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Should I Paint My Metal Garage Door - Executive Touch Painters

Should I Paint My Metal Garage Door?

The most prominent feature of most homes is the garage door, which occupies an ample space. Because of the large space occupied, the garage door plays an important role in creating an overall look for the exterior of your home. If the doors are made of wood, there is no hesitation in painting them, but what if the doors are made of metal? When the doors are beginning to lose paint, it should be decided that garage doors can be painted.

So, Should You Paint Your Metal Garage Door?

In short, yes. Painting garage doors is an ideal option to create a beautiful and custom look for your house. Before you start to paint garage doors, you need to take care of somethings.

1. If the door is made of wood, then painting is the best option to make the surface stable and good condition for years to come.

2. If the door is made of metal, you should follow a particular process and should be aware of all the maintenance precautions that are to be taken.

Most of the metal doors come with a factory finish. The doors are usually painted in white with a durable finish. You can also get doors with various other colours. Some homeowners do not like their garage doors to stick out on the front of their homes. So the doors can be painted with colour matching with the house walls so that it seems that the garage door has disappeared. Apart from painting, the doors can also be stained to keep them in good condition.

Reasons for Painting Garage Doors

  • The existing paint is worn out like chalking, peeling, or rusting.
  • The house is being re-painted
  • Your house is not being totally painted, and you are just re-painting it
  • Change in colour for garage door could provide a contrast colour for your home


Painting a garage door needs substantial knowledge of surfaces, procedures, and paint products. You need to hire a professional painter to achieve a flawless and durable finish for your garage door. For more advice and discussing your ideas, call Executive touch painters at 416-410-0164 or contact online for a free estimate.

How Often do you stain your deck - etpainters

How Often Do You Stain Your Deck?

Staining or sealing of a deck is often considered as the most confusing task as there are many stains available to use. Confusion also arises on when and how often to stain the deck to make it beautiful. A well-maintained deck not only looks great but also lasts longer. Staining or sealing of deck depends on many factors like the type of deck material, the current condition of wood used, and many others.

Staining New Decks

New decks of your home should dry for at least 30 before staining. Although stain can be applied immediately after construction, dry conditions will cure wood faster than moist conditions.

Here are some of the wood types used for decks and their curating time.

1. Pressure Treated Lumber: Should be allowed to dry for at least six months before any stain or paint is applied.

2. Kiln Dried Lumber: Should be allowed to dry for 2 to 3 months before staining.

3. Green Lumber: Fresh cut wood is referred to as green lumber. This is not the best material for decks and needs anti-rot treatment before using it. Green lumber should be dried for at least one year before usage or staining.

Staining Older Decks

To keep the deck look great for many years and prolong the life of wood, the deck should be stained for every two to three years. Here are some of the signs that show that your deck needs to be stained

  • Colour of stain is fading
  • Build of mould or mildew on the surface
  • Water is soaking into the deck with no longer beads.

For any deck, it isn’t easy to maintain the colour uniformity. The stain may be wearing faster in some areas of a deck. When you observe that stain is wearing, it is better to retreat the whole deck at once.

Essential Factors to Consider for Staining

Check Your Deck

Before staining, you need to check whether the deck is protected or not. Splash water on the surface of the deck; if the water remains on the surface, the deck is protected. If the water soaks into deck, you need to realize that your deck is in danger of rotting, splitting, and twisting. In this case, you need to stain your deck immediately.

Weather Condition

Decks present in shady and humid areas are subjected to more wear and tear. The humidity begins to wash away the stain and allow fungus and mould to penetrate the wood. Those decks exposed to year-round sun or year-round moisture will need to be stained and sealed more often to keep up with the weathering process.

Usage of Deck

Heavy usage of the deck will wear away the stain and sealer faster and may cause you to restain your deck much more often than usual. If your house is near to the beach, then your deck has to restain much more, and with every step from the sand of the beach, the valuable sealer and stain get worn away.

