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  • June 13, 2020
  • Interior Painting

Interior Painting Checklist

Before starting to paint a room, you have to know all the supplies needed for completing the painting as required. The decision to paint a room does not end with selecting your favorite paint color, and you have to choose the correct interior painting supplies. There is a wide range of supplies to choose from, but only some are important.

Here is a Checklist of Interior House Painting Supplies that You Need

1. Paint Brushes and Rollers

Standard paintbrushes used in the interior painting are

  • Angled Brush: This brush is used for painting straight lines. Using this type of brush, it is easy to paint lines around ceiling doors, windows, and woodwork. An angled brush gives a steady grip while painting.
  • Roller Cover: Used for painting smooth walls.
  • Small Craft Brush: Short bristled brushes are handy while painting window trims and doors. These brushes are perfect for painting around doorknobs, light fixtures, and hard to reach areas.
2. Painting Trays

For painting, metal trays without lines can be used. Rollers are best with these trays. While using small brushes, use plastic cups or containers that can be easily carried while using ladders.

3. Tarps and Tape

While painting in interiors, there is a chance that paint might splatter on the floor or furniture. Plastic tarps or plastic garbage bags can be used to protect the floor and furniture. Plastic bags might become slippery so cloth tarps can be an alternative. The tape can be used to taping off light fixtures or other areas that are difficult to paint around.

4. Ladder and Step Stool

A ladder and small step stool can be used for painting high walls.

If you are planning to hire a professional painter rather than DIY, you must hire a company, which not only gives detailed quotes but also has experienced painters.

Check List to Hire Professional Interior Painters

  • Do the painters follow time slots?
  • Are all the floors and surfaces protected with drop cloths or sheets?
  • Are all the walls properly prepared and cleaned before painting?
  • All the Water stains are properly sealed to prevent bleeding.
  • Are all the trims are caulked and properly sanded?
  • Thermostats, knobs, hinges, and other surfaces are taped off, so they don’t get paint on them?
  • Colours are checked twice and ensure that they match the other walls or doors.
  • Inspection of newly painted surfaces to ensure proper coverage
  • Proper clean-up of the surfaces after completion of the project
  • Re-installation of switches and outlet covers after the project.


When looking to hire a professional painting company, you need to see that all the above lists are quoted and discussed with you before starting the painting project. Our painters are ready to walk through the process and provide a no-obligation quote. Call us at 416-410-0164 or contact us for a free quotation for your interior painting project.