitchen Renovations - ET Painting

The cabinets are used daily, and they should be durable for everyday use. Use only updated pulls and knobs, which are trendy and rust-free. If there is a particular design in your mind, then consider the texture and material of cabinets before designing the knobs and pulls. These little things help to keep your kitchen look beautiful and modern.

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Below are some kitchen renovation ideas for small spaces that you can try in your own house and make the place beautiful.

1. Use Every Inch of the Wall

Use Every Inch of the Wall - Small Kitchen Renovation - ET Painting

It’s easy to overlook making the most of every area when considering a small kitchen remodel ideas, expand your reach from the ground up. If you have high ceilings, making them a key factor for maximizing the space in the kitchen. While renovating small kitchen prepare floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves. Use these shelves for storing items used less frequently.

2. Paint the Cabinets same as the Walls

Paint the Cabinets same as the Walls - Kitchen Remodeling - ET Painting

One of the effective small kitchen renovations ideas is to paint the cabinets the same colour as the walls. Doing this erases visual boundaries that could otherwise stop the eye while enveloping the room with uniformity. The best colours for a small kitchen are pale shades that are capable of reflecting light, which makes the space look and feel larger. Chocolate and black colours create an impression that the walls are farther than they are.

3. Add Some WallPaper

Add Some Wall Paper - Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2019 - ET Painting

You may not have a ton of counter/floor space to play with décor, make a statement with paper on walls. If you do not want to make it more overpowering, do not cover the entire wall with paper.

4. Lacquered Ceiling

Lacquered Ceiling - 10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget - ET Painting

Not all homes can have high ceilings, but we can fake them. Lacquer is a colour that complements the walls, and it’ll look like the walls extend much higher than they do.

5. Lots of Windows

Lots of Windows - Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas In Budget - ET Painting

Having lots of windows is one of the best small kitchen renovation ideas that can be implemented. Glossy finish on the cabinets also helps to bounce the lights in the kitchen.


You could try out the above best kitchen renovation ideas to make your kitchen the most beautiful place in your home. The small kitchen renovation tricks could also help you to make the most of your space. Are you having a renovation in your mind? Then Contact Executive Touch Painters the best kitchen renovation contractor in Toronto to build your dream kitchen today.

Tips to Make Your Bathroom Renovation Project Successful - Executive Touch Painters

Tips to Make Your Bathroom Renovation Project Successful

Renovation of any room is challenging, but bathroom gives more challenges than the other rooms in the house. There are lots of aspects like tiles, fixtures, plumbing, and other things that need to be taken care in case of bathroom renovation.

Expert Advice for Transforming Your Bathroom

1. Prepare a Reasonable Budget for Renovation

The first and foremost step in the renovation is to set up a budget for the work. Contact a local contractor to get details of labour, supplies, and permits that need to be taken. When you have decided on the budget, take 10% of the total amount, and keep it aside. This money will be useful in case of unexpected costs that might occur during the project.

2. Plan The Layout Before Starting The Project

Try to make fewer alterations in the existing sanitary ware. If you make more alterations in the sanitary ware, then you need to make more changes in the plumbing, and the cost of renovation will go up. Before finalizing a design, make sure to show the plan to electrician, tiler, and plumber and make sure that there are no issues in the design. Once the design is finalized, do not try to change it at any cost.

3. Reuse Old Sanitary Ware And Choose Sanitary Before Tiling

To ensure that all the pipe fixtures are in the correct position, you need to choose all the sanitary ware before plastering, and tiling work is completed. You also have the option of using the old sanitary ware removed from the bathroom. Always make decisions on time about fixing sanitary, as late in critical decisions can cost you expensive alterations.

4. Always Water Proof Space

There are waterproof tiles available which can be used to line walls of bathroom and enclosures of the showers. The tile can also act as insulation and limit the risk of leakages and damages that are costly to repair.

5. Include Technology and Use Mirrors

Numerous technology options can be used for your bathrooms. Waterproof televisions, built-in hi-fi systems, smart lighting controls, and automation of bath fillers can be used to bring technology to your bathroom. You need to talk to your electrician well before so that the wiring can be done. Mirrors are essential for any bathroom, and you could use these mirrors to make the bathroom look bigger.