Professional Deck Maintenance and Staining

Deck staining may be an easy and simple task, but it can be more time consuming and complicated. Staining requires should be accompanied by other processes like cleaning, preparing, and application. All the process should be done carefully to ensure a smooth and even finish for your deck. If you want your deck to look great, our professionals at Executive Touch Painters & Renovations Ltd are there to help you. We provide all the necessary services like cleaning and repairing. Call us or schedule a free online estimate today.

Exterior Stucco Painting Toronto - Executive Touch Painters

Exterior Stucco Painting Toronto

Stucco is an exterior covering that is made by blending sand with powdered lime or cement. Water is added to the mixture until it reaches mortar-like consistency. After finishing, you get a rough-textured appearance on the surface. Popcorn surface is hard, flexible, waterproof, and gives a stylish architectural look to your house.

In Toronto, Stucco is most commonly used as an exterior covering for the past 15 years. Stucco is generally applied by hand over metal wire or lath, which helps it to stick to the surface firmly. Typically, popcorn surface lasts for years, but might get dirty and cracked easily when not maintained.

Stucco repair and painting are necessary for not only maintaining the masonry but also refresh the exterior look of your house. These two things can shield your exterior from water damages also. Our team of professional painters ensure that your home has the best exterior stucco look for years.

How To Paint Exterior Stucco?

By selecting the right painting products, it is far easy to paint popcorn or stucco. Here are some simple tricks put together to make the work easier.

1. Choose the Right Colours and Paint

Exteriors of most houses have stucco, and it is recommended that you use flat paint. Always ensure that you use high-quality paints for painting the surfaces. High-quality paints are durable and are fade resistant.

2. Prepare the Surface Before Painting

Before applying the paint, the surface of the stucco should be clean and dry without any dirt. For cleaning, it is recommended to use pressure wash and get rid of any mould or mildew present on the surface.

3. Painting

After cleaning, let the surface get dried up before applying paint. Check the instructions on the paint can before starting to paint. Some paints are to be used at certain temperatures. It is suggested that you use a large-nap roller to apply paint, which helps in getting into the spaces and holes quickly.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Stucco Painter

  • Knows exactly which paint is suitable for a particular surface
  • Assist you in the selection of colour and sheen of paint that is applied
  • Stucco is a great way to change the look of your house
  • Stucco contractors not only paint the surfaces but also clean or repair before the actual painting work.

What makes us Different from other exterior stucco painters in Toronto?

  • We have expertise in colour selection and help you to choose the perfect paint for your stucco exterior
  • Pull shrubs and other plants and cover them with plastic bags before painting
  • Cover all the areas not painted with damp cloths
  • Our painters are cautious to avoid trampling flower beds
  • After the painting is completed, a thorough inspection is conducted, and final touch-ups are done.

Need a Professional Stucco Contractor?

At Executive Touch Painters, we work on exterior stucco regularly, and our team has over 10 years of experience in transforming the look of your home exterior. Our professional painters will freshen the look of your exterior stucco by giving a fresh coat of paint. Are you looking to change the colour or the whole look of your exterior? Then contact us or call us at 416-410-0164, for a free estimate.

Exterior Brick Painting Toronto - Executive Touch Painters

Exterior Brick Painting Toronto

Brick houses are being constructed in Toronto for over 100 years and have become the landmarks of the city. Till today you can encounter beautiful brick houses in Toronto’s Don Valley and Bathurst street. Bricks represent the culture and glorious past of the city. Brick houses across the city and Canada remind us of the influence of British culture in the history of the country.

Brick Painting

Brick walls are the popular choice for most Canada people because the materials are considered to be the most durable in building houses. However, no matter how strong or durable, bricks also need maintenance works. There is a chance that brick walls get damaged to exterior heat and weather conditions. But compared to other types of walls, the cost of repairing or replacing bricks is expensive.

So it is a good idea to consider brick painting rather than replacing or repairing it.

