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  • September 29, 2023
  • Exterior Painting

How Much to Paint a House Exterior Canada?

Estimating the cost of a house’s exterior is a challenge. Painting the exterior of your home is an excellent way to increase curb appeal and keep it well-maintained. You might feel proud of yourself, and that’s always good. Coming home and appreciating how your house looks on the outside rather than observing some of the cracks, peeling paint, and clutter is truly special. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when estimating the cost to paint a house’s exterior, from hiring experienced painters to figuring out the exterior house painting cost per square foot.

How To Know If Your Home’s Exterior Needs To Be Painted?

Even if you are unsure exactly when your home was last painted, certain indications suggest it is time for exterior repair.

If The Colour is Fading

Snow, rain, and harmful UV rays hit the exterior of your property. It will gradually start to fade. A fresh coat of exterior paint will keep your property looking bright and in good condition. Fading can also be the first indication that the paint has aged and will no longer protect your property.

If The Paint Is Peeling Off

Look for areas of the external walls of your home where the paint is bubbling or peeling. The paint peeling off indicates that your siding is exposed to the weather and may begin to let moisture in. If you have a moisture issue, the harm could be serious. It can result in decay, mildew, and even harmful mould, all requiring skilled mould removal services. Therefore, it’s time to hire a reputable painting company for an external paint job.

If The Stucco Or Wood Cladding Is Damaged

A coat of paint will protect your home against the elements. Unfortunately, it won’t last permanently. If you notice that your stucco has cracked or that some of your wood siding is rotting, the paint may worsen. Additionally, repairing the siding and painting it is required. After fixing everything, a new coat of paint will offer additional protection from outdoor elements.

Stains or Moisture on The Surfaces

It is not a good sign if something appears to be moist or stains from being moist on the surface. Mildew and mould will start to appear where there is moisture. With a light detergent and some scrubbing, you can remove any stains. You should get a professional to inspect the area if the stain doesn’t disappear. The material behind the paint frequently needs to be replaced to properly remove the stain, even though you may sometimes just paint over it.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Painting A House Exterior

The following factors will impact the cost of painting the home’s exterior.


Preparation for any painting project, whether interior or exterior, is important for its successful completion. The paintwork will only last if the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared. It requires a thoroughly clean surface to adhere to it well. This can involve power washing, removing peeling paint, sanding, filling holes and cracks, and applying primer for the outside.

Extra Equipment

If your home is larger, a painting contractor might require particular tools. This may require additional scaffolding or a boom lift. Your overall cost will take this into account.

Paint and Supplies

One gallon of paint is estimated to be utilized for every 100 square feet of exterior area. High-quality paint costs around $70 a gallon, while low-quality paint costs around $21. Therefore, if your home is 1,800 square feet, you will use 18 gallons of paint. Your paint cost now varies between $380 to $1,260.

Total Labour

Expect to pay between $30 and $40 per hour for each painter who will paint the property. It will take two painters roughly 36 hours to get everything ready and paint the exterior of your 1,800-square-foot home. Your labour cost now ranges from $800 to $1,260.

Trim and Doors

Trim painting usually costs $1 per linear foot. Depending on the cost of tools and paint and whether the door needs any special preparation or repairs, painting an exterior door can cost anywhere from $90 to $200 per door. Add them as part of your estimate. Don’t compromise too much on the paint. If you use cheap paint, it will only last for a while. When properly prepared, high-quality paint can last for ten to fifteen years.

Type of Surface

Some painting surfaces require more priming and preparation, affecting the overall cost.


Spray painting will cost you around $34 for 100 square feet. Brush and roller painting will cost $43 Per 100 square feet on a wooden surface.


The charges will be around $25 per square foot for spray painting the stucco area. Roller painting the stucco costs around $55 per 100 square feet, and the per square foot cost for brush painting can be $112.


Spray painting the brick surface costs $18 per 100 square feet. For brush painting, it is charged around $30 and $52 for roller painting.


Per 100 square feet, roller painting on a metal surface will cost around $30, and brush painting can cost $35.


Brush painting can cost you about $45, roller painting can cost around $45 per 100 square feet, whereas the cost per 100 square feet spray painting will be about $34.


Determining the cost of painting a home’s exterior in Canada can vary depending on the area, type of paints we use, type of surfaces, labour, etc. It is important to choose high-quality paints for long-lasting protection from all the external elements to which the home’s exterior will be exposed. Hiring a professional to get the job done is advisable. At Executive Touch Painters, we have over 30 years of experience in painting and home renovations, which will help you enhance your home’s exterior and curb appeal. Contact us for more details.