6. Have a Look at the Ventilation

Every bathroom is steamy and damp by nature, so you need to have proper ventilation to keep the moisture out. You need to install exhaust fan to keep the humidity to a minimum. You need to take extra care about the moisture if your bathroom has wooden window frames.

7. Conceal the Pipelines

To have a good and clean look, always ask your plumber to conceal the pipes where ever possible. Concealing of the pipes makes the work of tiling and flooring much more comfortable. Make sure that after concealing, the vital components are accessible for checking in the event of any leakage.

8. Have Fun With Lights

Avoid heavy lights in the bathroom, and make sure that the lights are functional and reflect your design concept. You can opt for incorporate layers of light, decorative pendants, and flush mounts to set the tone of the bathroom.

9. Keep an Eye on the Building Restrictions

Depending on the place you live, you could have restrictions on the amount of water you use for the household. There could also be restrictions from the leaseholder. You cannot use modifications like double shower heads if there are water restrictions. Always check with your building paperwork and look for restrictions that might apply.

10. Include Plenty of Space

A beautiful bathroom can be spoiled by clutter. So take care of the bathroom storage and use storage baskets to keep everything out of sight. If you are going for fitted furniture, then you need to plan, to achieve a coordinated finish. There is an option to have modular and freestanding furniture for your bathroom, which can be added after fixing the sanitary. Use wall-mounted furniture to use the space effectively. Always use materials that suit the environment of the bathroom.

11. Set Time Frame for Starting and Completing the Project

Have a clear idea on when bathroom renovation is to be started and the time needed to complete the project. Discuss the time frame with the experts you have hired. Do not rush the process and let the experts take their time in completing the work. Hire reliable experts to get the job done in a shorter period.

12. Hire an Expert

Bathroom renovation has many challenges, and if not done correctly, you could land up in doing more damage to your costly fixtures. Remember that using some of the equipment in renovations can be dangerous, and further you might have to spend more on repairing the damages done. To get out this risk, you need to hire a professional to renovate your bathroom. A professional designer will ensure that all the fixtures, tiles, and flooring are blended to make a beautiful bathroom. Hiring an expert at the initial stage of renovation can make the work more appealing.

Conclusion :

In the process of bathroom renovation, you have the option of creating more space, place attractive fixtures, and place antique features in the bathroom. The possibilities are endless and also requires proper planning. There are challenges in every renovation, and you need to follow the above tips to make the renovation smooth and enjoyable. Planning for a bathroom renovation? Talk to our experts at Executive Touch Painters to get more details. Contact us at (416) 410-0164.

How Long Does A Kitchen Renovation Take - Executive Touch Painters

How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

Kitchen renovation is a big scale project, and the work can take up to some weeks. The time frame for your kitchen renovation depends on

  • The requirement of Structural work
  • Plumbing and Electrical works
  • Unseen damages or asbestos on the floor

Time Frame for Renovation Depends On

Working With Designer

If you have hired a professional kitchen designer, then you need to give at least 6 to 8 weeks for the design to be completed. The time includes meeting time, taking the required measurements, and developing a draft plan prior to starting the work. Sit with the designer and make sure that you are happy before finalizing the designs. Before taking the measurements, all the appliances and cabinets should be locked in, so that the measurements are made correctly and the alignment is perfect.

Working on the Cabinets

If you want to order custom based cabinets, then you need to wait for about 4-12 weeks or the cabinets to be made. If imported material is required, then potentially you have to wait for few more days. If flat packed kitchen is your choice, then picking up the right combination of cabinets and having them delivered is the thing you have to take care of. There could be a difference between the custom and real cabinets that you have received and also do not expect the same quality as of the custom cabinetry.

Time for Prep Work

For the new cabinets to be installed, the old furniture needs to be removed. The work could take just a day. The prep work for the new installation can be started. The preparation work includes plumbing, electrical, and flooring works. The time frame for this work could be from days to weeks depending upon the significant structural changes that have to be made in the kitchen.

Actual Work of Installation

After the cabinets are delivered to your place, then the installation work is quick, assuming that no mistakes are made. But if are planning to install the cabinets on custom stone or engineered counter-tops, then a delay in the installation can take place. This is because the contractor needs to make the correct measurements and install the cabinets correctly so that you can use them for many years to come. The back-splash will also get ready in this time, and you need to wait for some more days to install tiles and glass.

