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  • May 11, 2018
  • Home Renovations

How to Install Crown Molding?

One of the excellent ways to add beauty to a room is to use crown moldings on the walls. The installation process is however complicated for the homeowners to do by themselves. With proper research and right tools, homeowners can do the work on their own. The appropriate molding selection plays the vital role in the cutting and installation of the molding on the walls. The color of the molding should match with the color of the walls. Wrong moldings and contrast colors can affect the beauty of the wall and room.

Tools Required for the Installation :

  • Crown Moldings
  • Miter Saw(Electrical)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill, Hammer, and Nails
  • Caulk and Wood Filler
  • Pencil for Marking
  • Stud Finder
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper

Instructions for Installing Crown Molding :

1. Choosing the Molding for the Room

First, you need to choose the correct molding for the room. The moldings are available in different colors and shapes in the market. You should select the molding according to the requirement of the room. Most of the people tend to choose moldings with more carving details in them. If the work is done by a professional, then you can select the molding with detailed carvings. If you have chosen to do the work by yourself, then be careful in choosing the molding. The molding must also be matching to the colors and decorations of the room.

2. Take the Measurements of the Wall

Using the measuring tape, take the exact measurements of the wall. Make a note of all the measures on a paper. With the help of stud finder, find all the studs and a pencil marking on the stud. The marking is to make as you should nail the moldings to the studs. If possible try to select the moldings precisely as the measurements of the wall.

3. Cutting the molding

The most critical job in the installation of the molding. Most of the cases the angle between the moldings would be 45 degrees, and the cutting would not be a tough task. (Read our previous article on How to Cut Crown Molding)

4. Installation of the Moldings

Nail the crown moldings to the walls. Be sure that you hammer the nails precisely to the studs that you have marked. For the installation at the corners blocks, see that the cut moldings are fitting correctly with the ones on the adjacent side.

5. Filling the Nail Holes and Caulking

After attaching the moldings to the wall, fill the holes formed by the nails with the wood filler and use the sandpaper to make a smooth finish. If there are any gaps between the moldings, fill them with the caulk. Make a smooth finish using the fine grit sandpaper.

Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding :

Installation of moldings in a kitchen room is a good idea, and also it updates the appearance of the cabinets of the kitchen. Crown moldings in the kitchen too add value to our home at the time of selling.

Here are the Steps for Installation of the Crown Moldings on the Kitchen cabinets

1. Measure: Take the length of the cabinets where you wish to install the crown moldings. Take the precise measurements, and you can always purchase a little extra length of molding than the required.

2. Cutting: As per instructed in the above procedure make the cuttings required, with the miter saw. The crown molding angles are mostly 45 degrees for the edges. Make sure that the cut pieces are fitting into each other exactly.

3. Installation: Place the molding on the top of the cabinets and with the help of hammer and nails, nail the molding into the place. Make sure the nails are nailed correctly so that the molding does not come out of the wall. Be careful at the edges of the walls and cabinets. The cut moldings should fit into one another perfectly for a smooth finish.

4. Caulking: After completing the installation, use the caulk to fill up the gaps. You can also use wood glue to seal the holes. Use the sandpaper to remove the excess caulk and wooden glue present after application.


Installing Crown moldings on the walls and cabinets of the kitchen is the very tough job that cannot be completed by the homeowners themselves. So, you need to hire an expert for the job. Our Professionals at Executive Touch Painters are always there to help you in crown moldings and all other types of home renovations in Toronto. Call us at 416-410-0164 or Contact us for more details like the cost etc., and get a Free Estimate Now!