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  • December 15, 2022
  • Home Renovations

How Long Does Garage Door Paint Last?

For any house, a garage plays an important role in creating an overall look for the entire exterior of a building. As the garages are considered the prominent part of the house exterior, it is important to maintain them properly. The painting of garage doors is to be completed based on the material used for door making, and it is also vital that these doors be recoated. As an owner of a house with a garage, you might be thinking about what paint should be used to maintain the garage properly. If you want to paint your garage door, read this article to know how long garage door paint lasts and what precautions are to be taken.

Why Paint Wooden Garage Doors?

Besides maintaining the aesthetic value of your garage door, it is important to paint it to prevent moisture from entering. Untreated wood used for your garage door can become loose and break down over time. If the door is left to get wet in rain or moisture, there is a chance that the door will slowly wear away, and at the same time, wood rot can set in to destroy the overall integrity of the garage door. To maintain the overall beauty of the door and protect the indoors of your house, it is necessary to paint the doors.

Should Metal Garage Doors Be Painted?

If the garage doors are made of aluminum or metal, homeowners hesitate to paint them. The main reason is that the doors already come with a durable finish from the manufacturers, and this finish can last up to one year with less maintenance. However, painting another coating on the baked enamel can make the door more durable and can be maintained easily for the next 5 to 10 years.

Main Reasons for Repainting Garage Door

Here are some of the reasons for painting your garage door

  • The existing paint is peeling out or chalking or rusting
  • Your house has been repainted, and the garage door paint does not match
  • Your house and garage door have the same colour, giving a dumb look to the exterior
  • You are ready to give a different look to the house exterior but want to avoid repainting.
  • Whatever the reason for repainting your garage door, you always need to take the help of an exterior painting expert to give your home a completely different look for your exteriors.

What Kind of Paint for the Garage Door?

No particular paint can be called Garage Door Paint, but as these doors get a lot of traffic and beat, the paint used for doors tends to die quickly. The main key to making paint look beautiful for many years is to use a proper primer. The prep part is important for the painting process to be successful; anything other than this can reduce the paint’s lifespan and cost more time and money.

How to Paint Garage Doors?

Here are the basic steps to be followed while painting your garage door

Step 1: Sand away all the rust, dirt, or loose paint present on the surface of doors. For the sanding process, use sandpaper of no harsher than 50 grit.

Step 2: After cleaning all the dust, it is time to add primer. The primer should be chosen based on the paint you are using for painting.

Step 3: After applying primer, it is time to add a single coat of paint on the door surface. Try to paint evenly and take every place while painting. While painting, try to open the doors to check the paint is applied to all areas. While painting or drying, ensure that doors do not stick to one another even after the paint has dried.

Step 4: Now allow the paint to dry for about 4 hours.

Step 5: Now apply the second coating of paint and use a razor blade to peel off the excess paint off the windows.

Contact an Exterior Painting Company

If your house was built before 1978, then there are chances that the paint used for the garage door has a layer of lead paint applied. If your door has lead paint, then it should be addressed carefully. Painting a garage door takes about 6 hours, and the major part of it is sanding. The painting of garage doors must be done as often as possible to maintain the sheen and look of doors. If you observe any peeling or cracking, it is time for repainting. If you are a proud owner of a big house with a spacious garage, then you need to take proper care of garage doors by painting them properly. At Executive Touch Painters, we have exterior painting experts who have over 30 years of expertise in painting all types of painting projects. Contact us for more details.