Installation of New Appliances

The final step in the kitchen renovation is the installation of the appliances. The process is straightforward and quick but give at least 1 to 2 days for the completion of work. You should also figure out the way to dispose of the old appliances. Just take the help of dealers to make a deal or sell them online, or donate them or give them to a metal scrap dealer. The contractor hired for the work should also clean the old appliances as a part of the service.


Are you ready for renovating your kitchen or house? Then you need to speak to a renovation adviser to get guidance on how to start and prices for the work. Our adviser will study the complete project, understand your needs, and refer the professionals to get the right quote for your project. This service is completely free, and no consultation fee is required. For more details, Call Us at (416) 410-0164 or Visit our Website.

Exterior Deck Staining In Summer - Executive Touch Painters

Exterior Deck Staining in Summer

Summer is the time for backyard reunions and other home gatherings. If you would like to impress your guests and relatives with an attractive, spacious, and functional out space, then you need to go for deck staining or painting. Once the deck is stained or painted by a professional, you will be surprised by the look that a good deck creates to your outer space.

Naturally, the wooden decks are subjected to all the harsh elements of the climate year around. The harsh elements cause wear and tear to the decks, making them look dull. High-Quality paint or stain, not only protects the deck from harsh climates but also look beautiful. Staining not only gives an excellent look to the deck, but it also protects the wood from rotting. The stain also comes in various shades, and you can choose the shade based on your interest. A professional painter can help you in choosing the shade that compliments the outdoor spaces and doors.

Tips to Have a Beautiful Deck for Your Outdoor

1. Forecast The Weather

To have the stain applied to the deck wood, there should be no rain. The perfect temperature for staining your deck is 50 to 90 degree F. Check the weather forecast at least two days before applying the stain or paint. Always remember not to stain in the direct sunlight because the stain dries before the wood absorbs it.

2. Preparing the Surface

The basic rule is that there should be no dirt or dust before painting. Begin with sanding and remove the putty on the edges using a knife. After the sanding and removing the putty, use pressure cleaning to remove all the dust and let the deck dry for two to three days. You can also contact professionals to clean the deck. If your deck is made of old wood, then you also need to treat with special chemicals to avoid the insect and rot problems.

3. Usage of Special Brushes

Synthetic brushes are the best brushes for painting wooden surfaces. Roller accompanied with a 1/4 inch nap can be used to help the layer of satin to attach well to the wood deck without pooling.

4. Selection of Stain based on the Wood

Each stain has its advantages and suits a particular type of wood. You cannot apply a semi-transparent stain to a wooden deck coated with a solid stain. The solid stain closes the pores of the wood and does not allow another coat to be absorbed. However, you can add a solid stain to the wooden deck, which is already having the same.

5. Apply Thin Coats

Select the best color stains for your deck. To paint two or more decks at a time, use long and smooth strokes for even finishing. The semi-transparent stains should be applied. Thin strokes of stain will avoid puddles on the surface of the deck. No matter what stain you are using, always make sure that you apply two coats for a smooth finish with no miss outs.

Caring for the Deck

After staining the deck, you need to check for dirt and dust periodically. Clean the deck using a mild detergent or with wood care cleaner, to remove all the dirt and dust present on the surface of the deck. Cleaning the deck rejuvenates the surface of the patio and also extend the life of the wood.


Staining the deck is not a DIY process; you need to hire a professional for the job. If you would like to plan painting or staining your deck this summer, then feel free to get in touch with the professionals of Executive Touch Painters to get a smooth and beautiful finished deck for your outdoor.

5 Summer Projects To Protect Your Home - Executive Touch Painters

5 Summer Projects to Protect your Home

Summer is halfway through, and a fresh coat of paint to your interior and exteriors brightens your home and gives a new glow to your rooms. A professionally painted house increases the curb appeal and also boost the value of your home. Now that the task of painting is over, some other tasks are being taken care of to make your home look more beautiful.

You have taken care of the siding and stucco; the outside areas need some sprucing up. Here are some of the projects that you might take up to gain an advantage over the warm weather of summer.