Benefits of Brick Painting

Painting exterior bricks have always been a good idea for most of the homeowners in the Toronto Area. Bricks are strong and durable, but the walls lose authentic and charm due to the changes in the climate. Repainting of the bricks is necessary to keep the walls beautiful.

1. Increase the Value of House

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior brick walls will increase the curb appeal. Toronto city is full of brick houses, and brick painting is the first option to make your home look apart from other houses.

2. Brick Painting cost is low

No matter what colour you are using, painting bricks is very cheap and convenient. When there are patches or damages on the brick walls, repainting is less expensive than replacement.

3. Give your House a New Face-Lift

The painting of bricks is an incredible method to give a unique look to your house’s exterior. A fresh look with a new feel is generated by brick-painting.

4. Protect and Defend Exteriors

A brick that is adequately painted will seal it and protect against the harsh climatic conditions. The painting will even stop the further crumbling of bricks and save you lots of money. Another important use is that painted brick is not likely to attract mould or damaging ivies or even climbing plants.

Why Should You Hire a Contractor for Brick-Painting?

Brick painting is not easy, and you need to take help professional to make your project successful. Here are some of the reasons to say that you need to hire a professional.

1. Professionals know the right paint

Most of the homeowners try to paint the bricks on their own, and after some days, the bricks start to crumble. The pores of the brick are clogged, and the moisture is trapped inside. A qualified professional knows what type of paint is to be used for bricks and so the pores are not clogged, and the bricks do not crumble.

2. DIY can damage the brick walls

Painting the bricks all by yourself is a waste of energy and time. Even though if you take a risk and paint them and if anything goes wrong, it is tough to unpaint bricks. So you need to be careful while painting. Removing paint could also damage bricks. So it is advisable to hire a professional for painting. Even if something goes wrong, the professionals know how to rectify the damage.

3. Saves Your Precious Time

When it comes to painting, the professionals have detailed planning and have all the equipment to complete the work at a particular time. The painters manage the project from start to end, and you need not worry about the completion of work.

4. A Painting Pro picks the best colour combination

Professional painters are well versed with all the colours and can identify the specific colour that can be perfect. The paint on the brick should also match the exterior walls of the house. So a professional knows all the details and selects the colour based on your exterior house walls.

Professional Brick Painters

We are the most experienced exterior, interior, and home renovation service provider in Toronto city. Our main aim is to make our clients happier by providing satisfactory brick painting solutions.

There are many brick-styled houses in Toronto, and we are very much happy to provide brick painting services to these homeowners. Our painters have both the experience and expertise to handle these brick painting and staining projects.

If you are trying to restore your brick interior or exterior space, then you have these options,

  • Painting of Exterior Brick
  • Staining of Exterior Brick
  • Spraying of Exterior Brick
  • Interior Brick Painting at fireplaces

Exterior Painting is a difficult task and always take the help of professional painters to complete the tasks.

Brick Staining or Painting?

Staining would be a better idea if you want the texture of the brick to be visible. The procedure requires some prep work, but it offers longer results. For small areas, there are DIY kits available. For larger areas, you need to take the help of professionals. The main advantage of stain is that there would be no chipping or peeling after the process is completed. On the other hand, painting also requires prep work, and it is more difficult than staining.

Read the article to know about Brick Staining and Painting

Best colours for Bricks

Choosing high-quality paint for brick painting is vital. It is recommended to use porus paint for exterior bricks so that the brick can breathe.

Some Color Recommendations

  • White
  • Warm White
  • Grey
  • Accent colours
  • Soft Yellow with cream
  • Forest green with black

Read the article for more colour options.

Painting Exterior Brick Before and After.

Toronto Urban Brick House Exterior Paint Update Ideas - Executive Touch Painters

Toronto Urban Brick House Exterior Paint Update Ideas

Brick comes in different colors but looks beautiful when left in its natural color. However, it does not mean that you should stick on with the color of brick. There are a number of colors and brick painting ideas available that can be used to improve the look of the exterior of your Toronto home.

