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  • July 4, 2018
  • Commercial Painting

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings in Toronto?

The look of Commercial buildings is very crucial for any business to get noticed. Customers are likely to get attracted to the store that has good looking exteriors. The right combination of colors for your building will help the company to look separate from competitors and will give a clear indication to the customers that you are innovative.

Critical Points for Choosing Exterior Painting for your Commercial Building in Toronto.

1. Bold:

Most of the commercial buildings have bold colors on the exterior. Bold colors indicate an invitation to the customers or clients. Bright and bold colors create a sense of interest in the minds of the customers as they enter the building. The impression can further be continued by having the same color combination as the interiors.

2. Create Motion with the Colors:

Wherever possible, try to create motion with the colors you chose to paint the exteriors, especially when you are trying to attract new customers to your company. You can select different warm colors like oranges, reds, and yellows to create patterns, or you can use single bright colors to create an interest for the customers.

3. Modern Techniques:

Whenever you have the option of adding motion to colors, use advanced methods of painting the building. Use of modern techniques can create more elegance to your structure. The commercial painting work has to carry out according to the architecture.

4. Quality of the Paint and Contractors :

Never compromise on the quality of paint that you use. Good quality paint helps your building to be nice and beautiful. There are Professionals available to do the exterior paint works. Make sure that you hire a professional painting contractor to do the painting work for the exteriors.

5. Pick Colors from your Surroundings:

You have the choice of picking the colors from your surroundings itself. If there are commercial buildings around you, then watch out for the color pattern they are following. If you want to blend yourself into the surroundings, then you can choose the same colors, but if you like to stand out from others, then select different colors from your surroundings.

6. Use colors as in the Logo:

Consider using common colors to your building. Public and customers recognize a company by the logo. So if you have the same colors on the building as your logo has, then there is more chance that your company is recognized easily.

7. Use Colors that Evoke Feelings:

Smooth and soothing colors evoke a particular impression on the minds of the customers and have a pleasant atmosphere when they enter your company premises. The same colors in your interiors also have a positive impact on the minds of your workers.

8. Colors Based on Building Materials and Architecture:

The exterior of the building also needs to be considered before selecting the paint. If your exterior is made of stucco, then the colors should be chosen base on the stucco. The colors also have to change when the surface made of wood.

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Commercial building is the place where you meet your customers and clients. The colors used for your premises should be able to create a strong bond with your customers and clients.

After choosing the right colors, you should hire the best commercial painters in Toronto that specialized in exterior and interior, industrial painting.

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