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  • August 9, 2023
  • Kitchen

How Long Does It Take To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

Refinishing the kitchen is a complex task and requires intensive planning. The number of cabinets defines the amount of time to complete kitchen refinishing. But there are some other factors to be considered. The amount of stripping and sanding depends on the existing number of cabinets present in the kitchen. Enhancing the look by decorating trims and windows will add extra work, ultimately increasing the refinishing time. In this article, we will know how long it takes to refinish kitchen cabinets and the process involved in it.

Time Taken for Each Step to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets


Plan most of the days’ time in preparing the area to complete the refinishing process smoothly for the refinishing process. The doors, cabinets and other areas we don’t want to paint must be removed or covered properly before refinishing. To make sanding easier, we must remove or repair the trims. A proper label is required on the doors to ensure their place and make space to strip and sand them.


Stripping the old finish is challenging and must be done carefully. Use a good quality stripper solution for the job to be done smoothly. Stripping the old finish thoroughly saves sanding time and effort. Strippers work slowly and need time once you have applied on the surface. The surface needs to be dry before the sanding process. It is estimated that cabinet doors without any trims can take about 30 minutes. The sides of the cabinet can take a little longer. This time can vary depending on the edges.


Sanding is one of the most time taking processes in kitchen refinishing. The amount of time in sanding itself depends on the type of wood, whether it is painted or not and what new paint has to be applied. A normal cabinet door takes 15 to 40 minutes for sanding. If you plan to stain the surface with a darker colour, the time spent for sanding will be less than the sanding time for a lighter colour. If the door needs to be decorated, the time spent can be doubled to obtain a smoother finish.


Staining and painting the finish coat are the two finishing procedures in kitchen refinishing. It takes time to dry, but you can directly paint the surface after applying it because most stains dry quicker. It takes around 3-24 hours to completely dry, depending on the material we use. Generally, it is recommended to apply more than one finish coat. If in such case, give it more time for it to dry. It is advisable to leave the surface untouched for at least two days.

What to Expect During the Kitchen Refinishing?

Kitchen cabinet refinishing can take days to weeks, depending on how much work is done. During the process, we can expect the following:

1. Prepping the cabinets is the first step. This process will obtain a lot of dirt, dust or debris. To remove them, use surface cleaners formulated to clean the cabinets.

2. Use a paintbrush or spray to stain the cabinets. The new paint colour will be determined according to the cabinet’s original colour and texture.

3. If a spray gun is used during staining, use a small brush or roller to fill the missed areas once the paint is dried to ensure perfect coverage.

4. A filler must repair any scratches or chipping on the cabinet surface for a perfect brand-new look.


The process would be short if there were no additional jobs like electrical or plumbing work in kitchen refinishing. It may take up to 3 to 5 days. Plan according to the number of kitchen cabinets. Hiring a professional can be beneficial rather than doing it on your own. Professionals have all the required tools and follow the safety measures to complete the work without complications. Executive Touch Painters have over 30 years of experience in painting and renovations, making your work easier and clean. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (416) 410-0164 for a free estimate.