Beautify Your Exterior Look with Brick Painting Ideas

Sometimes the natural color of the bricks does not match the exterior of your home, and you need to work on the style of bricks to match your house. If you want to change the look, then brick painting is the only option. While natural color is the most opted, some people go for bold colors. But you need to pick the colors carefully to match your house exterior.

How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Brick?

1. Chose a color that is close enough

If you are not interested in giving a bold statement, then go for this option and select colors that are normal and simple. By selecting the color that matches the brick, you are also avoiding the risk of offending anyone’s taste. Some colors may not be pleasing all people, and having to say a light gray right next to red bricks might be a pleasing combination to you, but it may appear unusual to others.

2. Should your Exterior match your brick color?

The bricks of the exterior are different, and it is a valid perception. Bricks are always different as they pop out of your exterior walls. The exterior colors should match with the bricks as they form the focal point of the walls.

Color Combinations

Most of the experts follow the general thumb rule and use a combination of three types of colors. This combination creates an overall new look to your exterior.

1. The Main Color

The primary color is generally the stucco color used for the exteriors, also called as the field color. The color has a rich tone and stands for a long time, giving a new and bright look for your exteriors.

2. Secondary Color

The secondary color is generally used for the stonework or the brick used for the exteriors. If there is a lot of stone or bricks used, then go for the secondary or near-neutral colors. This secondary color should not be used more than the main color, because the trim competes with the main color.

3. The Accent color

The bright and bold eye-catching color is suitable for the main door. The color makes a statement for yourself, and it would be crazy brick painting ideas when you paint the whole house with these bright colors. You can use accent colors for places where there is scope for creative works to be done like the garage or some other places.

Color Ratio

The perfect ratio to be followed for the above three colors is 60:30:10. Use main, secondary, and accent colors in the mentioned ratio to make the paint your friend.

Exterior Brick Paint Ideas for Your Toronto Home

1. White Painted Brick

Even if pure white color is boring, it creates a sophisticated look for old buildings. White color is perfect for walls or fireplaces with bricks. The exteriors can also look great with white color. Choose warmer colors to make your space free from cold.

2. Warm White Paint

For a subtle look, you could use a softer shade or cream white color. If you want to create an aged look, try to use white or lime wash treatment, which looks pretty with low maintenance. As time goes on, the paint looks more beautiful, and you don’t have to paint too often.

3. Grey Paint

To get a classic look, use light shades of grey as an alternative for white color. Darker grey gives a traditional look and pairs well with all types of houses. When using grey, you can use white or black as an accent color for your exteriors.

4. Accent Colors for Bricks

Add accent colors for your bricks to play with the natural tones of bricks. For elements like window trim doors, soffits, and front porches, you need to choose the colors very carefully. It is good to stick on with the neutral tones as bright tones might overpower the brick.

Whatever surfaces you are dealing with, consider the color of the brick before choosing colors. Some are more red, while others might be browner, or have a more washed out tone to them.

Some of the colors that work perfectly with bricks

  • Soft Yellow with cream
  • Charcoal with light gray
  • Sauge green with taupe
  • Ruch green with gray
  • Forest green with black

Hire a Pro for Painting Bricks of your House

In terms of cost, hiring a professional is less, as modern and sophisticated equipment is always ready. When a pro does the work, the paint application is consistent and has last-longing results. The Professionals of Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always willing to take up all types of painting projects. Contact us for more details.

Painting Projects to Make Your Home Look Luxurious - Executive Touch Painters

6 Painting Projects To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Most of the people believe that small things make a significant change, and painting is also not an exception. Painting projects can transform the look of your home, with less investment. Just a small change in the paint of the front door can bring a considerable change and create a good impression for the guests.

Small Projects that Change Look of Living Space.

1. Paint Your Archways

The archways of the house are the most neglected ones and often scuffed by wear and tear. Most of the homeowners do not paint the arches because they do not have the idea of how to paint them.

