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  • December 6, 2022
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Does Wallpaper Removal Damage Walls?

For any house, wallpapers transform the whole space into something unique and classic. In the olden times, skilled painters painted patterns or graphics on the walls. In these modern times, wallpapers have replaced paint to make the space more beautiful. Traditional paste-based wallpapers were used instead of paint; later, these papers were replaced by removable wallpapers. The invention of removable wallpapers was seen as an innovative way to transform your living place. Even though the usage of these papers is very simple, there are some doubts regarding the damage caused to the walls. If you are a homeowner having doubts regarding the installation of wallpaper for your house, then read this article to know more about does wallpaper removal damage the walls.

Does Wallpaper Remove Pulls Off Paint?

Removal of wallpaper can cause damage to paint, and there is a chance that paint will come off the wall. A small amount of paint can be damaged, but only sometimes. Here are some factors that affect how well wallpaper comes out of the wall.

1. Texture of Wall

Even though it is not recommended, wallpaper is mostly used on textured walls. As the wall is textured with paint, the wallpaper does not adhere to the wall. As the wall’s surface is uneven, it is easy to remove the wallpaper without damaging the paint.

2. Paint Sheen

Any wall in your house becomes smoother when sheen paint is applied. As the surface is glossier or smoother, it is easy to peel off the wallpaper without damaging it.

3. Quality of Paper Used

There is a wide range of manufacturers producing wallpapers for your houses. The longevity of wallpaper depends on the adhesive property. If the paper quality is not up to the mark, there is a chance that the paint will get damaged while removing the wallpaper.

4. Duration of Application

The paper might adhere completely to the wall when the wallpaper is left on the walls for many years. When any wallpaper is left for over three years, there is a good chance that the paint also comes off while removing the wallpaper.

Common Damages Caused By Wallpapers

Although wallpapers give a good look to your rooms, some precautions must be taken. Some issues will damage your walls if the necessary precautions are not taken. Here are some of the major issues that wallpapers can cause

1. Leakage of Water

One of the most common problems that can be encountered with wallpapers is water leakages. Wallpapers are always caused for plumping issues and roof damage, and due to these issues, the wallpaper also gets damaged.

2. Create Humid Atmosphere

Although wallpapers are a good choice for bathrooms or kitchens, some precautions must be taken. If there is no exhaust system for the bathroom or kitchen, then moisture gets locked under the wallpaper and damages the walls. As the moisture gets locked under the wallpaper, fungi and bacteria development ruin the wall altogether.

3. Termites

Left untreated, termites can cause serious damage to walls and wallpaper. When uncovered parts are on the wallpaper, termites enter and get to the wall beneath. If you have seen any holes in the wallpaper, talk to an expert termite or pest control company to avoid further damage.

Removing Old Wallpaper

Here are some of the circumstances where it is necessary to remove your old wallpaper

  • You are planning to have new wallpaper for your house
  • You want the wall covered with vinyl or other materials
  • You wanted to replace the old-fashioned wallpaper with new styles of wallpaper
  • The old wallpaper is wrapped up or wrinkled
  • The termites have taken over the wall.
  • The wallpaper is peeling off, and the paint is also coming off


As a homeowner, if you still have doubts about peeling wallpaper, you can take a small piece of any wallpaper, stick it to the wall, and wait for some days. Try to remove the paper after some days and see if there is any residue or peeling paint. If you are a homeowner looking for professional wallpaper installation and removal services, you need to talk to an expert. We have over 30 years of experience handling all painting and renovation projects at Executive Touch Painters. Contact us today for more details.