Painting Ideas & Tips
  • April 14, 2018
  • Interior Painting

Painting Tips to Make your Condo Look Bigger

Are you having a small space in your condominium but want to make it look substantial? Then change the way you paint your home. Follow these painting tips to make your Toronto Condo look bigger.

Useful Tips in Condo Painting

Paint with White Color :

Chances are there that space looks little bigger when space is painted in white color. Do not go for darker colors. Try to use white or neutral colors. A designer says that if you want to make space look bigger use white or light neutral colors.

Use the Same Light Colors for Painting the Walls and Trims :

Paint the boards, moldings, doors, window trimmings and inside shutters with the same color as of the wall. By giving the same light color, you don’t see boundaries, and you can feel that space has increased a bit. Try to use white or light colors. If you use too much of only one color, including the furniture, then it can look dull or cold. So always have touches of color in your furnishings.

Use Trendy Painting Palettes :

White is not the only color that makes your condo spacious. Use trendy palettes for places that have natural light coming in. Also painting these rooms with grey color make the room look roomy and bright. Try different splashes of paint to create new designs. Pale blue-green color is another way to generate an illusion of space. An added benefit is the natural color, which makes the room look bigger and bright.

Be Monochromatic: The white baseboard and cream walls go very well with the white cabinets and curtains, added with a light wooden table makes your space look fresh and inviting.

Shape your Room with Bright and Lighter Color Combinations :

If you have narrow space, as the Toronto condo painters do, you can paint the shorter side a little brighter than, the longer side. This ‘widens’ the shape of the room, so it becomes less rectangular. Why is that? It is because lighter colors recede, while darker colors advance, seemingly moving that shorter surface closer to you.

Paint Stripes to Create Height or Width :

Whichever way you’d like your room to expand, either vertically or horizontally, strips are your friends so paint them on your walls. Besides, they add visual interest.

Paint the Adjacent Rooms with the Same Color :

Paint the adjoining places with the same color so that your eye is lead easily from one room to another. If you do not want the same color, then use different shades of the same color.

Color Ideas to Paint different Rooms in a Condo

The Living Room :

The deep and warm reddish color is suitable for light wood furniture. There are many living room paint ideas to showcase your house beautifully.

The Bedroom :

Use cool and earthy colors for complementing the warm tones of the furniture present in the bedroom.

The Kitchen :

The bright green color blends well with the kitchen appliances. By using dark colors, there is no need to be afraid of using deep or bold colors even in small spaces.

The Dining Room :

Use colors that blend well with the furniture present in the dining room. Use natural colors through the interiors of the dining room and create a cohesion between the colors and the adjacent spaces.


Considering to improve your room space in your condominium with the above paint colors which will add more space to your condo in Toronto for sure. If you feel you need more color ideas, or if you want to get started with your condo painting by hiring professional Toronto condo painters, Contact or call Executive Touch Painters at 416-410-0164 to get a Free color consultation or an Estimate to match your requirements.