How should the archways be painted, and what is the color to be used? Is it the color of the room you are entering or the room the arch connects to? There are some options to paint the archways of your home.

  • Paint either side of the arch with the same color to create a seamless look.
  • Choose different shades for the rooms connected by the arch and paint the archway with the color of the room that you would like to be more dominant.
  • Paint the archway with a color of the rooms to create a dramatic look.

2. Bold Paint to the Doors

An entry door that is perfectly painted, vibrant, and unapologetically bold creates envy for the guests who enter the house. A painted door not only adds to the beauty but also increases the curb appeal of the home. An updated door makes the house to come alive.

Painting interiors can be a lot of fun. Choose bright colors for the children room, but the doors should have light colors to have the impact and make the difference. Using black color is not only trendy but makes a statement to the persons entering the rooms. The solid black color can be used to hide some of the unflattering characteristics that some of the doors carry.

3. Painting the Shutters

To create a real curb appeal for your interiors, painting shutters are the best option. Shutter painting is not a major project, and with few tricks, you can give a smooth and professional finish to the shutters.

  • First, remove all the dirt and deposits on the shutters. After cleaning, give an excellent scrub and let it dry to have a smooth paint application.
  • Ensure that the edges are rough for the use of a primer. It helps the paint to last longer on the surfaces.
  • High-quality paint is recommended for the exterior shutters to have a long life. The paint should also be selected based on the material.

4. Refresh the Walls of the House

Using light colors to the interior walls gives an illusion of a large room and space is opened up. Warm and dark colors are to be avoided, as the rooms tend to be smaller in dark colors.

Here are some of the professional tips to make your living spaces brightened up

  • Create an accent wall to give the room an anchor point
  • To get a polished and trim look, paint the interior trim
  • To get depth and texture, provide faux paint finish
  • Repainting the ceilings with bright white color gives your room a unique look.

5. Hallway Painting

The tough task in painting the hallways is choosing the right color for the hallways and stairs. If you are confused in selecting the colors, use the good thumb rule and opt for the color that compliments the connecting rooms. Try to keep the same color or lighter shades.


Bringing a space in your house back to life is not a big project. Updating a small area in the home can bring significant changes and make a huge difference. Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always there to help you to make the closed places to look bigger and make the dark spots look brighter with the help of painting. If you want to transform your home and make it look more luxurious than usual? Contact us to discuss your painting project now.


Tips for Choosing Professional Painters in Toronto

Decorating your space can be a difficult task to do it yourself. Even if the project can be seen as a DIY, the expertise of an experienced person can be not a match when it comes to handling complicated and large scale endeavors. You can always rely on those professional painters who deliver the promise made to you about the completion of the project.

How Can You Find the Best Painting Professional in Toronto?

Read on this article to know more about the tips to choose the most reliable painter in Toronto to complete your project.

1. Look for well-established Painting Contractor

A well-established painting contractor has wide experience and diversified portfolio. Numerous testimonials give an impressive track record of the work done and attesting the professionalism in executing the work. The companies also have enough staff and experts, who can complete the work in the time frame. The easiest way to get the best among the painting companies, take reviews from the neighbors who have already have good experience with the painters. Check for online reviews before consulting the contractor.

2. Lookup for the Licenses and Certifications

Licensed contractors always ensure to give the best and follow the standards. In Toronto, all the contractors need to have a license and register through the secretary of the state. You can check on the department of business and regulation website to know about the permits of the Toronto Painter you are trying to reach for repainting your house.

3. Get Clear and Comprehensive Quotes

The quote from the contractor should be transparent and comprehensive. The nature of work, use of materials should be understandable. Be clear on what work will be done, what products will be used, and recommended steps to complete the job.

4. Be Sure that the Company Provides Insurance

The most important thing that is mostly overlooked is insurance. Even the most experienced painter cannot avoid accidents. So to prevent the damages or painter falling from ladder occurring in your property is ultimately your responsibility. The correct and adequate amount of insurance can rescue you in tough times.