Cool Summer Projects for Your Home

1. Door Painting

With the exterior looking so great, the door lacks the pop up once it had. Changing the color of the door can give a good look for the exterior walls. Try to provide the colors like bright-red, royal blue, deep purple, or lime green color to bring an impressive look to the door.

2. Door Refinishing

If you have a wooden door, try to give a new look by sanding and refinishing it. If you are not satisfied with the look of the door, then you can replace it with a new one. Make sure that the door matches with the deck or porch for consistency or choose something different.

3. Deck Staining

Now that the weather is warming up, it is time that you have a look at the back deck of your house. On these warm days staining or painting the deck will bring a completely new look to the deck, and you can enjoy your outside living areas with family. Getting the deck stained will give you an option for having great dinners at night with family, relatives, and neighbors.

4. Other Exterior Painting Projects

As all the exteriors of your home are painted well, you need to concentrate on other exteriors that need to be regularly maintained. The wooden fence, shutters on your home need to be painted and protected from the harsh elements of the climate. You need to power wash the exteriors before going for the painting projects. Trust the professionals from Executive Touch Professionals to give a good look for your fences and shutters.

5. Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

If your interior was painted, then you might have noticed that crown moldings, baseboards, built-ins, and cabinets need some extra care. You will be amazed at how a refinished cabinet gives a new look for your home and interiors.


There is always a to-do list for every home, and the homeowners must prioritize the works. As you know, the painting of the house is given the first preference and is also the most significant project for the homeowner. So we found that summer is the best time to refresh your home in Toronto. Our professionals are known for their expertise in home renovations and painting. It all starts with a consultation, talk to our professional for a free estimate now.

Wood Siding Options - Executive Touch Painters

Best Wood Siding Options

Wood siding or cladding is a simple, attractive, and natural way of protecting the exterior of any house. The sidings are designed in various patterns for vertical, horizontal, and board & batten style installation.

Although there are many forms of wood used for siding, Cedar and Redwood are the most opted wood materials for the siding of exteriors.


Why Wood for Siding?

The main reason to use wood for siding because it is natural material available. The natural stuff is beautiful and durable compared to other materials. Wood is used in traditional architectural houses like bungalows, cottages and Cape cod interiors.

Best Wood Siding for House

There are mostly 6 types of natural wood materials used for siding, and one man made alternative wood is commonly used for the siding of exteriors.

1. Cypress



Cypress is a hardwood and highly desired material for siding application. It is incredibly durable, often being salvaged from demolished centuries-old homes for reuse. This wood is rot and insect resistant. It is hard to mill and also it is costly to buy. So this wood is not recommended for modern houses.

2. Redwood


Redwood is one of the most durable and preferred woods used in the siding. The wood accepts stain or other finishes readily due to its very little resin nature. Redwood does not shrink as much as other types of wood, so it doesn’t change shape as much. This reduces cupping and warping. For these reasons, redwood siding requires less maintenance than other types. Merely power washes it once a year and seals it every three years or as needed.

3. Cedar


The wood is very easy to work with and so is the most used type of siding. The straight grain makes cedar very stable when turned into the siding, and provides a beautiful finish when stained, making this the preferred wood when a stained finish is required. Maintenance of cedar is relatively less when compared to the other wood.

4. Fir


The most popular option for sidings. This wood is available on longer boards, and due to its soft nature, it is very easy to cut into the desired shape. The smooth grain on the fir wood accepts nice finishing, and most of the fir blocks are painted. The only problem is that fir is not natural rot and insect resistant. So maintenance is required to keep the integrity of the fir wooden blocks.

5. Spruce


This wood is the family of Pine trees and makes proper sidings for the exteriors. The wood is soft and is easy to cut in any desired shape and mostly available in longer lengths. Like fir, spruce is not rotted and insect resistant. Proper care has to be taken to protect the sidings.

6. Pine


White pine is the most common wood used for siding. Yellow pine is used for preparing frames for windows. Pine does not have any grain, so it is very easy to paint or stain the wooden pine blocks. Pine is not rot resistant and does not repel insects. To retain the integrity of the wood we have to paint or stain it. However, the softness of the wood makes it easier to mill to produce different styles of siding.

