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  • September 13, 2019
  • Home Renovations

Tips to Make Your Bathroom Renovation Project Successful

Renovation of any room is challenging, but bathroom gives more challenges than the other rooms in the house. There are lots of aspects like tiles, fixtures, plumbing, and other things that need to be taken care in case of bathroom renovation.

Expert Advice for Transforming Your Bathroom

1. Prepare a Reasonable Budget for Renovation

The first and foremost step in the renovation is to set up a budget for the work. Contact a local contractor to get details of labour, supplies, and permits that need to be taken. When you have decided on the budget, take 10% of the total amount, and keep it aside. This money will be useful in case of unexpected costs that might occur during the project.

2. Plan The Layout Before Starting The Project

Try to make fewer alterations in the existing sanitary ware. If you make more alterations in the sanitary ware, then you need to make more changes in the plumbing, and the cost of renovation will go up. Before finalizing a design, make sure to show the plan to electrician, tiler, and plumber and make sure that there are no issues in the design. Once the design is finalized, do not try to change it at any cost.

3. Reuse Old Sanitary Ware And Choose Sanitary Before Tiling

To ensure that all the pipe fixtures are in the correct position, you need to choose all the sanitary ware before plastering, and tiling work is completed. You also have the option of using the old sanitary ware removed from the bathroom. Always make decisions on time about fixing sanitary, as late in critical decisions can cost you expensive alterations.

4. Always Water Proof Space

There are waterproof tiles available which can be used to line walls of bathroom and enclosures of the showers. The tile can also act as insulation and limit the risk of leakages and damages that are costly to repair.

5. Include Technology and Use Mirrors

Numerous technology options can be used for your bathrooms. Waterproof televisions, built-in hi-fi systems, smart lighting controls, and automation of bath fillers can be used to bring technology to your bathroom. You need to talk to your electrician well before so that the wiring can be done. Mirrors are essential for any bathroom, and you could use these mirrors to make the bathroom look bigger.

6. Have a Look at the Ventilation

Every bathroom is steamy and damp by nature, so you need to have proper ventilation to keep the moisture out. You need to install exhaust fan to keep the humidity to a minimum. You need to take extra care about the moisture if your bathroom has wooden window frames.

7. Conceal the Pipelines

To have a good and clean look, always ask your plumber to conceal the pipes where ever possible. Concealing of the pipes makes the work of tiling and flooring much more comfortable. Make sure that after concealing, the vital components are accessible for checking in the event of any leakage.

8. Have Fun With Lights

Avoid heavy lights in the bathroom, and make sure that the lights are functional and reflect your design concept. You can opt for incorporate layers of light, decorative pendants, and flush mounts to set the tone of the bathroom.

9. Keep an Eye on the Building Restrictions

Depending on the place you live, you could have restrictions on the amount of water you use for the household. There could also be restrictions from the leaseholder. You cannot use modifications like double shower heads if there are water restrictions. Always check with your building paperwork and look for restrictions that might apply.

10. Include Plenty of Space

A beautiful bathroom can be spoiled by clutter. So take care of the bathroom storage and use storage baskets to keep everything out of sight. If you are going for fitted furniture, then you need to plan, to achieve a coordinated finish. There is an option to have modular and freestanding furniture for your bathroom, which can be added after fixing the sanitary. Use wall-mounted furniture to use the space effectively. Always use materials that suit the environment of the bathroom.

11. Set Time Frame for Starting and Completing the Project

Have a clear idea on when bathroom renovation is to be started and the time needed to complete the project. Discuss the time frame with the experts you have hired. Do not rush the process and let the experts take their time in completing the work. Hire reliable experts to get the job done in a shorter period.

12. Hire an Expert

Bathroom renovation has many challenges, and if not done correctly, you could land up in doing more damage to your costly fixtures. Remember that using some of the equipment in renovations can be dangerous, and further you might have to spend more on repairing the damages done. To get out this risk, you need to hire a professional to renovate your bathroom. A professional designer will ensure that all the fixtures, tiles, and flooring are blended to make a beautiful bathroom. Hiring an expert at the initial stage of renovation can make the work more appealing.

Conclusion :

In the process of bathroom renovation, you have the option of creating more space, place attractive fixtures, and place antique features in the bathroom. The possibilities are endless and also requires proper planning. There are challenges in every renovation, and you need to follow the above tips to make the renovation smooth and enjoyable. Planning for a bathroom renovation? Talk to our experts at Executive Touch Painters to get more details. Contact us at (416) 410-0164.