5. Ask Questions to Clarify Your Doubts

After you have picked some of the contractors, you must meet them in person to have a detailed discussion. Here you have the chance to ask the right questions. The questions could be related to the bids, the insurance provided, and what are the products used for the project. During the discussion, you can get about the level of professionalism in the contractor.

6. Analyze the Approach to your project

Whenever a contractor comes to take up a project, do not hesitate to ask about the appropriate steps that are taken to complete the project in time. A contractor who is a professional will be able to explain all the steps with time schedules. If there is no sufficient information provided, then you can understand that the project will most probably fail.

7. Walk with the Contractors around Premises

It is a good idea to have a look at the areas that need to paint along with the contractor. Show the specific areas that should have special attention. Discuss the situation and let the painter decide on what work should be completed first.

8. Get Estimates

The quality of the products is essential, and the price is also crucial. To get the best quotes, make sure that all the contractors follow the same criteria, preparation and repair works, cleaning, etc. The time framework is also essential and ask the contractors to add the estimated time to complete your project.


If you are looking for the best Toronto painters to produce top-notch results, then contact Executive Touch Painters. We are having a team of professionally trained and experienced painters having experience in exterior, interior, commercial, and residential painting.

Take the help of our painters who can comply with the comprehensive set of requirements to complete your project in time and meet your quality and expectations. Contact us for more details. Call us today at (416) 410-0164 to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Reasons why spring is the best time to paint your home

Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season to Paint Your Toronto Home

The long winter season has come to an end, and it is the time to put together all the to-do list for your home interior and exterior. Typical spring season starts with cleaning of the yard. In this season, the most overlooked area is the exterior walls. The paint might have faded or peeled off and needs a new coating. There is a wide range of benefits when you paint your exterior in the spring season.

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Paint Your Home?

1. The Exterior Takes a Heavy Thrashing in the Winter Season

The harsh climate of the winter can cause severe damage to the exterior of your home. Most of the people ignore the wear and tear caused by the fog, rain, temperature changes, and sunshine. The harsh weather damages the exterior paint and finds its way into the exterior and damages the trim pieces. Eventually, all the changes make the paint to crack, peel off, and to flake. Even after withstanding the cold temperatures, the coming summer can cause more damage by having pressure on the paint.

2. You Can Find out Many Repairs and Damages

One of the great things in painting job is that you can find out the condition of your exterior. When your painter is going to paint a particular area, there is a chance that the damages or repairs can be found. As you have decided to paint the exterior, you can make it a point to clear all the damages and repairs and finish the painting. Additionally, the peeled off paint can also be removed, and a fresh coat of paint can be applied.

3. Improve the Curb Appeal

When you are looking to purchase a house, the first thing you observe is the exterior walls and painting. The right look of the exterior adds extra beauty to the home, and your guests are surely impressed. A potential buyer drives around to observe the surfaces. If the exteriors appear good, then there is a chance that they will have a look in the interiors.

Many things help in improving the curb appeal of your house. Exterior painting colors add an appeal to the home. Neutral colors like the grey, white, blue and brown, bold colors like red and blue are welcomed for the exteriors of any house.

4. Increases the Value of Home

Painting your home exteriors is a type of investment. You need to invest a low amount of money on the paint. The typical cost of painting your house with the help of a professional is very low when compared to the value of the home increased.

5. Convenience of Time

The warm and bright sunshine in the spring helps the paint to bond well with the walls. Additionally painting your home in the spring season is just part of maintenance that you should conduct every year. Spring is the time for all people to come out and work in their yard and make the home fresher and clean. So as a part of maintenance, spring is the best time for painting your exteriors

6. You Get the Best Price

After long waiting in the cold winter, the painters and companies are getting ready for work. There is usually a competition between them to grab works. So the customers get the chance to get the lowest prices for the exterior painting works.


Spring is one of the best seasons to paint your Toronto home. Are you thinking of repainting your house? Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters and Home Renovations are ready to paint your home with a free color consultation. Contact or Call us at 416-410-0164 for a free spring estimate.