7. Engineered Wood Siding


This type of wood is human-made and extremely durable and lasts up to 30 years after installation. The wood is manufactured from wood chips and sawdust combined with various bonding agents. The result is engineered wood siding that is strong and lightweight. Available in different lengths and also easy to mill into desired lengths. For maintenance, the wood is to be painted.

Types or Styles of Wood Sidings

1. Wood Clapboard Siding


Popularly known as Lap siding, is the traditional type of siding used in the olden days. Long wood boards are sawed in a slight pie shape. After the milling, the boards are placed one over the other, starting with the first board set on the bottom of the wall. Periodic painting or staining maintain lap siding. To reduce the water damage caulking can be done.

2. Drop Channel Siding


This type of siding can be installed horizontal or vertical or diagonally. This type of siding is a common choice for cabins as many cabins are paneled with boards cut with the drop channel method. One long edge of a plank is milled down to be narrower than the rest of the board. On the other long side, a small groove is cut on the bottom of the board. This creates an overlap that shows the sculpturing of the board without creating a ledge on which water can bead.

3. Tongue and Groove Siding


Individual planks are milled with a groove on one long edge side and tongue on the other corresponding edge. The tongue and groove interlock each other to form a smooth surface on the top.

4. Split Logs

split logs

This type of siding gives a cozy look to the room. The wood is sawed with the natural bark on it. Then the logs are attached to the wall, and they appear as solid logs. For this type, the wood logs are made from cypress or cedar or oak.

Other Types of Sidings that are Commonly Used:

  • Board and Pattern
  • Shake Siding
  • Shingle Siding
  • Other Materials used for Siding

For siding mostly wood is used due to its durability and other properties. Other than wood the following materials can be used for siding:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiber Cement
  • Stucco
  • Synthetic Stone


Siding for a house is done to protect the exteriors and also a great option to provide color and definition to your home.

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Metal Roof Coatings - Executive Touch Painters

Metal Roof Coatings Toronto

Metal roofing has gained importance due to the sustainable nature. But in the summer season, the interior temperatures get increased due to the heat waves outside. The prolonged exposure of the metal roof to the harsh climatic conditions causes the roof to be damaged. At this situation, it is crucial to get a recommendation for the roof covering procedures for your home.

Your unprotected roof exposure to rain and sun causes the metal to expand or contract. This condition also makes the bolts to get loose and causing leakages and damages on the walls of the roof. The replacement of the roof is not a better idea every time, so it is better to go for a coating for the metal roofs.

The roof has to be prepared well before the coating is applied. High-pressure cleaning makes sure that all the dirt is removed from the surface. Rust inhibitor is applied to the places showing the signs of rust. Repair and tighten all the bolts of the surface. Make sure that the bolts, HVAC pipes, bulbs are in the correct position before the roof gets the coating. Good surface preparation makes sure that the coating bonds well to the surface.

Rubber Roof Coating System

Most of the industries go for this type of coating to protect from the climatic conditions. The rubber roofing also protects from the water leakages. The rubber coating system will seal and protect the surface for so many years with a little cost. The rubber coating is far better than going for a new roof.

Metal Roof Painting Contractors

In most of the situations, individual persons tend to start the coating of metal roofs of a house. The work process for covering the roof is complicated. You need to find out the correct elements required for covering the roof, and you should explore online websites to discover the necessary products or paints for carrying out the process. On the other hand, if you do not have prior experience, then you have to depend on the metal roof covering builders, and there is also no guarantee that you will succeed in getting the work done as it should be. A professional metal roof painting contractor will recognize what kind of materials are perfect for your roof, and even the covering of the roof also needs experience.


In case you have a metal roof, get in touch with our professionals at Executive Touch Painters to suggest and paint the perfect combination of coating that would be suitable to protect the roof from all kinds of harsh climatic conditions. Call us at 416-410-0164 or Contact us to get a Free Estimate now.

How To Remove Paint From Wood - Executive Touch Painters

How To Remove Paint From Wood?

You might have just discovered an antique piece of wood in your house, and you want to see what is beneath the old paint. You need to get rid of the past and rusty paint on the furniture. Many methods are available to remove the paint on the wooden surface.

What Kind of Wood can be Stripped?

It is not possible to strip all kinds of wood easily. There are some types of wood that you can strip, which are below.

