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  • October 4, 2023
  • Home Renovations

Do Home Renovations Increase Property Value?

Many believe renovations involve moving furniture, decorating rooms, removing unnecessary walls, and applying new paint. But, a successful project requires thorough planning and patience. Many homeowners and investors consider increasing their property’s value, especially if they plan to sell it. In this article, we will observe whether do home renovations increase property value or not.

Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Home

You want to ensure that your home renovations have a high return on investment (ROI). This indicates that your home’s value will grow significantly after improvements, regardless of how much money you spend on the project. Economic trends, local real estate market conditions, the quality of the work done, and the kinds of renovation jobs you choose will affect your rate of return.

Here are a few important points you should make before deciding to renovate your home to improve your chances of getting a high rate of return.

Practical Fixes

Compared to expensive construction projects that are not useful for your home, renovations that enhance the structure or layout of your home are far more likely to generate a higher return on investment. Practical fixes like updating your kitchen, repairing your heating or plumbing, or installing an air conditioning system can increase the value of your home gradually but considerably more than installing a pool in the backyard.

Type of Property

Depending on your property type, renovations can be more beneficial. The point of sale is the only time you can recover the cost of renovations if you’re selling your home. Property owners who upgrade their rental homes may recover their renovation costs not just at the point of sale but also by charging a higher rental fee for a newly renovated home.

Location of the Property

Major home improvements will attract much interest from buyers looking to relocate to your neighborhood. However, this does not guarantee that potential buyers would be ready to pay more than the average price for the extra benefits. Due to the services and amenities available in your neighborhood, as well as the selling prices that are within their budget, potential buyers chose it.

You can only return your investment if you make your home improvements within the average price of a home in your location. Make sure you know your neighborhood’s average housing conditions and costs before repairing your property.

Reliable Renovations

There is a long tradition of certain improvements raising the value of properties. Building a wooden deck in the backyard, updating the kitchen and bathrooms, and replacing the windows have all shown to be the most successful renovations year after year. Try one of these renovations for a relatively fool-proof renovation strategy.

Time Passed Since the Renovation

You’ll probably get a bigger return on your renovation if it will increase the value of your house in the future. A paint job or some kitchen and bathroom renovations will not last as long as adding an extra room or finishing your basement to your home.

Home Improvements That Add Value

Garage Doors

When you think of garage doors, getting your car in and out of the garage may be what comes to mind. But a new door, usually in the front of your house, can make a huge difference. Consider painting the area or adding new lights if a complete replacement is out. First impressions are significant. 94% of the cost can be recovered in this renovation.

Stone Veneer

With the simple addition of stone veneers to your front porch or other external space, you can completely change the atmosphere of your home. This great method can give you an entirely new appearance and significantly increase your bottom line, allowing you to recover 92% of your investment.

Kitchen Remodelling

A mini-remodel of your kitchen is a great alternative if you don’t want to renovate the kitchen. Concentrate on just one of the elements like stainless-steel appliances, trendy cabinetry, or brand-new, shiny tile. The return on investment will be around 72%.

Siding Replacement

Among all home improvements, siding replacement is one of the most noticeable. Dents and cracks caused by the weather can be easily observed. One simple method is siding replacement to improve its appeal or add a fresh coat as a temporary fix, and you may easily recover 69% of the costs.

Vinyl Windows

Age spots, Peeling, and faded window frames can add age to your property and decrease its value. Vinyl windows are a popular, weather-resistant, and affordable solution that will return 69% of your investment. Low maintenance costs are another advantage, along with energy efficiency.

Bathroom Remodel

When you want to sell your home, the bathrooms must be renovated. The main purpose is to make the bathroom appear neat, new, vibrant, and clean. Add wall decor or an indoor plant to bring life and color into the area. Potential buyers prefer a modern bathroom that gives the impression of spaciousness. The room will appear completely different with large mirrors and a fresh coat of paint.

Tech Features

You can equip your home with high-tech features like music systems through ceiling speakers, smartphone-controlled equipment, and a remote-controlled garage if you can afford these features and it falls within your budget.


The flooring is the one interior part of your home subject to continuous wear and tear. Therefore, selecting the right materials and ensuring the flooring matches the home’s design is important. Your home might look clean, advanced, and luxurious with fresh flooring. The floor may also be carpeted, which is an expensive idea. Thus, it is advisable to consider it only if the flooring requires major repair.


Making renovations to your property can greatly increase it’s value. The right home renovation expert can improve your home’s appeal and encourage buyers to go ahead and buy the property, providing you with a good return on investment. Executive Touch Painters has over 30 years of experience in painting and renovation services. We offer affordable home renovation services. Contact us at (416) 410-0164. Or book an online appointment for a free estimate.