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  • September 7, 2022
  • Commercial Painting

Is Commercial Painting More Expensive Than Residential?

When planning to renovate your house or office building, it is important to know the basic differences between commercial and residential painting and the cost incurred for that specific painting job. It is a general assumption that commercial painting is more expensive than residential painting, which can also be said to be true. Concerning commercial painting, several aspects are to be considered, like the size of the project, building area, agreement with the owner, and many other factors. All the projects for a painting company are the same and completed perfectly. If you are looking to hire a painting contractor in Toronto for painting projects, then read the article to know the differences between painting projects and also get information about is commercial painting more expensive than residential painting.

Differences Between Commercial And Residential Painting

If you are confused about hiring commercial or residential painting services, then you need to know the basic differences between both painting types. Here are some of the huge differences

1. Workers Used

As the commercial properties have more space, the painting of the space requires more workers. A commercial painting company always employs more professional workers to complete the project work on time perfectly. On the other hand, for residential painting projects, there is no need to employ more workers as the space would be less, and the number of projects would also be less.

2. Experienced Painters

A commercial painter must have experience working with many people at a time, and it is always necessary to communicate with the office, warehouse or restaurant owner to take feedback regarding the completed work. On the other side, a residential painter should have the tactics to deal with homeowners to convince them about the painting colours to be used.

3. Quality Of Paint Used

For commercial and residential painting projects, using quality paint is necessary to maintain the beauty of the building. For commercial and residential, the painting needs are different because of the size and area of the buildings. For commercial, there is always a need for more paint as the consumption is more when compared to residential. For getting estimates for both types of painting projects, you can contact our experienced painters.

4. Schedule Of Work

Commercial painting projects are mostly completed on time because many other big projects might need attention. While coming to residential painting, the project can be completed within time as the projects are small.

Factors That Decide Cost Of Painting

When choosing commercial or residential painting, many factors decide the cost of the painting project. Here are the factors

1. Painting Large Properties

It is a simple logic that painting large properties costs more than small buildings. Painting commercial offices or complexes, or hotels can always be expensive. The sheer size and number of units in these properties do a paint job time and labour-intensive. For residential painting, the area is less than commercial buildings, so the painting cost is also low.

2. Exterior Painting Projects

For many reasons, painting exterior surfaces are always more when compared to residential projects. For exterior painting, there is a need for more sophisticated equipment, while for residential painting, there is no need for much equipment. While conducting commercial projects, a lot of preparation work is involved, cleaning the area before and after the painting job.

3. Detailed Palette

Commercial properties must be painted with a detailed palette to attract more consumers to the office and generate more leads. For residential properties, there is no need to use multiple colours or patterns. While using multiple patterns and colours for commercial buildings, the cost of the painting project will rise. Multiple patterns or colours are not used for residential properties, so the painting cost does not increase.

Cost For Painting Commercial and Residential Properties

For any painting project, the charge would be on an hourly basis. The hourly price for both commercial and residential painting projects would be almost the same, but the final pricing of the projects would differ. The difference in overall cost is due to the time taken to complete the projects. Commercial projects are large, so the time taken would be more and residential projects are small in size. As there is a difference in the size of the projects, it can be concluded that commercial painting is more expensive than residential painting.

Talk To An Expert Painting Company

Painting commercial or residential buildings are a type of investment. The painting of commercial properties will impact how your customers perceive your business, and at the same time, the residential painting will help increase the curb appeal and value of your home. While planning to conduct a paint job for your commercial or residential properties, you need to talk to painting experts to get details about painting and the project’s cost. Our Toronto painters at Executive Touch Painters are experts in all types of painting projects. Contact or talk to our professionals to get a quote on a painting project, or ring us at 416-410-0164.