  • Outdoor and Indoor Furniture
  • Doors and its Frames
  • Stair Rails and Banisters
  • Antique and Old Furniture
  • Window Frames and Wooden floor
  • Built-in Furniture

How to Remove Paint from a Wooden Surface?

There are mostly Three methods used for removing paint from the wood.

1. Sanding

Sanding off paint is the best option for small projects, and you can also use an industrial sander to get the work done. But when using an industrial sander, you should be careful and follow the precautions mentioned. You have to apply even pressure at all the surface to remove the paint and do not create any gouges. Power tools can be used to create even pressure on the surface.

2. Electronic Heat Gun

A heat gun can also be the best option and should be used very carefully. A heat gun is the fastest way to remove paint and if not handled correctly, can scorch the wood. Also, bear in mind that hot air gun can be used for removing paint only, do not use on the varnish coated surfaces. When varnish comes in contact with the hot gun, it becomes into a glue-like substance.

3. Chemical Stripping

The best way to eliminate paint from wood is by the use of chemicals. Chemicals combined with mechanical methods are best suitable for removing any color on the carved and surfaces where our hand cannot reach. You can use chemical removers for removing not only paints but also varnish. The finish in the case of chemical removers is far better than that of the sanding and hot gun removal methods. But precautionary measures have to be taken while using the chemicals for the removal of paint on wooden surfaces.

Paint Removal Process

You can successfully remove the paint from wood by following a simple series of steps to have a deck that looks beautiful.

First here is the list of materials you need to have

  • Protective Gloves and Goggles
  • Respirator if needed
  • Solvent-based paint stripper
  • Scraper, paintbrush, and Bucket
  • Sandpaper and Wire brush
  • Rags

Step 1 :

Remove all the hardware from the wood you are working on. If there are any irremovable parts, secure them with a protective tape. Before you start the process, put on the safety precautions like gloves and goggles. Pour the chosen solvent-based paint stripper into the bucket.

Step 2 :

Choose a small area at a time and apply the stripper with the help of a paintbrush. Ensure that the stripper is used liberally on all the surface of the paint. Leave the stripper for about 20 minutes. If there are multiple layers of paint, then you have to leave the stripper for about 1 hour.

Step 3 :

Now after you see that the paint is bubbling up, you can use the paint scraper to remove the peeled off paint. Applying too much pressure can damage the wood surface. If you have any doubt that there is more paint on the surface, then you can repeat the stripper application and remove the paint once again

Step 4 :

After removing the paint, it is time to concentrate on the moldings and depressions on the wooden surface. Apply the stripper once again and wait for 20 minutes. Now use a wire brush to remove the paint at the places hard to reach. Take care not to scrap too much as you can leave scratch marks.

Step 5 :

After you have completed all the process of scraping, it is the time for washing. Use a water-soaked clean rag to wash the surface and also use sandpaper for sanding the entire surface. Wash the dust and debris on the surface to get a clean wooden surface without paint.

How to Remove Paint from wood without chemicals?

Chemicals are the most opted option for paint removal. But some wood reacts with the chemicals and get damaged. So you can use some non-chemical removers for the process. The strippers often referred to as “Safe strippers” are used for paint removal also. These are generally more expensive and slow working. The process is the same as the chemical paint removal.

How to Remove Paint From Wood Without sanding?

If you are not interested in using sandpaper, then you can go for a chemical removal process directly. Just follow the process and leave the step of sanding.

Safety Recommendations While Removing Paint From The Wood

While using chemicals strippers, you get fumes due to the reaction of chemicals and paint. So you need to take safety precautions while using and doing the process of paint removal from wood with chemicals.

  • Wear Old Clothes
  • Conduct the process outdoors, to avoid the fumes to spread in the house
  • Use gloves and facemask to protect from fumes
  • To prevent damages to the floor, cover the place with papers and old cloth


You can follow the same process to remove paint from wooden floors, cabinets, decks, and trims too. But you should be very careful while doing paint removal jobs from the wood surfaces. Precautionary measures have to be taken to protect from the fumes emitting from the strippers. Experts will have the right tools and experience to strip off the paint without damaging the finish. Contact our Professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto to take the risk. We do Painting, Home Renovation, and Trim Works. Call us at (416) 410-0164 to get a Free Estimate.