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  • November 30, 2019
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Condo Painting Services Toronto

The condominium industry is booming in Toronto, with many towers being erected each day. Every year about 20,000 new units are sold, and the Toronto condo population is representing approximately 55% of the city population. If you recently became an owner of a new condo or if already owned one, A splash of fresh paint is needed to keep your home fresh and beautiful. It is also good to renovated or paint the house when there are plans for selling the house. A little stroke of professional Toronto condo painters can change the look of your home.

Executive Touch Painters in a local condo painting company specialized in commercial, residential, exterior, and interior painting. Our skilled painters will give a magical stroke to the walls to make your condo look like a new brand home.

Our Condo Painting Services

As a local Condo painting company, we have painted several condo houses in and around Toronto and GTA. From painting small condominiums to the entire floor with extensive millwork, our painters are experienced in doing all these works.

Our painters always work with you to make your condo look at its best. We help you out in selecting the colors that will compliment the space of rooms. We also help to complete your project in time to avoid disruption for your works.

Services offered

  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Interior trim, doors, windows painting
  • Interior Ceiling surfaces painting
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets
  • Bedrooms Painting
  • Family Living Room Painting
  • Dining room Painting
  • Accent Walls Painting

Benefits of Condo Painting

1. Instant Room Makeover

A perfect condo paint can make a small room look bigger or even make your ceilings seem higher. Bright and light colours attract more light and give a feeling that the rooms are bigger. There is a vast range of colours to chose from, and choices for condo painting walls are endless.

2. Low cost to you and low risk for the landlord

Condo painting brings life to the walls without much cost, and it is also effortless to remove the paint. For this reason, many landlords approve condo painting as it adds to the beauty of the condo rooms.

3. Easy to clean

Condo painted walls are straightforward to clean or wipe when there are some spills or scuffs. Condo paint reduces dirt and dust in your rooms and thus improves the health of your family.

4. Increase in the Value of Property

Condo painting is easy and cheap. Fresh, bright, and new colours are attractive and increase the value of your house.

How much to paint a condo in Toronto?

It is difficult for any contractor to give cost estimation without actually seeing the scope of work. After careful evaluation, the company should prepare a detailed quote, and the proposal is prepared. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the condo every time. A new condo building gets only two visits, and it is not possible to make the evaluation. One visit is used for inspection of furniture and measurements. If the floor plan is available, then it would be easy to make evaluations.

Factors affecting the Price of Condo Painting

  • Size of the condominium unit
  • New building or not
  • Number of rooms available
  • Reasons for painting the house
  • Repair is needed for walls or not?
  • Current colour and sheen
  • Position of ceilings now
  • Is the condo space empty or furnished?
  • Are floors prepared or not? If yes, before or after the painting?

Paint Quality and Color Preferences

1. The paint brand you chose determines the cost of the condo painting. Some colours require an additional coating to hide the previous colour. Cheap brand colours might need more quantity to cover previous colours.

2. The Sheen Selection also adds to the cost of painting. For sheen paint, the prep-work might take time but gives a glossier look.

3. If you are planning to highlight some portions of doors or walls, then you might require more colours to paint the condo.

Contact us for a Free Condo Painting Estimate Today

Our professional condo Toronto painters always guarantee excellent results when your condo is painted. We are happy to provide you with a range of services to ensure that your condo painting is handled professionally from beginning to end.

We handle the following to ensure that our clients are happy every time.

  • Assistance in selection of colours
  • Offer a precise estimate for the condo painting job
  • Helping in clearing the big sites for painting
  • Taping the doors and window frames for protection
  • Using drop cloth on the floors.
  • Cover the items that are too large to move.

Our trusted professional condo painters will help you through every step of your project. Contact us at (416) 410-0164 for a Free Condo Painting Estimate Today.