Can Galvanised Steel Be Painted? - ET Painting

Can Galvanised Steel Be Painted?

Yes, Galvanized steel can be painted. Steel is used for many purposes and is also the most corrosive element. Galvanizing is a metallurgical process which applies zinc metal layer over the steel surface to avoid corrosion. During the process, the zinc layer is used for protecting the underlying substrate.

Determine the Condition of the Coating Before Painting :

The galvanized steel is subjected to harsh climatic conditions, so the zinc components form different organic compounds on the surface. So depending on the state of galvanization, the painting should be done. The galvanized conditions can be New, Partially and Fully Weathered.

1. Newly Galvanized :

This is the steel surface which has been exposed to the atmosphere for just 48 hours, and there are few zinc compounds present on the surface. The surface is shinning, and so the painting process is simple.

2. Partially Weathered :

Here the surface is exposed to the environment for two days to up to 1 year. There are little more zinc compounds present on the surface and are firmly adhered to the surface. These compounds are complicated to clean and so the painting is a bit difficult.

3. Fully Weathered :

Here the surface is exposed to the climate for more than one year. There are relatively more zinc compounds present on the surface. Most common is zinc carbonate that tightly adheres to the surface and does not get washed away when cleaned with water. The zinc compounds are not water soluble. But the zinc compounds should not be removed from the surface as the paint that is painted on the surface forms a strong bond with the zinc compounds.

Materials Required for Painting the Surface of Galvanized Steel :

  • Metal Primer
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Painting Tools
  • Scrub Brush
  • Sandpaper for cleaning
  • Cleaning Agent

Process For Painting Galvanized Steel :

1. Cleaning And Repairing The Surface

The surface of the sheet should be clean before painting, sanded with sandpaper, and the dirt is to be removed. After the sanding is completed, wash the surface with the cleaning agent. If there are rusting spots present on the surface, then remove them with the help of sandpaper.

2. Applying The Primer:

Before applying the paint to the surface, add primer to the surface of the steel panel. The primer will allow the paint to adhere quickly to the surface. Roller can be used to apply the primer, and the remaining places can be painted using a brush. Allow the prime to dry as per the instructions on the primer can.

3. Painting The Surface Of The Sheet:

After the primer is dried up, it’s time to apply the paint. Using the roller, apply the paint evenly on the surface, in the same way, the primer was applied. See that there are no gaps and you have to cover the entire surface with the paint. If there are some places that the roller is not able to paint, use the paint brush to complete the process. After the whole surface is painted, allow the paint to dry overnight.

Precautions Before Painting :

  • Always wear gloves to protect your hands from the harsh chemicals of paint and primer
  • Use a tarp or cloth to protect the surface from the paint.
  • Take the help of another person while painting the garage door.


Galvanized sheets need to be taken care of as there are most chances of getting zinc compounds deposited on the surfaces. The rust and damages have to be eliminated to have a unique looking steel roof. Contact the Professionals of Executive Touch Painters in Toronto, to get the rust removed, and the surface of the sheet painted to match your exteriors. Call us today (416)-410-0164 at to get a Free Estimate Now!

How to Paint a Garage Door in Toronto - ET Painting

How to Paint a Garage Door in Toronto?

The garage is not only the place that protects your vehicles and other things from the harsh environmental elements, but it is also a prominent exterior for your house. Just as you take care of your interiors and exteriors, you should take care of the garage door and protect it from rusting and fading out. Garage door needs to be painted from time to time.

Materials Required for Painting :

  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Tray
  • Rags
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Sandpaper for Cleaning
  • Cleaning Cloth

Steps For Painting Garage Door

1. Pick Up the Right Color :

The paint on the garage door should match exterior of your house. If you have an attached garage, blending the color of the garage door with the majority of your house color, would work correctly. Choose the color that blends well with the other exterior objects present outside the house like mail-box, porch floor or the shutters around the window. The paint should be selected based on the type of material the door is made of. The doors of the garage are generally made of wood, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl.

