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  • June 22, 2018
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Wood Fence Repair Mississauga

There is a saying that good fences make good neighbors. Install a fence to your house to increase its value. Many materials can be used for fencing. These materials have made the fence installation inexpensive and also readily available. The fences define the demographic border of your home or office premises. The introduction of other materials like vinyl has provided an alternative to the wooden fences. For the decoration of barriers, materials like wrought or ornamental iron are used to remove the dull look of the fence.

If you live in a house that has already a fence, then you should ensure that the fence is well maintained. It is essential that you perform periodic repairs on the fence so that the fence stays long for many years. There are specific measures to be taken for the wood fence maintenance in Mississauga.

Choosing the Best Material for Fence :

There are many materials with which the fence for your home can be designed. You should consider the climate of your area before selecting the material for your fence. If your area is prone to harsh climates like winds or tornados or hurricanes, then your material must be a position to withstand the climatic conditions. It is essential that the material also withstands the long winter seasons.

Here are Some of the Most Well-Known Materials used for Fences

Wood: With numerous varieties of wood available, you can use wood as a material for the fence. Little interest and research can do wonders on the wood of your fencing.

Metal: Metal fencing also comes in a different selection of materials. Varieties of metal fencing include chain links and wrought iron decorations. Wrought iron brings a look of classic fashion and elegance to your fence.

Why Choose Wood Instead of Other Materials?

Fencing protects your yard from various things and also defines the border of your property. So the fence and the material used should be strong and durable. Wood is the standard material choice for fencing. Pressure treated wood is best for your house as it can withstand all climatic conditions.

Best Wood for Fences in Mississauga

Pine, Fir or Spruce :

Pine, Fir, and Spruce are the most used wood for fencing due to the best durability and affordability. Spruce is generally used for stockade, prefabricated or picket style fences.

Redwood :

The most expensive material that can be used for fences, but uneconomical when used for long fences. Higher grade redwood is the most durable and resistant to insects and rot.

Cedar and Cypress :

Cedar contains natural oils, and Cypress has natural chemicals present in them. This property of Cedar and Cypress makes them most resistant to rot and insects. Due to the resistant property, the fences made of cedar and cypress have more lifespan than the other wooden fences.

New Fence Installation :

A new fence adds safety, privacy, and style to the exterior of your home. The fencing to your home must be done carefully with the use of durable and stylish materials. Characteristics like lattice panels will give you the appropriate amount of privacy and style so you can enjoy your beautiful yard in peace.

Factors To Be Considered Before Laying a Fence :

The function of the fence: A well-designed fence protects your yard from harsh winds and acts as security for your home. The fence also prevents your pets from escaping.

Style of the Fence: The design of the fence should compliment the architecture and landscape of your house.

Privacy: If you are seeing for more privacy in your yard, then use fencing materials like wood or vinyl.

Know the Exact Boundaries: You need to know the exact boundaries of your property to install a fence in the area.

Termites and Fire issues: In an area that is more prone to termites and fire accidents, ensure that your fence is termite and fire resistant.

Types of Fencing :

Timber paling: These types of fencing are versatile and easy to work and install.

Screen Fencing and Privacy Screens: These type offenses are becoming popular these days and give an excellent look to the yard.

Steel Fencing: These fences are termite resistant, so can be used where there is a scope of having more termites.

Classic Picket Fencing: These are eco-friendly fences made of timber and can be very special to your home.


A well-maintained fence adds unique beauty and protection to your home. The maintenance pattern depends on the type and material used for the fencing. If you are looking to install a fence or thinking of repairing it? Then contact Executive Touch Painters for wood fence repair in Mississauga or Call us at (416)-410-0164 to get a Free Estimate Now.