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  • June 20, 2018
  • Commercial Painting

Differences between Residential and Commercial Painting

Most of the people think residential and commercial painting work is the same. But there are lots of distinctions between them. Residential painters provide personal home painting services, whereas the commercial painters step in when the task is too big for the residential painters. Know the main differences between residential and commercial painting and painters.

What is Commercial Painting?

Not only the painting of industrial buildings and offices, multi-family residences and apartments also come under Commercial Painting. The painters are equipped with more tools and required to paint large areas at a time.

What is Residential Painting?

Residential painting is just used for the painting of exteriors and interiors of a simple house. Residential painters are experienced in conducting painting work for small houses and know all color combination that will be best for your house.

Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting

Based on the following factors the type of painting contractor can be chosen for your property.

Number of Painters:

In Commercial Painting large works are conducted compared to residential painting. So it requires more workforce for this kind of projects. The commercial painters mostly work in big apartments, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Commercial painting companies employ more people so that the work can be completed at the scheduled time.

A Residential Painting Company is confined to paint only small houses. So there is no need to have many employees. In some cases, the whole house need not be painted, so only a few residential painters are sent to complete the small work.

The quantity of Paint:

When compared to residential painting, the amount of paint to be used is very high for commercial painting. As more paint is used, the time taken for completion of the work is also more. Whereas in home painting, the paint needed is very less and the work is also completed in very less time.


A Commercial painter is more experienced than a residential painter. Even a homeowner can do the painting of his house, but it is not the case in commercial painting. For commercial buildings, the look is essential, and only an experience commercial painter can bring the look.

Residential Painters are well experienced in talking with the homeowners and know exactly what type of work or paint is required. The painters are also experienced to protect your furniture and flooring while the painting work is carried out.

Time Scheduling:

Commercial painting is done according to the schedule of business owners. Some commercial building owners appreciate the painters for not interfering with the working hours. Most of the industrial painting work is scheduled after the working hours and even night shifts are done to complete the job. But in the case of residential painting, the painters typically work from Monday to Friday and do not work on weekends, even if the work is pending.

Range Of Services :

A company offering only residential painting, will not have many services to offer. But Commercial Painting companies have other services like flooring installation, faux finishing, electrostatic painting services, and sandblasting.


Whether it is a simple painting job for your home or a large scale painting project for your business, you need a professional painting contractor in Toronto. Because these companies will have the right tools, machinery, and workforce to handle any size of a job. Executive Touch Painters offers expert residential and commercial painting services in Toronto since 1989. Contact or Call us at (416) 410-0164 for a Free Painting Estimate or to know more details.