2. Cleaning and Preparation :

Before painting, be sure that there is no dirt or debris present on the surface of the garage door. If the door is metal, then it’s advisable to use abrasive scouring sponge for the cleaning. After the cleaning process is completed, seal the borders of the door by using painter’s tape, you can also seal the area of the door that you would not like to paint. To protect the driveways from the paint spill, put down tarp or damp cloth on the surface.

3. Apply the Primer :

Before applying the paint, coat the surface of the door with a primer. You can use the paint roller or brush for applying. It acts as an adhesive between the surface of the door and the paint color. If you avoid primer, then there is a chance that the paint gets peeled off in a matter of a few days. So select the primer based on the paint.

4. Applying the Paint :

Let the primer dry before the paint is applied. Get the paint ready in a paint tray and using a roller, apply the paint onto the surface of the garage door. You might not be able to paint the whole surface with the roller. The small patches that are left out can be filled by using a paintbrush. If you are in an idea of having a second coating, then apply the first coat vertically and the second coat should be applied horizontally. This creates a professional look to the surface.

5. Finishing :

Once the painting is completed, leave it to dry. Remove the painter’s tape attached to the surface of the door. You should remove it well before the paint is dried up, else the paint will peel off with the tape.

Some Tips Before Painting the Garage Door :

  • Be sure that the weather is clear before the process is started.
  • You can use a paint gun to paint the metal doors of a garage.
  • Start the paint job early in the morning, so that you have time in the evening.
  • Be sure that the surfaces are clean before and after applying the paint.

Painting Fiberglass Garage Door

Before painting the Fiberglass door, clean the door with a deck cleaner. Using sandpaper for cleaning may release fiber particles into the air. After the cleanup is completed, apply the primer and paint using roller and paint brush. Use at least two coatings of paint to get a smooth finish.

Painting Wooden Garage Door

The painting of a wooden garage door can be done quickly using a paint sprayer. Before painting, remove flaking, paint peelings, and bad wooden parts using a scraper. Apply caulk to the cracks present on the door. Fill the holes with wood filler where the rotten wood was removed. Sand the patched areas and apply the primer first and then paint using the sprayer. Multiple little coats can be coated on the wooden garage door to get a smooth finish.

Painting the Steel or Aluminium Garage Door

Ensure that the aluminum or steel garage door is clean before painting. The most efficient way to clean a metal door is through pressure washing on both sides. You need to see that all the dust, dirt and cobwebs are cleaned off the surface. Painting of metal door is the same as painting other garage doors. You need to follow a separate process to paint a galvanised steel garage door. Use long strokes to apply a single coat on the surface. Let the surface dry before applying the second coating. If you want an even coating for the door, you can apply the paint using a roller. You can try different patterns on the aluminum or steel garage doors using the paint brush.

Know more about the steps to paint an aluminum siding or garage door.

What Type Of Paint For Vinyl Garage Door?

The three factors to consider while painting a garage door are :

  • Type of Door
  • The Color you would like to paint
  • Size of the Garage Door

Type Of Paint:

Either oil-based or latex paint can paint most of the metal and wooden doors. But for vinyl doors, extra precautions are to be taken. Take the help of a professional to know the exact paint that will adhere to the surfaces of the vinyl doors. The type of primer you use should also comply with the kind of paint used. The color chosen for the garage door should blend with the exterior of the house.

The Cost to Paint Garage Door:

Cost for painting a garage exterior door vary with the size of the door, job quality, and the time of painting. The price is calculated based on the area to be painted. Additional fees are charged for typical designs done on the doors.


A well painted and good-looking garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal in a matter of a few hours. Painting this also protects from external elements like wind, rain, and sunlight thereby making your parking door rust proof. Hire our professional exterior painting services in Toronto to turn your garage door as your neighbor’s envy. Contact or Call (416)-410-0164 to get in touch with Executive Touch Painters¬†in Toronto today.